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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 39 Recap

After considering for a long time, Su Xiao finally made up his mind to come up with a letter of resignation, and before leaving Yinghai Group, he drafted a proposal for all-employee shareholding to Zhao Xiankun, suggesting that after the merger of Tianzihao, all employees should hold shares. Although Su Xiao has been working in the group not long ago, she has discovered many drawbacks during this period of time, and concluded that if the explicit rules are not reached, sooner or later there will be unspoken rules to replace them. The crux of the Tianzi issue lies in the distribution of benefits. Reasonable.

Now Su Xiao mustered up the courage to say what she was saying, but Zhao Xiankun was furious and accused her of causing reforms to the shareholders. She really stretched her hands too long. Su Xiao wanted to take Zhao Xiankun to see the Songjiang land before, so that he knew Xia Ming’s real intention was actually to help the group’s retired workers settle down with meager efforts, because the group is not an individual, but the concept of a community of destiny.

It is precisely because of this that Zhao Xiankun was deeply moved. Even though his face was calm and he couldn’t see his happiness or anger, his next actions had already expressed his true thoughts. Zhao Xiankun personally met with Xia Ming, claiming that his behavior indirectly affected the group and the livelihoods of the group’s 20,000 employees, so he planned to recover the land.

Xia Ming was neither humble nor overbearing, but he was observant and respectful, but Zhao Xiankun suddenly changed his mind and temporarily agreed to let these people stay, but on condition that Xia Ming must be the general manager of the group. The security guard at the door overheared the conversation report and reported the matter to Zhao Peng privately. Su Xiao received Zhao Xiankun’s notice and decided to promote all-staff shareholding. She was overjoyed. She wanted to share her joy with Wu Hongmei, but she didn’t expect Wu Hongmei to divorce Zhang Xiaobei. Now she has moved into a new house.

When Wang Mingyu heard that Zhao Xiankun wanted to use Xia Ming as the general manager, he was a little surprised, especially when he saw Su Xiao’s plan, his expression gradually became solemn, so he personally called Liu Dong. At the same time, the managers of the subsidiaries of Tianzihao praised Su Xiao and were very satisfied with her plan. Only Wang Yang was skeptical about Xia Ming.

Zhao Xiankun sent a message to Su Xiao, claiming that he could not get out of her body in the past few days, and instructed her to continue to push forward the Tianzihao contract, and if there is anything to do, leave it to Xu Zhiping. Before Su Xiao could respond, other people also received messages confirming that Wang Mingyu was entrusted by the board of directors to investigate the shareholding of all members of Yu Tian, ​​including Zhao Xiankun and Xia Ming.

Xia Ming asked Wang Mingyu if he wanted to replace Zhao Xiankun, and pointed out that the biggest difference between him and Zhao Xiankun was his thinking. Xu Zhiping also went to Wang Mingyu and accused him of doing too much this time. Before long, the group held a board meeting, and Maria received applications from three shareholders, all requesting the removal of Zhao Xiankun.

In the presence, everyone had a ghost in their hearts. In order to make everyone trust him, Wang Mingyu deliberately revealed that Xia Ming had concealed agricultural land and that there was an illegal transaction between him and Zhao Xiankun. Su Xiao asked Xu Zhiping about the situation, but the other party kept silent, but Wang Mingyu suddenly drew her in and promised to let her take over Xu Zhiping’s position.

The reason why Wang Mingyu changed his attitude in this way was nothing more than trying to plant Zhao Xiankun on the all-employee stock ownership plan, and then put Su Xiao under his command. But Su Xiao saw Wang Mingyu’s thoughts and stated on the spot that the matter had nothing to do with Zhao Xiankun, and then contacted Xia Ming to care about his situation. Faced with Wang Mingyu’s interrogation, Xia Ming stayed sensible throughout the entire process and did not disclose any information. Wang Mingyu was rather helpless, and simply put the words on the face with him.

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