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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 17 Recap

Qin Yue talked to Lei Chuxia and apologized to her for the trouble caused by the bracelet. Qin Yue also told Lei Chuxia that since the things that happened ten years ago have passed, Wei Xuanhe is willing to keep secrets for her, and is willing to cover up crimes for her. Please stop worrying about hurting Wei Xuanhe in the past. After hearing this, Lei Chuxia told Qin Yue that Wei Xuanhe’s original words were inverting black and white. She warned Qin Yue that Wei Xuanhe was not worthy of her trust. Qin Yue didn’t believe Lei Chu had no evidence, and the two broke up unhappy.

Xu Xiaodong was going to the science and technology exhibition, and Lei Chuxia voluntarily asked to go together. She prepared a surprise for the confession at the science and technology exhibition, and asked Xu Xiaodong to close her eyes and count down. After Xu Xiaodong opened his eyes, he saw the memories of the two people playing back on the screen of the Science and Technology Museum.

Lei Chuxia stood upstairs and called her to confide her feelings, and confessed to Xu Xiaodong with a note saying “I like you” on the remote control plane. After Xu Xiaodong received the confession, he wanted to respond to Lei Chuxia face-to-face, and ran all the way to find her, but came a little late. Lei Chuxia was taken away by Wei Xuanhe, who was unruly.

Wei Xuanhe took Lei Chuxia to Wang Yixin’s old warehouse, used the whereabouts of the patent book to trick Lei Chuxia into the trap, took off Lei Chuxia’s bracelet, and pushed her under the machine Wang Yixin was studying. After the machine started, Xu Xiaodong finally arrived and fought with Wei Xuanhe, unable to save Lei Chuxia. At this time Qin Yue also came, she hesitated not knowing who to help, and at Xu Xiaodong’s pleading, finally gave her the bracelet before Lei Chuxia disappeared.

Lei Chuxia once again returned to ten years ago, this time it was November 17, the day before she fell off the cliff. She returned home but couldn’t find the patent book, so she went to Weiyi Technology Company to find Xu Weiyi. Xu Weiyi was on a business trip, and Lei Chuxia asked the front desk to call Xu Weiyi for help. The phone was connected. As a secretary, Gu Xiaoqi, who was next to Xu Weiyi, found out that it was Lei Chuxia, and found an excuse to interrupt the conversation between the two. Lei Chuxia asked her why she wanted to help Wei Xuanhe, but Gu Xiaoqi said that she knew why. Gu Xiaoqi hung up the phone and turned off the phone. Lei Chuxia was anxious but helpless.

At this time, Xu Xiaodong, who was in the rebellious period, also came to Weiyi Technology, and dressed up to kill Matt, so Lei Chuxia couldn’t bear to look directly. When Lei Chuxia communicated with Xu Xiaodong, she was surprised to find that she was the “strange passerby sister” Xu Xiaodong said. Lei Chuxia taught the rebellious Xu Xiaodong, sent him home, and met Shen Weiwei at the door of the house. Lei Chuxia asked Xu Xiaodong to tell Xu Weiyi to be careful of Xiaozhu Technology, and to leave a phone number for Xu Xiaodong so that he would wait for Xu Weiyi to come back and let Xu Weiyi call her. She had very important things to tell Xu Weiyi.

After leaving Xu’s house, Lei Chuxia went to Lixia Shiguang and asked Yuan Yuan, who was ten years ago, for help. She learned from Yuan Yuan that she was renting an apartment with Gu Xiaoqi at this time, and she also got the key to the apartment. After arriving at the apartment, she found a sticky note on the table with her own handwriting written on it, saying “I took things away”. She tried to remember, but couldn’t remember what she had taken.

When she was rummaging on the table for clues, she found two photos of Wei Xuanhe, and on the back of the photos there was an affectionate message left by Gu Xiaoqi. Lei Chuxia finally understood why Yuan Yuan used to say that she was sad when she mentioned Gu Xiaoqi. It turned out that her four-year university friend had a crush on Wei Xuanhe, and even liked him so much that she was willing to steal the patent book for him.

After discovering the truth, Lei Chuxia was very depressed, but thinking that Xu Xiaodong would definitely be working hard for her ten years later, she cheered up again. Lei Chuxia found a new leaflet for the launch of Xiaozhu Technology’s new system, and she decided to stop Wei Xuanhe at the press conference.

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