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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 16 Recap

Xu Xiaodong regards Yaoyang Technology’s security system as if there is nothing, it is easy to get in and out of Zhao Yaoyang’s office as if there is no one. He threatened Zhao Yaoyang. If he didn’t tell him the truth of the year within 24 hours, he would poke out Zhao Yaoyang’s shameful things. Zhao Yaoyang told Wei Xuanhe about Xu Xiaodong and his tearing face, and then ran to an unknown villa and hid. Wei Xuanhe found that Zhao Yaoyang wanted to shirk responsibility and sent someone to find him annoyed.

Xu Xiaodong found out the address of Zhao Yaoyang’s villa, and squatted outside the villa with Jin Xiaorui. Xu Xiaodong always felt that someone was following him recently, because Xu Xiaodong didn’t let her follow him because he didn’t want to hurt Lei Chuxia. However, Lei Chuxia, who believed that he was responsible, also quietly followed Yuan Yuan after being informed by Yuan Yuan.

The four of them waited until late at night and set up a tent outside the villa to prepare for the night. Xu Xiaodong ran to sit under an ancient tree, because he remembered Xu’s father, Xu’s father once told him that if you share all the happiness with the old tree, you will gain strength, and if you share all the unhappiness with the old tree, all your troubles will be too. Was taken away. Lei Chuxia walked to the old tree to accompany him, and Xu Xiaodong told her the story of her and her father’s past. The two watched the stars in the night sky together.

Xu Xiaodong told Lei Chuxia that a comet had passed the earth recently. If he didn’t see it this time, he would have to wait until six thousand years later. After hearing this, Lei Chuxia felt that there must be something on the earth that made the comet particularly concerned, so that it would not hesitate to return to the earth for six thousand years. This is the trajectory of love. At this time, the comet passed through the sky, and Lei Chuxia quickly made a wish. The atmosphere of the two was romantic, but they were interrupted by Yuan Yuan and Jin Xiaorui. Lei Chuxia and Yuan Yuan rested in the tent. In order for them to sleep peacefully, Xu Xiaodong and Jin Xiaorui took the initiative to stretch out their arms to feed the mosquitoes.

The next day, Zhao Yaoyang finally appeared, but was surrounded by Wei Xuanhe’s assistant Li Geng. Xu Xiaodong stepped forward to help and rescued Zhao Yaoyang. In return, Zhao Yaoyang told part of the truth that the patent book was taken by a woman named Gu Xiaoqi. Xu Xiaodong was surprised when he heard that, Gu Xiaoqi was Xu Weiyi’s secretary and the company’s capable cadre. The remaining Zhao Yaoyang refused to say more, but asked them to ask Wei Xuanhe.

In order to save Zhao Yaoyang, Xu Xiaodong injured his arm and had to sew more than 20 stitches. Lei Chuxia was distressed and angry, and went to Flash Cloud to confront Wei Xuanhe. She accused Wei Xuanhe of being full of lies, stole the patent book with others and planted it on her. Wei Xuanhe refused to admit it and asked Lei Chuxia to show evidence.

The emotional Lei Chuxia took off the bracelet and used the magnetic field to affect the electronic equipment to scare Wei Xuanhe. Wei Xuanhe appeared calm and flustered, and went to Wang Yixin. He asked Wang Yixin to make Lei Chuxia disappear, and he didn’t even care if Lei Chuxia would disappear into the universe.

Yuan Yuan took out the photos that had been clipped before and told Lei Chuxia that the person who had been clipped was Gu Xiaoqi. The three of them were good friends when they were in college. But what is strange is that some time before Lei Chuxia’s accident, the mention of Gu Xiaoqi made Lei Chuxia very sad. And after Lei Chuxia’s disappearance, Gu Xiaoqi did not show up either. Yuan Yuan cut the photo out of anger. Lei Chuxia and Xu Xiaodong went to find Gu Xiaoqi, only to learn that she had been killed in a car accident eight years ago. The clue is once again disconnected.

Ever since Xu Xiaodong confessed to Lei Chuxia, Xu Xiaodong always felt a little awkward when she was alone with her. Lei Chuxia also realized that Xu Xiaodong was uncomfortable, and was a little worried. Yuan Yuan encouraged her to confess directly to Xu Xiaodong, but Lei Chuxia’s confession was repeatedly interrupted by Jin Xiaorui. As an apology, Jin Xiaorui contributed two tickets to Lei Chuxia for the future smart technology exhibition that Xu Xiaodong was interested in. Lei Chuxia gave Xu Xiaodong the ticket, but Xu Xiaodong did not receive Lei Chuxia’s hint, instead he planned to invite Jin Xiaorui to go with him.

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