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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 5 Recap

From that day on, Zhou Shengchen sent the afternoon tea and supper to Shiyi’s recording studio on time. Shiyi finally finished her work and wanted to take a good rest. Her agent, Meilin, specially approved her to take a week off. As soon as Zhou Shengchen returned to the laboratory, he began to work intensively, completing the experiment at hand in advance to see the right time.

As soon as Zhou Shengchen arrived in Shanghai, he came directly to Shiyi and took the initiative to help her pack. Shiyi was very happy. Zhou Shengchen sent Shiyi home. Shiyi accidentally learned that the driver, Uncle Lin, was named Zhou Lin. The senior housekeeper and servants of the Zhou family had changed their surnames to Zhou. When Shiyi found that Zhou Shengchen had a cold, he asked him to go upstairs for tea and rushed him by the way.

After taking cold medicine, Zhou Shengchen had to rush back to Zhenjiang overnight. To accompany his mother for dinner tomorrow morning, he should leave after drinking the medicine. Before leaving, Zhou Shengchen admitted that he came back early this time to celebrate when he won the Huaxing Award and promised to come. Participate in the award ceremony.

Zhou Shengchen came downstairs. Before Uncle Lin returned from eating, Zhou Shengchen stood there looking at the lamp in Shiyi’s room and calculated that her bath time was 25 minutes. Uncle Lin returned after eating and drove. Taking Zhou Shengchen back to Zhenjiang, Zhou Shengchen slept in the car for a while.

Zhou Shengchen rushed home on time to have breakfast with his family. His eldest brother Zhou Shengxing suggested that Shi Yi come to Zhenjiang to learn to do business with Shi’s mother. Zhou Shengchen strongly opposed and insisted that Shi Yi stay in Shanghai to do what she likes. But Shi’s mother was stubborn and insisted. With the threat of breaking up, Zhou Shengchen had to make concessions. Later, at the request of Uncle Lin’s son, Lin Fei, Zhou Shengchen replaced the bed in the room with a new one, and asked Lin Fei to pack it out of the guest room and let him sleep.

Shi Yi finished today’s recording and hurriedly took Mei Lin to try on a dress. Shi Yi chose one, but he didn’t expect Director Wang to help her find a suitable dress. Zhou Shengchen came to see his grandmother, and he accidentally saw Zhou Wenchuan and Xiaoman pulling and tugging. He was puzzled. Grandma asked Zhou Shengchen to persuade Zhou Wenchuan to marry Xiaoman. Zhou Shengchen was noncommittal and quickly found an excuse to escape.

When Zhou Shengchen saw that the coffee table in the living room was broken, he helped fix it. Zhou Shengchen came to see his grandma again, and her grandma took him back to the house to get snacks and asked him to bring his fiancée. Zhou Shengchen admitted that he and Shi Yi got married first and then fell in love. Find time to meet her whenever you want.

Zhou Shengchen carefully selected six wedding dresses, and the clerk sent them to Shi Yi. Shi Yi liked them very much. He called Zhou Shengchen to express his gratitude and invited him to attend the award ceremony tomorrow. Zhou Shengchen asked Uncle Lin to take him to practice driving. He wanted to drive to see Shiyi in person. Grandma brought Zhou Shengchen a cup of warm milk and asked him to drink it while it was hot. Grandma persuaded Zhou Shengchen to treat the times well.

Shi Yi was dressed up to attend the awards ceremony. Zhou Shengchen called Shi Yi to ask for leave. Shi Yi was disappointed that he couldn’t arrive on time because of temporary problems in the laboratory. As soon as Zhou Shengchen finished his work, he drove to the awards site, and it took him all the trouble to park the car in the underground garage. The sponsor’s boss came to pick him up personally and arranged for him to sit in the first row of VIP seats. Shi Yi was presenting awards to the documentary. He saw Zhou Shengchen at a glance, and came down to him after the awards.

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