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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 18 Recap

After Lei Chuxia disappeared in 2012, Qin Yue asked Wei Xuanhe incredulously whether he didn’t care about Lei Chuxia’s life. Wei Xuanhe didn’t feel that he was wrong at all, and brazenly told Qin Yue that he was for the two of them. Qin Yue still had a glimmer of hope, chasing Wei Xuanhe to Flash Cloud to verify with Wei Xuanhe, and was extremely disappointed with Wei Xuanhe after he understood the truth.

She once thought that she and Wei Xuanhe were the same person, but she found that they were not the same at all. She never hides her ambition for what she wants. She will do her best to fight for, but she will never base her success on the suffering of others. She asked Wei Xuanhe if she had misunderstood him, or if she had never known him. Qin Yue’s words reminded Wei Xuanhe that Lei Chuxia had said similar things to her at the launch of the new system of Xiaozhu Technology ten years ago.

In 2011, the eve of the launch of Xiaozhu Technology’s new system. When Lei Chuxia was eating with her parents at the dinner table, Lei’s father told her that a woman named Shen Weiwei called and said that Xu Xiaodong had ran away from home. Lei Chuxia hurriedly went to look for it, and found Xu Xiaodong sitting on a swing in the garden in the middle of the street.

Lei Chuxia sat on the swing on his left and comforted him that when he missed someone, he should look at the moon, because the moon has never changed. When he looked up at the moon, the person he missed should also be looking at that moon. Ten years later, Xu Xiaodong seemed to remember what the “passer-by sister” said, and came to the street garden, sitting on the swing on the right, silently thinking of the disappearing Lei Chuxia. The two people under the same round moon seemed to have passed through time, looking at each other silently after ten years.

The time came on November 18, 2011, on the day of Xiaozhu Technology’s new system launch. Lei Chuxia went to the scene to try to stop Wei Xuanhe. After Wei Xuanhe finally admitted that he and Zhao Yaoyang had plagiarized Xu Weiyi’s results, she asked Wei Xuanhe disappointedly whether he had changed or she didn’t understand him at all. She admonished Wei Xuanhe that he was ruining himself by doing so, and he could not base his happiness on the suffering of others.

However, Wei Xuanhe couldn’t listen at all, and shut her in the room. When Lei Chuxia came out of the room, he had already missed the opportunity to reverse everything. Xu Weiyi was also asked by the media to “plagiarize” Xiaozhu Technology. She left the press conference and met Xu Xiaodong in embarrassment on the side of the road. She encouraged Xu Xiaodong not to lose the courage to face everything at any time, and there are still people who are helping him in places he doesn’t know, and ask him not to give up so quickly.

Ten years later, after Qin Yue knew that he was wrong in Wei Xuanhe, he came to Chen Mo’s laboratory to apologize to Xu Xiaodong who was tracking Wang Yixin’s whereabouts. Before that, Shen Weiwei had also been to the laboratory and was informed of the causes and consequences of Lei Chuxia’s disappearance. She comforted and encouraged Xu Xiaodong to leave. Qin Yue wanted to make up for her fault, so she lied to Wang Yixin in the name of Wei Xuanhe.

With the help of Qin Yue, Xu Xiaodong, Jin Xiaorui and Yuan Yuan captured Wang Yixin and asked Wang Yixin to hand over the machine. Wang Yixin said that the machine has been damaged and only he can repair it. He asked Xu Xiaodong to return to Chen Mo’s April 15th laboratory to continue his research. In order to save the thunder and come back in early summer, Xu Xiaodong had to agree. Although Wang Yixin agreed, he asked them not to hope too much. He couldn’t guarantee whether Lei Chuxia would return.

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