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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 9 Recap

The old patriarch Enkuan led the tribe to chase after him, and Shengsheng pushed the Iron Triangle to a dead end. Going forward is an endless abyss. Seeing an ancient plank road right in front of him, Hu Bayi tried his best to help Fatty Wang and Shirley Yang Dang to the plank road, but he was cut off the long vine by Zhalong, and finally fell off the cliff.

Fortunately, everything under the cliff was Wang Yang. After Hu Bayi fell into a coma for a while, he immediately regained consciousness. The three were able to escape from the dead, taking advantage of the rest of the place, carefully analyzing the identity of the long insects. Regardless of its genetic structure and appearance, it can basically be determined that it is an ancient creature, which is also known as the immortal Huo’s.

The reason why the mythical beetle is immortal is mainly because this organism has rotatable nerve tissue and the hermaphrodite has no natural enemies. As long as the living environment permits, it can continue to multiply without mating. Like many large insects, its ancestors were extinct due to the jump-like changes in the oxygen content in the atmosphere. The only remaining mythical beetle should be the eruption of the Triassic volcano during the Triassic period. The integration of the caves, coupled with the atmospheric environment in the gourd cave, has survived to this day.

At this time, Touching the Golden Triangle is already in the majestic scenery of the peaks, and has not had time to appreciate it. Immediately above the clouds, there is a palace inlaid on the cliffs and cliffs in the distance. Look again, not only the palace is magnificent, but also the shape They all resembled the map of town tombs, and immediately remembered that there was a saying on the back of the human skin map that “if it weren’t for the collapse of the sky, it would be difficult for outsiders to break”.

On the cliffs around the palace, countless plank roads were built around the mountains. The three people who survived the disaster decided to go to the Tiangong to find out whether King Xian really built a mausoleum in the sky. At the same time, Zhalong and other tribesmen vowed to catch the foreign thief in order to avenge Zewa, otherwise they would never leave.

Two young tribesmen were ordered to stay in the water cave. One seemed indifferent and the other was extremely alert. At night, strange noises came from the surface of the water. The young people followed the prestige, and there was nothing unusual. On the contrary, there are thousands of death drifts. I don’t know when they sink into the water. People ate all their food.

Hu Bayi, Fatty Wang, and Shirley Yang, who escaped from the gourd cave, are now climbing along the stone wall plank road to the gate of Tiangong. After climbing the steep steps, a palace with layers of Qin bricks and Han tiles, and purple and golden beams appears impressively In front of the three people. The rumors of Lingyun Tiangong’s luxury level is indeed jaw-dropping. No matter it is from all angles, it is hidden in the secluded Feng Shui mystery. It is hard to imagine that this will be the tomb of the little king of the border.

Hu Bayi disassembled the dragon and tiger scepter, divided it into two into two, and inserted it into the stone keyhole for a while, and the heavy stone door opened by itself. The three of them came to the main hall of the Tiangong Temple, with huge stone statues arrayed on both sides, strangely shaped, very similar to the ancient gods. The temperature in the main hall has dropped significantly, and the more you walk in the moon, you can feel the coldness. A bronze incense burner is placed in the middle, which arouses the interest of Fatty Wang.

Shirley Yang and Hu Bayi were not interested in this, but inferred the deeds of the ancient Dian Kingdom through the murals, and there are many ritual activities related to divination and witchcraft. On the left and right of the throne of the main hall, there are murals for offering kings. As for the general meaning of the ancient seal script carved on the murals, it is nothing more than an introduction to the origin of the dust beads.

At first, as magical as external rumors, in the last years of the Qin Dynasty, the dust beads fell into the hands of King Xian. After the Emperor of Han learned about this, he sent an envoy to ask for it, and the king was reluctant to offer the treasure, so he took the people to separate from the ancient Dian Kingdom and moved to the west of Yunnan. It cost hundreds of thousands of people to build the tomb of the king in order to promote the immortal.

Looking at the red stone on the top of the crown, Hu Bayi guessed that it was the scorpion dust bead, which meant that the scorpion dust bead did exist. Shirley Yang sighed that his father had spent most of his life searching for the dust beads in order to save her and her mother, but it was a pity that he had found the right direction and was only one step away. Just as Hu Bayi comforted Shirley Yang, he suddenly discovered that Fatty Wang had disappeared. When they rendezvous with Fatty Wang, weird voices came from around.

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