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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 7 Recap

Zhou Sheng remembered that Lao Liu had been helping his father. He didn’t want to stand by, so he discussed with Mei Xing to help Lao Liu tide over the difficulties. Zhou’s mother invited relatives and friends who were attending the engagement banquet to watch the show, and sent Zhou Wenxing to invite Zhou Shengchen to accompany him. Zhou Shengchen was entangled, so she had to take Mei Xing with him. They chose the last position so that they could leave at any time. Zhou Shengren saw that Zhou Wenxing was wearing too little, worried that she would be cold, and couldn’t help but complain about her. Mei Xing took off the cover and put on Zhou Wenxing.

Mother Zhou was very upset when she saw Zhou Shengchen sitting far away. The big show continued until it got dark. Zhou Shengchen took the opportunity to take a sample of water from the laboratory of Lao Liu’s printing and dyeing factory. The guard let him in. When Zhou Shengchen took a sample, he saw that the door was locked, so he had to call Teacher Zhao for help. . Mei Xing guessed that Zhou Shengchen had come to the factory, and then rushed to look for him. Seeing Zhou Shengchen locked in the factory, he was helpless.

Teacher Zhao was drinking and listening to the drama at Zhou’s house. He couldn’t drive to the factory, so he called Zhou Wenchuan to report. Zhou Wenchuan ignored this and continued to sit there and listen to the drama. Zhou Wenxing learned from Mei Xing that Zhou Shengchen was trapped in the factory for three hours. He hurried to inform Zhou Wenchuan. Zhou Wenchuan bite the bullet to open the door and reminded Zhou Shengchen not to take this trip to the muddy water. Mei Xing felt that Zhou Wenchuan was a native of Zhou Wenchuan. There is a problem with the product.

Zhou Shengchen came to Shanghai to see Shiyi early in the morning and wanted to take her to visit her new house. He also asked Shiyi to prepare milk-foamed cereal to satisfy her hunger. Zhou Shengchen brought Shiyi to an old-fashioned villa. Uncle Lin renovated the interior according to the requirements. Zhou Shengchen asked Shiyi to choose the font for the wedding invitation, and Xiaoman asked Shiyi to try on the engagement gown. Shi Yi briefed Xiaoman about the customs and rules of the Zhou family, and then chose a favorite dress for Zhou Shengchen to see.

Zhou Wenchuan brought Jiaren Tong to find Zhou Shengchen, and wanted to get to know Shiyi in advance, Uncle Lin hurried to prepare meals and let them stay together for dinner. Zhou Shengchen asked Shiyi to continue to try on the dress, and he went to help Uncle Lin cook. During the meal, Shi Yi casually talked about the fact that Jiaren Tong and Shengchen Zhou were alumni. Jia Jia talked about the past of the two of them in college. Zhou Wenchuan also helped, boasting that Zhou Shengchen was a genius, Xiaoman hurriedly changed the topic. , Xiang Shiyi asked about the secret of keeping in shape, Zhou Wenchuan took the opportunity to talk to Xiaoman, Xiaoman ignored him, Shiyi hurried to find a topic to resolve the embarrassment.

Jiaren Tong felt uncomfortable, so she found an excuse to leave first, Xiaoman and Zhou Wenchuan were relatively speechless, and Shi Yi was watching them all. After the meal, Zhou Wenchuan deliberately waited for Xiaoman downstairs, repeatedly explaining that he had no choice but to marry Jiaren Tong, Xiaoman didn’t buy it at all, and turned away in anger.

Zhou Shengchen formally visited Shiyi’s parents and took samples of wedding invitations for them to look at. They were very satisfied. Zhou Shengchen explained the engagement process and arrangements one by one. Shi’s father learned that Zhou Shengchen liked playing backgammon. Ask him to play chess, want to take the opportunity to see his character.

Tomorrow is the day of Zhou Shengchen’s engagement with Shi Yi. The old house of Zhou’s house is full of lights and festivities. Lin Fei and Sui Sui, the maid, come to the villa to clean the house. The two of them laugh and play while working. On the eve of the engagement, Meilin came here to spend the last single night with Shiyi. She and Hong Xiaoyu told Shiyi how they felt after marriage. Shiyi didn’t want to listen, and hurried back to the house to pack her luggage.

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