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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 3 Recap

Zhou Shengchen brought Shiyi to a restaurant, just in time for the celebration, and presented them with a plate of drunk crabs. Shiyi feasted on them. However, Zhou Shengchen was hesitant and thoughtful. He claimed that he did not like crabs now, and Shiyi did not ask much. After the meal, it was time for Zhou Shengchen to go home. The two said goodbye. Zhou Shengchen asked the driver to drive back to Zhenjiang for four hours. It was already dawn when they arrived in Zhenjiang.

Hong Xiaoyu learned that Zhou Shengchen had come from Zhenjiang to invite Shiyi to eat at night, and tried his best to encourage Shiyi to be with Zhou Shengchen. Today is the wedding day for Zhou Wenchuan and Tong Jiaren. Mei Xing accompanies Zhou Shengchen home early in the morning. Seeing the lights and festivities at home, Mei Xing revealed to Zhou Shengchen that Zhou Wenchuan is planning to invest heavily in an overseas water supply company and Bremen.

Zhou Shengchen’s three buildings should be urged to stop him as soon as possible, otherwise it would affect everyone in the Zhou family. However, Zhou Shengchen’s father left a will before his death, and his children can only get their own shares when they get married. Mei Xing urged Zhou Shengchen to marry Shiyi as soon as possible. Then the news was released at the China Merchants Conference that the Zhou family had to focus on domestic investment in the national manufacturing industry in the past ten years. Zhou Shengchen only met with Shi Yi three times, and he really didn’t open his mouth.

His mother called Zhou Shengchen and introduced him to a blind date. The girl was very interested in Zhou Shengchen and asked questions curiously. Zhou Shengchen was very resistant. Zhou Shengren suddenly came to ask Zhou Shengchen about the problems in study, so the mother had to bring them first. The girl left. Zhou Shengren quietly took out Shiyi’s information and repeatedly claimed that the whole family knew about the two of them. Zhou Shengchen asked the driver to send him to Shanghai to find Shiyi.

Zhou Shengchen didn’t call to inform the time. He didn’t want to disturb her work, so he waited patiently downstairs. The driver was hungry and had to eat something first. When the driver came back from the meal, he saw Zhou Shengchen still waiting downstairs. . At this moment, the takeaway boy delivered food to Shiyi, and he accidentally fell down on the way and was injured. Shiyi brought him disinfectant and trauma medicine. Zhou Shengchen felt Shiyi was a kind girl and asked the driver to take the takeaway boy to the hospital. Bandage. Zhou Shengchen went back and forth for eight hours to see Shiyi, but left without seeing Shiyi. He just wanted to make sure that he really liked Shiyi. Zhou Shengchen decided to go to Shanghai to propose to Shiyi.

Shi Yi couldn’t stand Hong Xiaoyu’s hard work, so he decided to follow his parents back to his hometown of Zhenjiang to worship his ancestors, and saw Zhou Shengchen by the way. His father drove Shiyi’s mother and daughter to Zhenjiang. The traffic jam started right after the checkpoint. His mother took the opportunity to urge her to get married. Shiyi had to find an excuse to stop him. Shiyi learned from his father that a wealthy businessman in Zhenjiang had held a business promotion conference and called on everyone to invest in national high-end manufacturing. Therefore, it attracted many merchants, and Shiyi greatly appreciated the behavior of this wealthy businessman. The driver drove Zhou Shengchen home. He accidentally saw the traffic jam in the middle of the road. Zhou Shengchen was not alarmed and went home directly.

As soon as Shi Yi returned home, her uncle introduced her to a blind date, and Shi Yi hurriedly hid in the room of her cousin Shi Yuanyuan. Zhou Shengchen took the initiative to call Shiyi and wanted to get engaged with her immediately. Shiyi was overwhelmed by this sudden proposal. She didn’t know how to answer for a while. Zhou Shengchen promised that she could retire at any time. Shiyi thought twice, and finally agreed. Zhou On her birthday, she will have her measurements, and she will prepare an engagement gown.

Mei Xing hid outside the door and heard Zhou Shengchen’s call, and rushed to congratulate him. Zhou Shengchen hurried to prepare for the door-to-door ceremony. When Shi Yuanyuan heard that Shi Yi had agreed to Zhou Shengchen’s engagement request, she couldn’t wait to report to her uncle and aunt, and Shi Yi wanted to tell her mother in person. His mother advised Shiyi not to be too anxious, but Shiyi was determined, and her mother wanted to talk about it when she saw Zhou Shengchen tomorrow.

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