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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 29 Recap

Qi Weimin, Chang Xingyu, and Qiao Qiqi came to congratulate Qiao Yicheng. Qiao Zuwang also stood up and said a few words with the encouragement of Xiang Nanfang’s parents. Qiao Zuwang specially instructed Qiao Sanli to change the wine to water and toast around everywhere. Qiao Simei was afraid that he would lose the chain today, but he really performed supernormally today. On this day, the Joe family took a family portrait for the first time.

After getting married, Qiao Yicheng moved into Xiang Nanfang’s home, and the wedding night seemed a bit cramped. Qiao Yicheng went home to have dinner with his siblings, and by the way asked them not to disturb Xiang Nanfang’s parents as much as possible, and not to let others look down upon them. Qiao Sanli and Qiao Erqiang nodded their heads again and again, but Qiao Simei misunderstood Qiao Yicheng’s meaning and felt that he regarded them as cumbersome and would only embarrass him.

After Qiao Simei accused Qiao Yicheng and cried again, Qiao Sanli hurriedly coaxed her to explain that she was fighting for favor. Qiao Yicheng bought diapers for Qi Weimin’s child, and talked about Qiao Simei. As soon as she had a conflict with Qiao Yicheng, she ran to Qi Weimin. Qi Weimin persuaded Qiao Yicheng to comfort Qiao Simei. Those words did hurt her a bit. His younger brothers and sisters had the same self-esteem as Qiao Yicheng. But Qiao Yicheng did this for his own self-esteem, fearing that their unintentional actions would cause trouble.

Qi Chenggang and Xiao Meng, a bookstore clerk, gradually developed feelings in getting along, and made mistakes again. It was raining, and Qi Chenggang did not go home for a long time. He told Qiao Simei to take her daughter to bed first to hide from the rain in the store. Qiao Simei did not suspect. Qi Chenggang and Qiao Simei are still in contact with Xiao Meng when they go shopping. Qi Qiaoqiao has gradually grown up, and Qi Chenggang and Xiao Meng still maintain this unclear relationship without seeing the light. Xiao Meng even claims to be the proprietress in the store.

Seeing that Qi Chenggang is a good-looking girl, the little girl in the nearby school often patronizes, Xiao Meng eats the vinegar. Qi Chenggang was going back to accompany Qi Qiaoqiao, Xiao Meng was a little unhappy, and even asked Qi Chenggang to divorce and marry herself because she was pregnant. Qi Chenggang couldn’t accept it, and said that it was impossible to get a divorce, let alone be with her!

Qi Chenggang did not expect that Xiao Meng would chase home and yell to find Qiao Simei. When Qiao Simei heard the voice, Qi Chenggang was still making useless obstructions. Xiao Meng asked Qiao Simei to complete her and Qi Chenggang. Qiao Simei looked at Qi Chenggang stubbornly with tears in his eyes, but he left Qiao Simei and ran away alone. Qiao Erqiang and Qiao Sanli hurried back, Qiao Simei cried very painfully, Qiao Zuwang cursed nearby. Even so, Qiao Simei did not let Qiao Sanli call Qiao Yicheng, otherwise Qi Chenggang would not survive. The next day, Xiao Meng’s parents came to the door to ask Qi Chenggang to pay them to compensate them, otherwise they would go to the police station to sue him for rape. Qiao Simei drove them out with a broom, Qi Chenggang remained silent from beginning to end.

Qiao Yicheng received a call from Qiao Simei, crying on the other end that she would not survive. When Qiao Yicheng returned to the old house and raised the knife, he was about to slash Qi Chenggang. Several people hurriedly stopped, but Qiao Erqiang took out an axe and said that he would go with him. When Wang Yiding finally took their knife and axe, Qi Qiaoqiao burst into tears when he saw it. Xiang Nanfang asked Qi Weimin to talk about going to a place to leave her job.

In fact, she really wanted to go, but she couldn’t put down Qiao Yicheng, worried that he would think of the failure of the first marriage. Qi Weimin suggested Xiang Nanfang talk to Qiao Yicheng as soon as possible, seize the opportunity and trust him. Qiao Yicheng wandered down the office building of Xiang Nanfang for a long time, but did not show up when she overheard that she and Qi Weimin were talking about leaving their posts.

Qi Chenggang begged Qiao Simei to save him. Qiao Simei did save a sum of money for Qi Qiaoqiao to go to school, but even if he took out all the money, it was far from enough. In order to prevent Qi Chenggang from going to jail, Qiao Simei begged Qiao Yicheng to borrow money, but Qiao Yicheng made up his mind not to borrow money, nor did Qiao Sanli and Qiao Erqiang borrow money. What he committed himself should be resolved by himself. ,

Let the wife carry the countless thing! Qiao Sanli was also angry, and Qi Chenggang hid away from an old friend’s house. What would such a man do if he didn’t get divorced? But Qiao Simei was not reconciled, she digs her heart out to Qi Chenggang, but why does he treat her like this! Qiao Sanli tried to make Qiao Simei sober, Qi Chenggang didn’t love her, that’s why she treated her like this! Qiao Simei refused to divorce, so angry that Qiao Sanli turned her head and decided to leave her alone. Qiao Erqiang gave Wang Yiding a sum of money and asked him to give it to Qiao Simei. This matter must be resolved.

Qi Chenggang was beaten by the Meng family, and Qiao Yicheng scolded him for what he deserved. Qiao Yicheng didn’t tell Xiang Nanfang about this. Xiang Nanfang saw that he had something on his mind recently and expressed his willingness to help. After all, she was also Qiao’s daughter-in-law, and Qiao Yicheng was still stiff. The Meng family threatened to play Qi Qiaoqiao, and Qiao Simei was so anxious that she ran directly and scolded Qiao Yicheng. Xiang Nanmeng was shocked when she saw her in the dark.

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