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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 4 Recap

It was already late at night, and Shi Yi was still tossing and turning and couldn’t sleep. Shi Yuanyuan couldn’t help but make fun of her. She couldn’t wait to see what her future brother-in-law looked like. Shi Yi thought that Zhou Shengchen would be a little uneasy when meeting his parents tomorrow, and worried about Zhou Shengchen’s. The nerd didn’t know how to bring a gift, and wanted to send a message to remind him, but he didn’t think it was right.

Zhou Shengchen bought a mobile phone specially. In order to make contact with Shiyi, Mei Xing casually talked about falling in love with a girl at first sight on the ancient city wall of Xi’an. Zhou Shengchen wished him to see his sweetheart again. Shi Yi began to look forward to the arrival of Zhou Shengchen early in the morning, and it was ten o’clock as agreed upon. Shi Yi and Shi Yuanyuan went downstairs to meet them. Seeing Zhou Shengchen and the driver and others came with a generous betrothal gift, they also made special intentions. Give Shi Yuanyuan a precious jade necklace.

Shi Yi’s parents briefly understood Zhou Shengchen’s situation and learned that he was the eldest son of the Zhou family, a wealthy businessman in Zhenjiang. Uncle and aunt immediately lit up, trying to get close to Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen wanted to take Shiyi home to see his mother, and also brought a tailor ironing the cheongsam that was made overnight, and Shiyi put on a cheongsam to make her appearance. Zhou Shengchen was deeply moved by her gentle and elegant temperament and engraved his birth date. Dajinsuo gave Shiyi as a meeting gift.

Shi Yi is ignorant and knows how to follow Zhou Shengchen home. Along the way, Shi Yi learned that the eldest son of the Zhou family can only be surnamed Zhou Sheng, and that other children can only be surnamed Zhou. Shi Yi asked Zhou Shengchen about the rules of the Zhou family and whether to live after getting engaged. Together, the driver Uncle Lin automatically opened the barrier between the front and rear seats, allowing them to chat freely.

Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi to the Zhou family’s old house, walked through the long courtyard, and finally came to the deep house. Zhou’s mother ordered Shiyi to chase away guests when she saw Shiyi. Zhou Shengchen was very dissatisfied that he would not come back to live tonight, so Zhou’s mother reluctantly made a concession and let him go home for dinner tomorrow.

Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi to dinner and kept apologizing for her mother. Shiyi was curious about what kind of girl Zhou’s mother liked. Zhou Shengchen asked Uncle Lin to bring a large album and claimed that it was all Zhou’s introduction to him. Shi Yi opened the blind date and found that it was a recipe, and couldn’t help making fun of Zhou Shengchen.

Zhou Shengren brought her pregnant sister-in-law Tang Xiaofu and younger sister Zhou Wenfang to eat here. Zhou Shengchen introduced them one by one and changed a large private room on purpose. After the meal, Tang Xiaofu, Zhou Wenfang, and Zhou Shengren complained about the Zhou family’s various pedantic rules and regulations. Zhou Shengchen was afraid of it, but Shi Yi didn’t take it seriously, and talked and laughed with them.

Zhou Shengchen sent Shiyi home. He was worried that he was busy at work and ignored Shiyi, so he agreed to three fixed talk times a day. Shi Yi loves the golden lock given by Zhou Shengchen. Shi Yuanyuan jokes that Zhou Shengchen is too stingy, and he even gave such an ordinary golden lock, but Shi Yi feels it is precious. The China Merchants Conference went on smoothly. Mei Xing spoke on behalf of Zhou Shengchen at the meeting. After the meeting, Zhou Shengchen personally came to send Shiyi and promised to visit Shiyi’s parents next time in Shanghai, and Shiyi will follow his parents back to Shanghai.

As soon as Shi Yi returned to Shanghai, he couldn’t wait to tell Hong Xiaoyu about her engagement with Zhou Shengchen. Hong Xiao praised her as happy. Shi Yi continued to dub the movie. She was moved by the poignant love story of the prince and Zhou Shengchen again. She was moved to tears, and Director Wang hurriedly gave Shi Yi tissues. At this moment, Zhou Shengchen asked the restaurant to send Shiyi a sumptuous dinner last time, and Shiyi invited his colleagues to eat together. Director Wang was very jealous.

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