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Liu Yong Pursues the Case 刘墉追案 Episode 2 Recap

Liu Yong looked at the nail that shot the culprit, with deep meaning in his eyes. In the capital, the prince gave an order that Hu Jiang, the ringing horse, must not speak any more. Phu Guotai took Liu Yong to Dongchang Mansion and took out the ringing horse token found in Dongchang Mansion. By the way, Daha Su Xixi told him that the false imperial decree was read in Dongchang Mansion and the process before and after the investigation of Dongchang Mansion. .

Cai Yongchang said, “Someone Cai sees money as dung soil”, and the false imperial historian found piles of gold and silver jewelry and antique calligraphy and painting in latrines and other places. Fuguotai believes that the case is too far-fetched. Perhaps the fake Yushi knew where the stolen goods were hidden before the investigation. Moreover, Cai Yongchang is cunning by nature. He thinks Cai Yongchang may collude with Hu Jiang and Hu Hai and take this opportunity to get out.

The reason why Hu Jiang came to call for grievances cannot be ruled out that Cai Yongchang instigated him to come. There is another possibility that Hu Jiang did come for the Nine Clan. Liu Yong felt that it was necessary to meet Hu Jiang for a while, but before that, he needed to get rid of Heshen, the shit-chucking stick. Heshen kept sending Hefu to stare at Liu Yong and Fu Guotai, and learned that they were drinking in the room now. Until midnight, He Shen woke up from his dream, called He Fu in, and decided to go to see Liu Yong and Fu Guotai. As soon as he entered, he saw Fuguotai lying down on a chair, unable to wake up no matter what. He Shen hurriedly asked Hefu to fetch a basin of water. As soon as Hefu left, Fuguotai was stunned by the fragrance in the room, and Hefu Dashui came in as well.

Liu Yong had already had a drink with Hu Jiang in the cell. Hu Jiang told Liu Yong many things and his speculations. During this period, He Shen and Fu Guotai woke up one after another. Soon after, Liu Yong returned with a drunk look, and he did not shy away from saying that he had gone to meet Hu Jiang. Afterwards, Fuguotai couldn’t help feeling a little depressed, and he didn’t expect He Shen to also count him. A black-clothed man wearing a mask sneaked into the cell and released a poisonous insect to bite Hu Jiang. Hu Jiang went crazy when he woke up. Liu Xier didn’t know why Liu Yong wanted to get rid of Fuguotai. Liu Yong believed that the relationship between Fuguotai and Hu Jiang was not simple. He looked at Hu Jiang too sinisterly. After Hu Jiang’s confession, he learned that Hu Jiang and Phu Guotai did have enmity.

The more Liu Yong thought about it, the more things went wrong, and Hu Jiang was about to be interrogated immediately. Unexpectedly, someone came to report that Hu Jiang had died in prison. Liu Yong and Liu Xi’er went to see that Hu Hai seemed to have relapsed from an old injury and died of infection. As for Hu Jiang, he went crazy before his death and talked nonsense. Fuguotai called her daughter Qiu Mengnan to conduct an autopsy on the deceased Hu Jiang, and He Shen and Fuguotai went out to wait.

Only Qiu Mengnan and Liu Yong were left in the autopsy room, so she asked Liu Yong to record for herself. After testing for a long time, Qiu Mengnan came to the result that the deceased died of a violent illness, and there was no sign of homicide. The scratches on his neck were scratched by himself, but Liu Yong didn’t care about it. He specifically recorded the importance of scratches on the neck. clue.

Later, Liu Yong found river bottom mud under the box containing the stolen silver. The taste of the river bottom mud was different from that of the mountain soil, so he said that now he needs to find out where the false imperial edict Yan Bingzheng came from. Liu Yong asked if there is a river channel under construction in Dongchang Mansion. Fuguotai took them to a river channel that had been suspended for several months. Liu Yong heard that Yan Bingzheng used a carriage to pull Cai Yongchang and his belongings away.

Fuguotai understands What he meant, immediately ordered people to investigate the carriage shop ten kilometers away. After investigation, it was discovered that someone did go to Shangde Marzhuang to rent a carriage as a government official, but in the end they did not return. Later, the owner of the Mazhuang found an abandoned carriage in the woods outside the river, one of which had been altered.

Qiu Mengnan took care of his father, Qiu Yanfei, and talked to him about the dead in prison. Qiu Yanfei had been a work for many years, and when he heard something was wrong, he signaled Qiu Mengnan to read the manual for the work. After Qiu Mengnan looked through it, he found that there was a poisonous insect that could actually cause death.

After some analysis, Liu Yong thought that it was close to the abandoned place of the carriage and Jiyang Town, the town of Jiyang. Liu Yong decided to make a private visit. Instead of letting Fuguotai follow him, he asked him to send a few people to protect himself. Liu Yong, Liu Xi’er, and two bodyguards were ready to set off, but Liu Yong felt that something was missing. It happened that Qiu Mengnan came, and she honestly admitted that she had moved the body last night.

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