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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 6 Recap

Xia Qian couldn’t understand Sheng Zhening’s idea, but Fu Shuangshuang could see through it at a glance, knowing that he wanted to keep Xia Qian, but he didn’t know what reason to use, so he chose this method. On the contrary, Fu Shuangshuang should have resigned from Changsheng long ago, and he has to stay there, claiming to be unwilling to cats, but in fact, only Fu Shuangshuang himself knows the truth.

Since He Zhijun was discharged from the hospital, he soon started preparing for the wedding. He and Ning Meng took wedding photos and made desserts to present to relatives and friends. Qin Hebo made a special trip to buy a wedding gift for Ning Meng. Originally, Ning Meng planned to let Qin Hebo and Sheng Zhening take her to the stage on the wedding day, but Qin Hebo did not agree. I was already very happy to witness Ning Meng’s happiness at the scene.

Xia Qian took the Changsheng group car purchase plan, signed the contract the next day and sent it to the hotel. It happened that Sheng Zhening was not in the room, so the contract was temporarily handed over to An’an. When passing by the hotel garden, Xia Qian met Sheng Zhening who was dressed as a gardener. She didn’t break the clothes on the spot, but deliberately stepped forward to say hello and revealed her views on Sheng Zhening.

At first, he was a joke, but later he was more serious. Because of this, Sheng Zhening revealed in disguise that he would walk in the garden every afternoon at this time. Sheng Zhening asked Xia Qian to wait in the garden for a while, then he returned to the office as quickly as possible to change his formal clothes, and then came to the garden to meet Xia Qian by chance.

However, Sheng Zhening’s acting skills were poor, and Xia Qian couldn’t help but reveal his status as a gardener, and the two got along more and more harmoniously. Through these few things, Xia Qian thought that Sheng Zhening was not as annoying as she thought. On the contrary, Mu Xiaoyan was very dissatisfied with seeing that she had frequent contacts with Sheng Zhening.

Fu Shuangshuang saw Mu Xiaoyan’s emotions, and unexpectedly learned that he had liked Xia Qian since college. At the beginning, he didn’t show his thoughts because of He Zhijun, but now it’s hard to wait until he can take advantage of it. foot. Fu Shuangshuang was very supportive of Mu Xiaoyan’s pursuit of Xia Qian, and promised to keep her secret.

In order to thank Fu Shuangshuang for taking care of the cat, Qin Hebo took the initiative to invite her to eat at a high-end restaurant, and told the waiter not to say anything, as President Qin treated her. Fu Shuangshuang heard that this meal was free of charge, and he simply spoiled himself with a lot of delicious food and was very satisfied with the meal.

Ning Meng carefully prepared the wedding, hoping that all aspects of the wedding would be perfect. When the rehearsal came, Fu Shuangshuang was sent to help play music by Chen Kangla in the screening room. However, Fu Shuangshuang was not feeling well, so he had to call Xia Qian to deliver the medicine. In the end, Xia Qian stayed at the post for her.

Because Xia Qian misplaced the music, Ning Meng thought of many painful past events and the scene of his father’s death in a car accident, and was greatly stimulated and fainted. After Sheng Zhe Ning became angry and sternly scolded Xia Qian, he personally accompanied Ning Meng until she gradually calmed down.

Chen Kang blamed Fu Shuangshuang for this matter and fired without any reason. Just as Fu Shuangshuang was fighting for reasons, Qin Hebo appeared to resolve the contradiction. Not only did he keep Fu Shuangshuang’s job, he also asked Chen Kang to apologize to her. But through this incident, Fu Shuangshuang knew Qin Hebo’s true identity, and it was inevitable that he was a little shocked.

Under Ning Meng’s persuasion, Sheng Zhening personally went to apologize to Xia Qian and confessed to her the causes and consequences of this matter. That night, Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening ate crayfish on the side of the road. They talked about their respective families, including why Xia Qian chose to be a bargainer, thus bringing the two closer together.

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