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Liu Yong Pursues the Case 刘墉追案 Episode 3 Recap

Qiu Mengnan told Liu Yong that she inspected Hu Jiang’s body again and found that the scratches on his neck were indeed not simple, with traces of poisonous insect bites on it. This kind of poisonous insect is very powerful. Once the venom enters the human body, it can cause death immediately, and it cannot be detected afterwards. But when Liu Yong asked about the name of the poisonous insect and the record book of the poisonous insect, Qiu Mengnan said that he did not bring it, and Liu Yong felt helpless.

While talking, they met a funeral team head-on. Liu Yong saw something was wrong with the team at a glance, so he bet the coffin was not a dead body with a silver pattern. Seeing the money opened, these people immediately opened a museum to search for the corpse. The bright silver appeared in the coffin, and the funeral team went crazy.

Liu Yong asked Liu Xier to call out the guards and take the group down. The leader was very scared and immediately confessed that he was hired to do this and he was still in his own home. Liu Yong led the guards into the house immediately to search, but only saw a corpse. Qiu Mengnan roughly checked, and found traces of poisonous insect bites, and this person had just died. Liu Yong also found a fragment of the imperial decree in the hands of the corpse, which was not very clear.

Someone came and said that all the arrests at the entrance of the village died, and the silver two disappeared. Qiu Mengnan’s autopsy confirmed that they were all killed by poisonous insects. Yinliang was snatched by the villagers. After being arrested, they regretted that they were the first offenders, so Liu Yong punished them with 20 slaps.

There were eight lives in one day, but the county magistrate was still on his way, which made Liu Yong very angry. While Qiu Mengnan followed Liu Yong to investigate the case, Qiu Yanfei was killed. After a test, he thought he was accidentally drowned. Here, Liu Yong took the guards and transported the corpse through the village to the city and back to the government office for an autopsy.

The villagers refused to let them live, Qiu Mengnan stepped forward to persuade her, and Wu Ma ran to tell her that Qiu Yanfei had passed away last night. Later, a woman came forward to persuade and bring home the two younger brothers who caused the trouble. Zhuang Yozuo told Qiu Mengnan that her father had no injuries, and that he was drowning. Qiu Mengnan cried into tears. She didn’t understand how her father left so suddenly.

He Shen also learned that Liu Yong had returned and brought back a bunch of corpses. He was a little surprised. Qiu Mengnan was unable to extricate herself from the grief of losing her father. She accidentally found that there were traces left by her father on the fish tank. She suddenly became vigilant and opened the drawer to see that the handbook containing the records of poisonous insects had disappeared. .

Through Dahasu’s identification, Liu Yong learned that one of the corpses he brought back was Yan Bingzheng, who had falsely preached the imperial decree. Liu Yong has been thinking about the purpose of the imperial edict fragments in Yan Bingzheng’s hands. Heshen came to see Liu Yong and suggested that he should return to the capital first, and try to allow the emperor to give him a few more days of grace. Now, Liu Yong had no choice but to agree.

Liu Yong remembered what Hu Jiang said to him in prison before: After Cai Yongchang took office, he found Hu Jiang and Hu Hai and offered to cooperate with them. Hu Jiang and Hu Hai were responsible for helping Cai Yongchang eradicate dissidents, while Cai Yongchang protected them from being caught. Take it away. The nephew of the governor Fu Guotai, Fu De, the prefect of Fu Tang, was killed by Hu Jiang and Hu Hai.

Therefore, Hu Jiang has reason to suspect that Fuguotai wants to get rid of Cai Yongchang and then blame Hu Jiang and Hu Hai on the false transmission of the imperial decree, so as to wipe out their forces and avenge his nephew. Later, Liu Yong thought about it carefully. Taking such a big risk, Fuguotai might not know that he would burn himself, but why he took the risk to do so is really puzzling.

The six princes once again made Jin Wan’er’s request with the emperor, but the emperor did not agree. The Cai Yongchang case also involved a murder case involving the third wife. His third wife was pregnant. The first wife and the second wife were jealous. After the third wife was poisoned to death, the body was sealed in a porcelain altar and hidden under a dry well in the garden. . On the day that Cai Yongchang’s mansion was seized, the body was found.

Cai Yongchang’s two sons were too frightened and died on the spot. Cai Yongchang’s two wives also hanged themselves in fear of sin. All this happened too suddenly, and Liu Yong always felt that there was some connection behind these cases. Fuguotai came to tell Liu Yong that he had notified his family to pick up the corpse in the morgue.

The people here are strong, and he was worried that the people would complain, so he made the move. Liu Yong said unceremoniously that he would not be selfish in doing so. Liu Yong went to condolences Qiu Mengnan, Qiu Mengnan told him that there was a problem with Qiu Yanfei’s death, and that the handbook had been taken away.

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