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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 8 Recap

Today is Shiyi’s engagement day. She has to complete a charity recording. She had to go to the recording studio with a suitcase. Shiyi was immersed in it and couldn’t help herself. She couldn’t help but think of the scenes when she met Zhou Shengchen and fell in love.

After Shi Yi recorded the sound, he hurriedly said goodbye to his colleagues. Unexpectedly, Zhou Shengchen and Uncle Lin had been waiting for her downstairs, and Shi Yi got in the car and returned to Zhenjiang with them. Mei Xing packed his luggage and prepared to move to a hotel under the mountain. Before he left, he came to Zhou Shengchen’s new house. He had mixed feelings. Zhou Wenxing persuaded him to stay. Mei Xing didn’t want to stay here as a light bulb, and Zhou Wenxing was not willing to let him go. After leaving, Mei Xing desperately coaxed Zhou Wenxing to be happy.

Zhou Wenfang accompanied Tang Xiaofu for a walk down the mountain, and Zhou Wenxing accompanied them. It happened to see Zhou Shengchen coming back when he was picking up. Zhou Shengchen worried that Zhou Wenxing’s body would not be able to eat, and forced her to go home by car. Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi walked up the mountain hand in hand.

Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi to the restaurant for dinner. Zhou Wenxing, Zhou Shengren, Tang Xiaofu and Zhou Wenfang accompanied him. Zhou Shengchen talked to Shiyi about the allusions and production process of each dish, and Shiyi listened with great gusto, Tang Xiaofu and Zhou Wen. Fang has long been tired of the monotonous life in the mountains. They give Shiyi a vaccination, and Shiyi loves the cleanliness of the mountains.

Zhou’s mother sent someone to inform Zhou Shengchen and the others to accompany their relatives and friends to watch the last scene tonight, and specifically asked not to participate in Shiyi. Zhou Shengchen was puzzled, and it was inconvenient to ask more. At the same time, Zhou’s mother invited Zhou Wenchuan and Tong Jiaren to accompany her to finish the meal, and they kept adding food to Tong Jiaren, but Zhou Wenchuan refused to buy it and sneered at Zhou’s mother.

Sui Sui and Lin Fei performed live performances of Zhou Shengchen’s diligent care of the times, and Uncle Lin couldn’t help being amused. After the meal, Zhou Wenxing came to Zhou’s mother to persuade her to be better with the time. Zhou’s mother deliberately got angry with Zhou Shengchen, but Zhou Wenxing was helpless even if she didn’t want to see the time. Xiaoman was invited to watch the play. From a distance, she saw Tong Jiaren hiding and listening to Tang Xiaofu and Zhou Wenfang’s telling the truth. The two of them were discussing the relationship between Tong Jiaren and Zhou Shengchen that died of disease, and satirizing Tong Jiaren not worthy of last week’s birthday. Xiaoman couldn’t help but ridicule Tong Jiaren.

Jiaren Tong was so angry that she was robbed of him by Xiaoman. She came directly to Tang Xiaofu and Zhou Wenfang for the theory. Not only did they not admit their mistakes, they were also plausible, and Tong Jia was so popular that she was speechless. Zhou Shengchen brought Shiyi to visit the new house and brought his pet crab. Shiyi knew why Zhou Shengchen did not eat crabs, and there was no crab dish at the engagement banquet. Shiyi decided not to eat crabs anymore. Sui Sui came to help them make the bed, and Zhou Shengchen asked Shi Yi to rest first, and he went to the guest room next to him.

Shi Yi came to the bathroom and found that the supplies in it were exactly the same as those in her house. Her heart was warm. Zhou Shengchen called Shi Yi to say good night. Shi Yi thanked him for his thoughtfulness and took the initiative to come to the guest room to find Zhou Shengchen and want to chat with him. Sui Sui hurriedly asked Zhou Shengchen to deal with the dispute between Jiaren Tong and Tang Xiaofu, and Shiyi had to go back to rest first.

Zhou Shengchen came to the scene for the first time and saw Tong Jiaren sitting by the lake crying, only to realize that Jiaren Tong’s push on Tang Xiaofu caused her to be injured and hospitalized. He wanted to rush to see what happened. Jiaren Tong hurriedly stopped him and explained the whole process in detail. Tang Xiaofu and Zhou Wenfang were comparing Tong Jiaren with Shi Yi all night. Tong Jia was not too popular, so they came to them for the theory, but they accidentally pushed Tang Xiaofu down. So Zhou Shengchen had to appease Jiaren Tong, Zhou Shengren came afterwards, he wanted to have a chat with Zhou Shengchen alone.

Shiyi is not at ease and wants to go out to find Zhou Shengchen to find out about the situation. Sui Sui persuaded her not to have extra branches. Zhou’s mother had the best face. The less you know about scandals like tonight, the better. Shiyi had no choice but to give up and bring Zhou Shengchen’s pet crab. Go back to the room. Zhou Shengren and Zhou Shengchen had a heart-to-heart talk. Zhou Shengchen described in detail his original intention of returning to his hometown to invest in manufacturing.

Zhou Wenchuan came home very late. When he saw Xiaoman sitting by the lake in a daze, he took off the cover to warm her. After seeing what happened tonight, Xiao Man couldn’t help but fight the injustice for Zhou Wenchuan. Tong Jiaren only had Zhou Shengchen and Zhou Wen in her heart. Chuan hurriedly changed the subject and agreed to invite Xiaoman to eat her favorite pot noodles.

Early the next morning, Zhou Shengchen did not wake up at the right time, and came to eat breakfast alone. Zhou’s mother was very dissatisfied. Zhou Wenxing hurriedly relieved from the siege. Zhou’s mother learned that Zhou Wenchuan had not returned all night last night and was even more angry. She suppressed the anger in her heart and asked everyone to eat first. Zhou Wenchuan hurried home and asked the custodian to send the pot noodles to Xiaoman. Zhou Wenchuan lied that he was up late and Zhou’s mother was angry and left without eating, and asked Zhou Shengchen and Zhou Wenchuan to accompany her to the hospital after breakfast. .

After Shi Yi got up and saw the exquisite breakfast on the table, Zhou Wenxing was entrusted by Zhou Shengchen to accompany Shi Yi and revealed that Zhou Shengchen had carved flowers to please Shi Yi. Zhou Wenxing accompanied Shi Yi to visit the library, and Shi Yi saw a pair of Shanglin Fu hanging on the wall.

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