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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 31 Recap

Qiao Erqiang and Qiao Sanli were worried that Qiao Simei would not be able to eat in the hospital, so they specially made something to send to him. Qiao Yicheng used to be stubborn and soft-hearted, but this time he let it go. Qiao Sanli didn’t understand why. Qiao Yicheng knew that this matter couldn’t help her at all. Qiao Simei pestered the doctor for a day and said that she was not allowed to take care of Qi Chenggang.

The hospital called the neighborhood committee, and the neighborhood committee sent her home. Qiao Erqiang did not find Qiao Simei after looking for it all afternoon, but when he went home, she found that she was back. Qiao Zuwang was holding a controversy because of embarrassment. Qiao Simei did not give up, insisting to see Qi Chenggang.

Early the next morning, Qiao Simei went out again with luggage, but she didn’t expect the aunt of the neighborhood committee to be at her door. When Qiao Simei was sad and helpless, she saw the text message sent by Xiao Meng on Qi Chenggang’s phone again, and tears burst into her eyes. Qiao Zuwang wandered around to buy wine and olive oil. When he came back, the aunt of the neighborhood committee was still at the door. Qiao Yicheng returned home with Qi Qiaoqiao, and Qiao Simei was sitting on the roof drinking, and got through to Xiao Meng’s phone. Xiao Meng thought it was Qi Chenggang’s intimacy, and Qiao Simei calmly told her that Qi Chenggang had atypical pneumonia and they should have been in close contact.

On the other end of the phone, Xiao Meng cried and said how much he loved Qi Chenggang. Qiao Simei didn’t know whether he was persuading her or persuading himself. You love him, but always learn to love yourself. Qiao Zuwang took the gifts bought from the canteen to Xiang’s house. They happened to be not there. Qiao Zuwang asked his aunt to give these to Xiang Beibei. The limited amount of olive oil in his mouth was normal in the eyes of Xiang’s nanny. Qiao Yicheng saw Xiang Beifang at home as soon as he got home, asked a few questions about his home, and left with his wine.

Qiao Yicheng was about to move to the previously rented house, and turned around to see the gift bag on the table, which he had seen from Qiao Zuwang. Qiao Yicheng returned home angrily and asked Qiao Zuwang to retire all the positions and benefits he was affiliated with. By doing so, he simply trampled on the dignity of Qiao Yicheng on the ground. Qiao Yicheng threatened Qiao Zuwang to sever his living expenses, and if he dared to go to Xiangjia, he would sever the relationship!

Xiang Nanfang comforted Qiao Yicheng not to be wronged. This matter was fine, but Qiao Yicheng still felt very uncomfortable. Before he could say anything, Xiang Nanfang hung up the phone because of work. SARS ended and Qi Chenggang was discharged from hospital. Qiao went to the hospital clearly, but when he saw him coming out, he turned around and left. After the old horse left, Wei Shufang liked to be alone. It’s rare that the whole family was reluctant to come out, but I heard that Qiao Yicheng came out immediately.

Qiao Simei took care of Qi Chenggang for a period of time, and he soon recovered. The two went out to eat together, Qiao Simei was still gentle and calm, but Qi Chenggang was uncomfortable. On the way home side by side, scenes of them together flashed through Qiao Simei’s mind. Qi Chenggang held Qiao Simei in tears. He was the one who died once this time. He wanted to live well with Qiao Simei. Qiao Simei took out the letter he had sent in Xinjiang before, and she didn’t want it anymore.

In Qiao Yicheng’s words, Qiao Simei has always been conceited, and now she doesn’t want to be like this. Qi Chenggang cried. Qiao Simei seemed to have seen the young and good-looking person she saw that afternoon. She loved her heart and soul for many years, and it seemed to her to be worth it. Qi Chenggang shook his head and said that he would double the compensation. He wanted to live well with Qiao Simei, but Qiao Simei did not want to live with him.

Qiao Simei filed for divorce with Qi Chenggang without quarreling or making trouble. Qiao Zuwang scolded her two hundred and five. If the criminals got divorced early, they would have to die with him once. Qiao Zuwang kept teaching her how to be a man, but Qiao Simei learned one thing from him, don’t rely on men in this life. When they were young, they couldn’t eat and were bullied. Qiao Zuwang hadn’t taken care of them. Now there is no reason to teach her how to live. Qiao Zuwang is speechless. Qiao Zuwang called a few children back again and said that they wanted to choose a graveyard for their mother.

The few people were a little surprised and had no objection. Qiao Zuwang wanted the children to share it evenly, and even counted Qiao Qiqi. Qiao Yicheng rolled his eyes and asked him to tell him his plans. Sure enough, what Qiaozu wanted was to buy a pair of points, and he said that he wanted to go to the west to accompany her. Qiao Yicheng refused to agree, only willing to buy two single acupoints.

Xiang Nanfang went home on holiday, only to find that Qiao couldn’t live here. Qiao’s family moved to the grave, and Qiao Zuwang asked Xiang’s family to arrange a good car. Qiao Yicheng was upset again, and once again said that no matter how big or small things are at home, he can’t bother Xiang’s family. Qiao Yicheng asked Qiao Erqiang to buy some good cigarettes to send the driver back home, but Xiang Nanfang was back. Xiang Nanfang told Qiao Yicheng that the car was rented today, but Qiao Yicheng still felt sorry for it. Before the two understood, Qiao Zuwang ran out.

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