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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 2 Recap

Shiyi is going back to Shanghai tomorrow. Zhou Shengchen wanted to write a farewell email to Shiyi, but he didn’t know where to start. Mei Xing couldn’t help but teased Zhou Shengchen and persuaded him to call Shiyi to say goodbye. Zhou Shengchen insisted on saying goodbye. write an email.

Shiyi and Hong Xiaoyu came to visit the ancient city wall early in the morning. Shiyi couldn’t help but think of the confidant princess Zhou Shengchen in the movie, as if seeing the princess fall from the tower, Hong Xiaoyu rushed to interrupt Shiyi’s thoughts in time. Mei Xing was filming in the tower, and was suddenly attracted by Shi Yi’s gentle and pleasant appearance. He hurriedly got down from above. As a result, Shi Yi and Hong Xiaoyu took a taxi away, so he had to leave disappointed.

At the hotel where Zhou Shengchen came to stay, please ask the front desk clerk to give her a book introducing Xi’an’s scenic spots and historical sites. Shi Yi then went downstairs and hurried out with the book, but Zhou Shengchen was nowhere to be seen. Shi Yi hurried back and sent an e-mail to Zhou Shengchen, asking him to come to the institute’s landline phone, Shi Yi called Zhou Shengchen to chat, Hong Xiao Yu tried desperately to persuade him, and Shi Yi summoned the courage to offer to visit the institute. Zhou Shengchen was just free, so he told her the address of the institute.

Shi Yi couldn’t wait to come to the research institute to find Zhou Shengchen, and suddenly received a call from Meilin. Meilin wanted to introduce Shiyi to Shiyi, and Shiyi said it according to Zhou Shengchen’s terms. Zhou Shengchen came to meet Shiyi at the door, took her in to visit a large circle, briefly introduced her research direction, Shiyi was eye-opening, and couldn’t help but admire him.

He Shan then rushed over and asked Shiyi to go to dinner together. Shiyi was so kind, and had no choice but to agree. The students of the institute had never seen Zhou Shengchen brought a girl, and believed that the two of them were dating, so they curiously followed Shi Yi to ask questions. They also revealed that Zhou Shengchen had a fiancée. Shi Yi was embarrassed and hurriedly made excuses. After leaving, Zhou Shengchen hurried to see her off.

Along the way, Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen didn’t say a word. After arriving at the hotel, Zhou Shengchen repeatedly explained what had happened to Shi Yi, admitting that he planned to get married, but did not find a suitable person. Shiyi took the opportunity to show Zhou Shengchen palmistry and clearly stated that the two of them had known each other in their previous lives. Zhou Shengchen took the initiative to ask for Shiyi’s phone number and promised to contact her at any time.

As soon as Shi Yi returned to Shanghai, she devoted herself to intense recording work. During the break, Mei Lin curiously inquired about the relationship between her and Zhou Shengchen. Shi Yi didn’t want to say more, and hurried away with the excuse of recording. Shi Yi didn’t wait for Zhou Shengchen’s call, so he took the initiative to call the research institute, only to know that Zhou Shengchen had left Xi’an. Shi Yi was very disappointed.

Zhou Shengchen followed Mei Xing back to her hometown of Zhenjiang, which was four years away. Jiaren Tong also arrived. His sister Zhou Wenxing and younger brother Zhou Shengren waited at the gate early. Zhou Wenchuan turned a blind eye to Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Wenxing took Mei Xing to ask questions. . Zhou Shengchen changed into a suit and came to see his mother. His mother kept urging the marriage. Zhou Shengchen went to see the elders at home under the pretext of her, so her mother had to let him go with Zhou Wenchuan.

As soon as Zhou Shengchen saw Zhou’s uncles and uncles, he couldn’t wait to persuade them to join the China Merchants Association and spend money to invest in local manufacturing. Zhou Shengchen left alone. That night, Zhou Shengchen couldn’t sleep at night. He couldn’t help but remember the time and asked the driver to drive him to Shanghai to see the time.

It wasn’t until 12 o’clock in the evening that the recording was finished. Director Wang bought a supper for everyone. Shi Yi saw several missed calls in the phone. She hurriedly went back. She didn’t expect that the other party was Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen asked her. Having a late night snack together, Shi Yi went downstairs to go to the appointment on time. Zhou Shengchen worried that she would be unsafe at night and asked the driver to pick her up by car. Shi Yi saw Zhou Shengchen changing into a suit and felt that he was more energetic than before. Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi to dinner. He was silent all the way, so Shiyi had to find a topic to ease his embarrassment.

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