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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 32 Recap

In the car, Qiao Zuwang talked to Xiang Nanfang, thanking her for helping when Qiao Simei gave birth, and then saying that she was unwell and asked her to help contact the hospital specialist, Qiao Yicheng couldn’t stop it. Qiao Yicheng took Xiang Nanfang to the house he rented. In fact, he wanted to wait for Xiang Nanfang to come back. Xiang Nanfang was worried that Qiao Yicheng would be cold here, and planned to buy electric heaters, change curtains, and buy a lot of decorations. Qiao Yicheng agreed one by one.

Qiao Yicheng and Xiang Nanfang accompanied Qiao Zuwang to the hospital for a physical examination. After all, Qiao Zuwang was too old and planned to check it up once a year. He somewhat eagerly told Qiao Yicheng that he was not too young and had to check it up every year. Qiao Erqiang saved a sum of money for Zhiyong, and he would give him any step he wanted to read. Zhiyong was very moved. After Qiao Erqiang withdrew the money, he came out and ran into Sun Xiaomo. She led a little boy. The little boy said that he was eight years old, and Sun Xiaomo quickly changed his words and said that he was seven, and greeted him and left in a hurry. Wang Yiding was still awkward because of his illness. This time he was going to Beijing to see a doctor. Qiao Sanli decided to accompany him.

Qiao Erqiang couldn’t sleep because of encountering Sun Xiaomo tossing around, so he ran to the kitchen and sat down. Zhiyong took the cigarette and said that he bought it from a part-time job these days. He also discussed with Ma Suqin. Tomorrow, he will go to the Public Security Bureau to change his surname to Qiao and provide him with retirement. Over the years, because of his native family, he had no good feelings towards his father, and felt that all fathers in the world were not good things until Qiao Erqiang came. Qiao Erqiang felt that he should change his surname to Ma. Ma Suqin had been so difficult to take him in those years, so he must respect her.

Qiao Simei cut her hair deceptively, then turned around and told Qiao Sanli and Qiao Yicheng that this was a wig. Qiao Sanli and Wang Yiding left the day after tomorrow, and gave Xuan Xuan to Qiao Simei. Qiao Yicheng was worried and wanted to contact his friends in Beijing, but Qiao Simei saw clearly that Qiao Sanli had already done what he had to do. Make up her mind, she will be fine. When Qiao Erqiang saw Sun Xiaomo’s son playing downstairs, he had a lot of doubts in his heart, and often suffered from insomnia.

Qiao Erqiang went out early in the morning and said he was going to the market. Qiao Zuwang was practicing Tai Chi in the yard early in the morning. Qiao Simei took Qi Qiaoqiao and Xuanxuan to school very busy. Qi Chenggang heard that she was bringing two children to help. Qiao Erqiang walked downstairs to Sun Xiaomo’s house. Before he could get up, he received a call and hurried back to the old house. Qiao Zu was sitting in the yard looking ashamed and surrounded by a group of people. He almost forgot about the hot water when he was old. Burn the house dry.

Qiao Zuwang wanted to hire a nanny and had to pick it himself. Qiao Yicheng settled the matter. When leaving, Qiao Erqiang hesitated to tell Qiao Yicheng about his son, and the whole person fell into self-blame. Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Simei didn’t think that this matter was firmly established. That child might not be Qiao’s second strongest, otherwise his grandmother could spare him? Qiao Erqiang will not evade responsibility, but he doesn’t know how to explain to Ma Suqin, and it is not pitiful for Sun Xiaomo to take the children by himself for so many years.

Qiao Erqiang still went to his grandson’s house, and his grandmother repeatedly claimed that the child was born a few months after their divorce, and asked him to think about how to compensate the child and the suffering of their family. Qiao Erqiang took out his passbook, but his grandmother was dissatisfied. What he should compensate is not a substitute for money. Qiao Simei accompanied Qiao Zuwang to change three companies and failed to find a satisfactory babysitter, but unexpectedly fell in love with an old acquaintance who came to look for work, Qu Aying. Qu Aying looked eagerly towards Qiao Zu, Qiao Simei felt somewhat awkward, and hurriedly took Qi Qiaoqiao back to the room to sleep.

Qiao Yicheng was worried about Qiao Erqiang again, so he ran to Qi Weimin to make complaints, but it happened that Qiao Erqiang called. Grandson asked Qiao Erqiang and Sun Xiaomo to remarry, but Qiao Erqiang came to Qiao Yicheng when he couldn’t make up his mind. The grandmother took the child to the store, only Ma Suqin was there. After listening to what her grandmother said, Ma Suqin felt sad. Qiao Zuwang and Qu Aying watch TV and drink together.

The two chatted very happily. Qiao Simei asked her to help dry the sheets and Qiao Zuwang was not happy. Ma Suqin was absent-minded all day. On the way back, she suddenly proposed to take a day off tomorrow and go out to play together. The next day, the two went skating and eating together, and finally went to see a movie together. When they turned their heads, they met Qiao Zuwang and Qu Aying dramatically.

Qiao Erqiang paid out the movie tickets for the four people and watched the movie together in a humorous atmosphere. Qu Aying felt a little embarrassed on the way back, Qiao Zuwang established the prestige of the head of the family and told her not to worry about others. Qiao Erqiang didn’t care about whether Qiao Zuwang and Qu Aying were on a date. He said enthusiastically that he would change to a movie theater next time, so he wouldn’t have to run into them again.

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