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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 8 Recap

The death drift is like a female corpse, and the body is not decayed, and it is well-preserved, which is really shocking. Touching the golden iron triangle to discuss this, I suddenly found that the death drift was transparent in many places, and the live baby fetus was faintly visible in the abdomen. I subconsciously noticed that it was not good, so I decided to change to avoid trouble.

Unexpectedly, before the detour, Wang Fatty once again made a moth, so that it caused a strange noise. The three followed the sound and saw another water surface. Because the water surface was too wide, especially the surrounding dim, Shirley Yang lit the flash bomb and threw it away. Wherever the light hits, there are hundreds of death drifts. .

As the number of dead drifts increased and a cloud of red mist emerged from the bottom of the water, Shirley Yang and Hu Bayi thought about what Chen Xiazi had said, determined that the mist was far more toxic than the white miasma, and quickly put on anti-virus equipment. However, this floating corpse and red mist is not surprising. The school lieutenants who are standing on the edge of the cliff never thought that a mythical beetle full of resentment would have been waiting here for thousands of years.

The cave fell into silence for a moment, and a giant monster emerged from the water and leaped straight towards the three of them. Before they could distinguish the monster in front of them, Hu Bayi and the others hurried back and fired violently at the monster while fleeing. Even if the magazine was about to run out, they could only hear the sound of metal rebounding. Instead, in the course of this fierce battle, Gradually see the outline of the monster.

The monster’s body is very similar to a long worm, and it looks a little weird. It has a rotating one-eyed head, and its mouth is a worm mouthpart that opens and closes on all sides, and there is a small mouth hidden in the big mouth, with four corners of the mouth. There are sharp fangs, especially the outer skin is as hard as a rock, and shooting has no effect on it.

Right now, Hu Bayi’s bullets had already been burnt out, and he could only use his hands and feet together to avoid the onslaught of the long insects many times. Shirley Yang and Fatty Wang shot the worm’s head violently, and the intensive rain of bullets temporarily forced the giant worm back into the mist. Taking advantage of this gap, Hu Bayi asked Fatty Wang for a magazine, but just as the magazine was thrown into the air, the giant insect in the mist resembled a fire dragon coming out of the cloud, and once again rushed towards Hu Bayi.

Upon seeing this, Hu Bayi simply gambled his entire life on the speed of changing the magazine. Just a few minutes before the monster swallowed him, Shirley Yang came with two guns in his hand. Fortunately, Hu Bayi changed the magazine in time, and saw that the long worm’s uvula was afraid of bullets, so the three of them kept hitting the uvula until the long worm rushed into the water immediately, and there was no more movement.

This battle can be described as a life of nine deaths. Yang and Fatty rushed to Hu Bayi and found that Hu Bayi’s gas mask had been destroyed, and they were even ready to dying words. When Fatty Wang was about to replace Hu Bayi’s face mask, many clansmen appeared behind him, insisting on taking them back.

Everyone hasn’t had any abnormality yet, which is enough to show that the red mist is not poisonous at all. Unfortunately, Hu Bayi and the others were too late to be happy. The long-dormant long worm came out of the water again and swallowed Zewa in one bite. The clansmen scattered in fright, but the old patriarch Enkuan was unwilling to leave. He immediately saw the long insect spit out Zewa and turned and attacked elsewhere.

Even though Zewa still had a breath, his life was endangered, and the green mucus had enveloped his body and corroded it into his bones. On the other hand, Hu Bayi couldn’t bear the tragic death of the tribe, and planned to use a personal risk to distract the long worms and win time for everyone to escape. The mythical beetle grows more and more fierce, and seems fearless. At first I thought the tongue was its weakness, but now the tongue is destroyed. Shirley Yang believes that this creature has no nerve center. Even if the body tissue is destroyed, as long as there is a part of the nerve network in the body, It can still survive.

Hu Bayi thought of the breath on the head of the long insect, guessing that it should be its weakness. The three people cooperated with each other, and Hu Bayi and Fatty Wang went to entangle the long worm, blinded its one-eyed with a dagger, and successfully bought precious time for Shirley Yang. Shirley Yang made explosives, and when the time was right, he threw the explosives directly at the head of the giant insect.

At this moment, the mad beetle couldn’t distinguish the worm, opened its mouth and swallowed the explosive, which then exploded into fragments. The three people who returned to the shore were finally able to observe the mountain god monster carefully. They didn’t know that the old patriarch Enkuan was distraught at losing his son, raised his spear and shot them at them, completely forgetting his life-saving grace.

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