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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 38 Recap

Tianhe boss approached Zhao Peng and claimed that he could reduce the burden of the group, thus obtaining Wang Mingyu’s position promise. But Wang Mingyu’s real intention is nothing more than using Tianhe boss to pave the way for Zhao Peng, accumulating credit, and taking the position of general manager at that time, it is simply a piece of cake.

As Su Xiao had no experience and had never done similar business, she really didn’t know how to deal with the divestiture of assets. Xu Zhiping believes that if Huang Lilin is willing to buy, he can be given priority under equal conditions. After all, he really paid a lot for Tianke.

After returning to the office, Su Xiao wanted to report to Zhao Xiankun, but unfortunately he still failed to pluck up the courage. On the other hand, Wu Hongmei received a call from her boyfriend. She wanted to dress up and take wedding photos. However, Zhang Xiaobei was very concerned about the price of clothes, and her words were all related to money, which made her feel a lot of pressure, and eventually broke down and ran out of the house.

Brother Cui didn’t go to Tianke to ask for debts, and turned to Yinghai Group. Xu Zhiping came forward to deal with it, saying that the group did not have any spare money, and that he might consider selling Tianke. Because of this, Brother Cui had to leave the debt first. Xia Ming asked Cui Ge to meet in detail, and Cui Ge readily agreed. Even though his subordinates were a little puzzled, he knew that Xia Ming was a rare talent, just like his boss at the time.

Now the personnel department of the group has successively received resignations submitted by Tianhe employees, which has already attracted Maria’s attention. It has been discovered that the reasons for these people’s resignations are basically due to Mr. He’s cursing and even personal insults all day long. Maria thought Su Xiao was aware of the matter and reminded her to make Tianhe’s layoffs gentle.

Su Xiao didn’t know about this, and immediately rushed to Tianhe to learn about the situation. He happened to see President He insulting employees. It suddenly dawned on him that Tianhe used this method to force employees to resign in order to “reduce” the company’s burden of layoffs. . After the incident, Su Xiao personally reported the situation to Xu Zhiping, but he did not think so. Instead, he looked at these ordinary employees from a bird’s-eye view, comparing them to waves, even if one wave passes by, there is still another wave.

Faced with such a response, Su Xiao was frustrated, and even began to reflect on Xia Ming’s decision may be correct. Yinghai Group is decayed from its bones, and it is not worth her nostalgia. Listening to Su Xiao’s complaint, Wu Hongmei accidentally leaked what he had known for a long time, and was reprimanded by Su Xiao.

Just as the two were arguing in the group office, Zhao Xiankun suddenly came in from outside, asked them kindly, and showed concern. Wu Hongmei deliberately lied about her address in order to be able to catch Zhao Xiankun’s ride. Su Xiao was a little shocked when she saw this. Although she didn’t reveal it in person, she gradually had a bad premonition in her heart.

On the way back, Wu Hongmei chatted with Zhao Xiankun, claiming that he was not as good as Su Xiao and could not keep up with the other party’s footsteps. Zhao Xiankun believes that she is different from Su Xiao and has her own charm. Wu Hongmei was encouraged by Zhao Xiankun, and she was moved and admired until the car stopped at the place where she made a false report.

Compared with the surrounding bustling street scenes and the crowded-out rental housing, Wu Hongmei seemed to be beaten back to reality, especially when he saw Zhang Xiaobei who was patronizing the game, he finally made up his mind to pack up and break up. No matter how Zhang Xiaobei chased the car to stay, Wu Hongmei had no mood swings, but felt calm and relieved at this moment.

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