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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 10 Recap

Touching the golden iron triangle to the apse of Tiangong, where there are many stele walls, there is a six-legged bronze cauldron in the middle of the main hall. Shirley Yang judged that this cauldron was used for the sacrificial ceremonies to cook the corpse of heaven, so Hu Bayi and Fatty Wang decided to do it. Opening the lid of the copper cauldron, I suddenly heard a sharp and ethereal laugh from a woman around me.

In order to find out the source of the sound, the three of them groped all the way, and finally found the “woman ghost in red” hanging here on the dome of the hall. They looked carefully at the personal dolls. According to Shirley Yang’s judgment, it was determined that the cloth puppets wearing cloth strips should be some kind of ritual for the king to be used for cultivating and becoming immortal.

While she was talking, the Flash woman seemed to have a reaction and laughed again. Fatty Wang instead of Hu Bayi climbed the beam to grab the puppet. However, the puppet was too large, comparable to the weight of an adult man. When Fatty Wang finally pulled him onto the top beam, he opened the puppet’s hair, revealing a strange face.

The old patriarch Enkuan led the crowd, looking for traces of the Iron Triangle along the way, until they reached the Lingyun Palace, and soon blocked the gate. Shirley Yang had to throw smoke bombs at the hall. In an instant, the smoke was filled and it was difficult to distinguish between friends and enemies. Originally, Hu Bayi and Shirley Yang wanted to go to the gate while the clansmen were unprepared, but Fatty Wang accidentally exposed, causing the three of them to be imprisoned.

But for a moment, the three of them have been suspended by the tribe with twine under the stone stele. Although Hu Bayi tried to explain the reason for entering the valley and the truth about their search for medicine to save lives, He Enkuan was completely blinded by hatred, and it was the cause of his son’s death. Blame them, and even use their blood to worship the mountain gods.

Ada is kind and upright, knowing that Zewa’s death has nothing to do with the other party, especially the dangerous one just now. If it were not for the help of these three people, I am afraid that he would have been killed in the cave. It is a pity that no one of the clans present is willing to speak for the Audio-Technica, except for him, and watched Enkuan give orders. With an order, Hu Bayi, Shirley Yang, and Fatty Wang felt the ropes around their necks tighten, so that they could not breathe and lost consciousness.

Ada, who witnessed this scene, felt anxious in his heart. Because he was unable to save it, he simply closed his eyes tightly and did not want to cast his gaze again. Coincidentally at this time, a half-worm with a mouthful of fangs slowly climbed up the steps, rushed to the back of the tribe at an extremely fast speed, and grinned at them.

The scumbag in front of him had evolved from the scumbag in his abdomen, and his body was several times larger than before. En Kuan fired several shots when he saw it. The bullets penetrated his body and splashed out a lot of green water. The silence of the gunfire did not mean that the danger was relieved. On the contrary, a large number of scumbags were coming from all directions, so the sound of gunfire resounded in this originally quiet Lingyun palace.

Countless splashes of scumbag flesh and blood, mixed with stinks and screams, the sorrowful and wailing tribes gradually reduced to the residue in the abdomen of the scumbag after experiencing biting and eating. Ada awakened the Audio-Technica by cutting the hemp rope. Hu Bayi, Shirley Yang and Fatty Wang picked up guns and joined the battle, but these scumbags only increased, and there was not much ammunition left in everyone’s hands.

Seeing that the number of people was getting smaller and smaller, the tribesmen who had entered the valley together died tragically. The old patriarch Enkuan was extremely sad, especially when he heard the tribe’s last wish to return home before his death, he was awakened. While everyone was still struggling to resist the monster’s attack, En Kuan held the explosives and walked to the front of the main hall alone. He slammed the stone pillar with a long knife, and the harsh sound diverted the attention of all the scumbags, and rushed towards him one after another. Until En Kuan lit the fuse, detonated the entire palace, and died in the sea of ​​flames with them.

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