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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 33 Recap

Ma Suqin left the day after the date. Qiao Erqiang woke up and only saw the note she left on the table. She signed the divorce agreement. Qiao Erqiang wanted to raise a child and take care of a family. She Always hope that Qiao Erqiang is good. Just as Qiao Erqiang was going to find Ma Suqin, Qiao Zuwang called again to have a family meeting. He was going to marry Qu Aying. Qiao Simei is very puzzled. Qiao Zu hopes to occupy all his food, drinks and gambling all his life.

The only advantage is that he doesn’t have prostitution. Qiao Yicheng couldn’t help laughing, thinking that Qiao Zuwang was just on a whim. Qiao Erqiang did not object, and the old man was not incapable of feelings, and Qiao Zuwang’s tears were about to fall. Qiao Yicheng didn’t object anymore, but he said that when a man becomes a family, he needs to support his own family, and he won’t pay a few children for living expenses. Qiao Zuwang felt angry but he didn’t dare to say anything.

Qiao Erqiang will not change his mind. He must find Ma Suqin. If he can’t find it here, he will go to the northeast to find it. After all, raising a son and being a good person does not conflict with loving her. In the evening, Qu Aying immediately mentioned his son to Qiao Zuwang. He didn’t want to farm in his hometown. He wanted to work in the city and lacked a place to live. Qiao Zuwang felt that she was kind to him and immediately agreed.

Qu Aying was very happy, and as soon as he turned around, he said what he had overheard Qiao Erqiang. Qiao Zuwang didn’t find Qiao Yicheng, and was the main one. Qiao Erqiang and Ma Suqin divorced and remarried Sun Xiaomo. Qiao Simei disagreed very much, and left with cursing. Qiao Erqiang expressed his determination not to divorce Ma Suqin, and was so angry that Qiao Zuwang fell the cup.

Qu Aying is going back to her hometown to deal with her son and daughter-in-law’s affairs in two days. Seeing New Year’s Day, Qiao Zu looked a little disappointed. Qiao Erqiang decided to close the store and go to the northeast to find Ma Suqin, but Ma Suqin’s voice rang outside the store, calling him out to move vegetables. Ma Suqin has already figured out that she will bear the responsibility of the money and Qiao Erqiang. After all, she knows how difficult it is for a woman to take care of her own children, but Ma Suqin does not want to divorce Qiao Erqiang.

Qiao Erqiang repeatedly agreed, but didn’t want her to be wronged. After closing, Sun Xiaomo came. She ate a bowl of noodles made by Qiao Erqiang and returned his passbook. Qiao Erqiang believes in Sun Xiaomo and does not plan to do an appraisal. He will raise the child, but he will not remarry. Sun Xiaomo unexpectedly confessed the matter between her and Director Chen. The child belongs to him. Qiao Erqiang looked at Ma Suqin in a mixed mood. Sun Xiaomo thanked them after expressing her heart. She was sorry to Qiao Erqiang before, but now she can no longer feel sorry for them.

New Year’s Day is here, Qiao Zuwang has been looking at the door every day since Qu Aying left, wanting her to come back soon. Qiao Yicheng and Xiang Nanfang took Qiao Sanli and Wang Yiding back. Qiao Zuwang refused to let Qiao Erqiang and Ma Suqin in, and they did not come either. Qiao Simei gritted her teeth and said that he was fascinated by the old woman, and Qiao Sanli was stunned when she came back. Zhiyong and Ma Suqin, who was in college outside the city, talked with Ma Suqin.

Ma Suqin didn’t want him to worry, so she said that she and Qiao Erqiang were the only ones who spent the years at Qiao’s house. As soon as I hung up the phone, Qiao Yicheng, Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei came with their family and children. But Qiao Zuwang hadn’t finished eating there. When he was depressed, Qu Aying returned with his son Wen Bin. Qiao Zuwang was overjoyed.

The brothers and sisters gathered for dinner at Qiao Erqiang’s house, and Qiao Simei was still angry. For so many years, everyone had been gathering in the old house. Now, because of that old woman, she can’t even go home. Qiao Yicheng asked her to take Qi Qiaoqiao to her house tonight, and let Qiaozu look away all night. Qiao Yicheng and Xiang Nanfang cared about Wang Yiding and Qiao Sanli separately. During this trip to Beijing, Wang Yiding was even more convinced that he should treat Qiao Sanli well in the future.

Qi Qiaoqiao and Xuanxuan quarreled, and the adults also lived through a belief in a friendly manner. However, as soon as Qiao Simei returned home the next day, she found a strange man at her home, so scared that she picked up the broom and hit it. Wen Bin, a strange man, wanted to sleep in the hall, which was agreed by Qiao Zuwang, and Qiao Simei became more and more angry.

When the son is here, the daughter-in-law will have to come in two days. When a bunch of people are at home, Qiao Simei is annoyed, but she just doesn’t plan to move out, threatening to drive the aggressor out.

Qiao Simei fights wits with Niang Qu Aying all day at home, sometimes angry because of their manners, and Qiao Zuwang is on the side of a foreigner. Qu Aying was thinking about going to Qiao Zuwang to talk about Wenbin, saying that the place where he worked was in arrears of wages, and wanted him to quit his job and go to Qiao Erqiang’s shop to help. Qu Aying admitted that he regarded Qiao Zuwang’s children as a family, and stunned Qiao Zuwang, who was unwilling to subdue him, to find Qiao Erqiang back.

Qu Aying’s attitude towards Qiao Erqiang is terribly good, and Qiao Zuwang’s attitude is also good, and she also praised Ma Suqin and Zhiyong. Rao was as stupid as Qiao Erqiang, and he also noticed something was wrong, so Qiao Erqiang took Wen Bin back to the store. Qi Weimin was promoted to the deputy bureau and talked about Qiao Zuwang while drinking tea with Qiao Yicheng. Qiao Yicheng understands that this is different from Wei Shufang and Lao Ma. Lao Ma is a good person, and Qu Aying clearly knows that the person who came is not good.

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