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Liu Yong Pursues the Case 刘墉追案 Episode 4 Recap

These days, Qiu Mengnan has been drawing poisonous insects in the house, but the painting has never looked like. She felt that Qiu Yanfei’s death was very strange, and all signs indicated that Qiu Yanfei would not be drowned in a shallow water tank. In addition, Qiu Yanfei has always been physically strong, but she suddenly became paralyzed when re-examining the bodies of Cai Yongchang’s two sons. She felt that these things were not simple.

In addition, there was still a character “Gu” written by Qiu Yanfei on the water tank. Perhaps there was a clue behind this character. The Dongchang Mansion case was too long to be solved. Qianlong asked the ministers how to resolve the matter at the court. He Shen believed that to severely punish officials who failed to solve the case, the Six Princes pleaded for Liu Yong, and Qianlong changed his face and scolded him for presumptuousness.

Heshen shifted all the responsibility to Liu Yong, and proposed that Liu Yong be demoted to a commoner, never hired, and the punishment was so heavy that it made the Six Princes sweat out of their backs, but he dared not say anything. Other officials also agreed to He Shen’s proposal. The emperor temporarily dismissed Liu Yong from all official positions and waited for his release. Six princes can be seen clearly, Liu Yong’s life is left behind, and it is no big deal to be demoted to a commoner.

Jin Wan’er knows Liu Yong very well, and he certainly doesn’t want to be demoted to a commoner. She acted and wanted to release the birds of the Six Princes. Only then did the Six Princes agree to help Liu Yong. The six princes said that perhaps the empress dowager can make the emperor change his mind. The emperor agreed to let Jin Wan’er go to the cave and let He Zifeng accompany him to protect Jin Wan’er’s safety.

Qi Cai learned that Jin Wan’er was going to Dongchang Mansion. She was from Dongchang and wanted to go with Jin Wan’er. Jin Wan’er promised to take her with her. The grandpa Qian of Kilometers told Heshen about the emperor’s amendment in advance. Heshen was very generous. He bribed Gonggong Qian. Gonggong Qian smiled and promised that he would tell Heshen as soon as possible if there is anything in the palace in the future. The emperor agreed to let Jin Wan’er go to Shandong to find Liu Yong. He Zifeng said that the Sixth Prince had sent himself to go with Jin Wan’er.

Father Qian went to Shandong to preach the imperial decree. Since Liu Yong failed to solve the case of Dongchang Mansion within the prescribed time limit, the emperor ordered him to be removed from his post as minister of imperial commission and the supervisor, leaving the body as a criminal, and the official was demoted to several ranks, and he was demoted to the prefect of Dongchang to continue investigating the case. , In the hope of committing crimes and meritorious service, don’t lose the emperor’s grace.

In the end, Grandpa Qian also took a treasure from Liu Yong, which he opened when Liu Yong asked him to return. On the way back, Grandpa Qian opened the box containing the treasure, but the treasure turned out to be a few vegetables, making his face pale with anger. Liu Yong was demoted to the prefect of Dongchang, and Fuguotai had some sympathy for him. He said that what the father-in-law Qian said just now was nonsense, and Liu Yong didn’t need to look at his face to act in the future.

Qiu Mengnan, as the master of Dongchang prefecture, came to report and wanted to worship Liu Yong as a teacher and follow him to learn and judge cases. While speaking, she knelt down to apprentice, Liu Yong hurriedly helped her up. Unexpectedly, this scene happened to be seen by Jin Wan’er who came to the prefect of Dongchang. Her eyes were full of shock and anger.

Afterwards, Liu Yong knelt and lied to Jin Wan’er. He said that Fuguotai fell in love with Qiu Mengnan, and Qiu Mengnan was unwilling. Only then did he come up with a way of apprenticeship. Liu Yong couldn’t bear to let her be taken away by Fuguotai, so he accepted her as an apprentice. Jin Wan’er believed him, and her anger disappeared immediately. Liu Xier feels distressed that Liu Yong has been degraded several levels. Liu Yong feels moved and funny.

He feels that it doesn’t matter if the officials are big or small. The key is to be able to do things for the people. The two came out after drinking. Liu Yong saw a woman in mourning clothes burning paper toward the yamen, so he left Liu Xier and took a look. He unexpectedly saw this woman wearing plain clothes, but she was wearing a red pocket. The doubts in Liu Yong’s heart became thicker.

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