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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 37 Recap

Because of Su Xiao, Xia Ming’s appointment was closed that night, and He Yao was completely disappointed. He decided to withdraw his feelings for him and leave the city without nostalgia. On the contrary, Su Xiao was exhausted after investigating Tianke to no avail. Although she didn’t understand what Xia Ming was planning, she knew that everyone was stepping towards Xia Ming’s trap.

Su Xiao reported the loss of Tianke to the group, and at the same time expressed his views to Zhao Xiankun. Xia Ming explained to Cui Ge for the previous incident, how he expected Gao Jin to bring his subordinates to Tianke, and requested to obtain the company’s financial information for the past three years. Cui Ge realized that something was wrong, and became angry immediately, urging Xia Ming to pay back the money as soon as possible, and left after making harsh words.

Lin Xiaomin felt weird after hearing that Tianke Capital was insolvent, so he asked Nana to go to Wu Hongmei to continue to inquire about the situation. Instead, through Nana, Wu Hongmei accidentally learned that Xia Ming had rejected the proposal to engage in real estate with Lin Xiaomin, so he reported to Su Xiao, believing that he had made a true and correct judgment this time, which would cause serious damage to the company.

Regarding this matter, Su Xiao did not comment, but continued to study Tianke’s business files in the office, marking the land use rights by the way. The audit team led by Gao Jin had been investigating in Tianke for a few days and still had no clue. During the period, he tentatively asked Du Yongbo. Unfortunately, the answer was not leaking, which made him really wonder what went wrong.

Su Xiao accidentally discovered that Tianke had a piece of Songjiang land, which belonged to agricultural land, and her instinct asked her to take the initiative to find Xia Ming, but Xia Ming gave a reasonable explanation. Just as Su Xiao was about to continue questioning, news suddenly came from the construction site, claiming that Brother Cui took people to the Qunxing Square to make trouble, and even locked the equipment without authorization.

Under Zhao Xiankun’s instruction, Su Xiao and He Congrong went to the construction site to inspect. Wang Mingyu originally proposed to let Zhao Peng accompany, but was rejected. Cui Ge said that he had submitted an application to the court, asking Tianke to collect 80 million yuan and interest within three days. Because the money is by no means a small sum, Su Xiao tried to reason with Cui Ge and remind him not to push people too tightly, otherwise if Tianke filed for bankruptcy, it might be difficult to get the money back. Considering that Su Xiao’s words have some truth, Cui Ge tempered his attitude and would like to give Xia Ming three days to think clearly and give a clear answer.

Gao Jin reported on Tianke’s situation with Zhao Xiankun, hoping that he could make an early decision. Although Tianke, under Huang Lilin’s leadership, appears to be profitable on the surface, the actual losses are serious. If the group wants to IPO, it must divest its non-performing assets. Zhao Xiankun hesitated, and happened to ran into Wu Hongmei in the audio-visual room, and the two briefly chatted about the family.

Zhao Xiankun convened a board meeting to discuss Yu Tianke’s affairs. Now the only way out is to choose to divest. After all, Yinghai Group is going to be listed and it is impossible to bear the huge sum of money for its subsidiaries. Su Xiao knew that Tianke was Huang Lilin’s hard work for many years. Even if he didn’t want to merge, he wouldn’t destroy Tianke, so he still didn’t want to make a conclusion too soon.

On the way home, Su Xiao overheard someone discussing the price hike of Line 13 and immediately thought that the wasteland in Tianke was actually a good treasure. Su Xiao rushed over without hesitation, just in time to see the workers building houses, and learned that Xia Ming had secretly planned a few months ago.

Knowing the decision of the board of directors, Xia Ming thought he would wait for the fruit of victory with peace of mind, but he didn’t expect to receive the photo from Su Xiao, and he knew it. Seeing Xia Ming coming from a distance, Su Xiao felt that the man in front of him was strange for a moment, but Xia Ming said that he wanted to keep the jobs of Tianke employees and let these workers have their own homes.

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