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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 28 Recap

Qiao Yicheng took Xidan to his colleagues early in the morning. Qiao Erqiang and Ma Suqin talked about Qiao Simei, and Ma Suqin made a small dress for the baby. Qiao Simei held the dress in love, praised Ma Suqin’s dexterity, and asked Qiao Erqiang to call her back for a meal with Qi Qiaoqiao’s full moon. Qiao Zuwang was not happy when he heard it. Qi Chenggang hadn’t gone home yet, so Qiao Simei called and urged him. Qi Chenggang was fooling around with Xiaosan. After answering the phone, he broke up with Xiaosan and left her alone by the roadside.

Xiang Nanfang’s elder brother Xiang Beifang heard that Qiao Yicheng was walking very close to her and came to Song Qingyuan to inquire about the situation. He obviously didn’t like Qiao Yicheng’s qualifications. Song Qingyuan crackled and talked about the great things, and was heard by Qiao Yicheng. . Song Qingyuan hurriedly came to Qiao Yicheng to explain that Xiang’s family is quite good, but this Xiang Beibei is a little ostentatious. Soon Qi Qiaoqiao was full moon, Qiao Simei called Qiao Sanli and Qiao Yicheng to ask them to come back, and Qiao Yicheng directly hung up the phone. The family asked if Xiang Nanfang was in a relationship with a TV reporter. Xiang Nanfang admitted that Xiang Beifang disliked his poor family conditions and was divorced once, but Xiang Nanfang and his parents didn’t care about this.

Qi Qiaoqiao’s full moon wine day, Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei stood in the alley waiting eagerly for Qiao Yicheng’s return. Fortunately, he returned with relentless heart and gave the full moon gift. After eating, Qiao Yicheng and Qi Chenggang had a separate talk, and Qiao Simei was very worried. In Qi Chenggang’s eyes, Qiao Yicheng is an intellectual, but he has grown up in this alley since he was a child. He has also been a reporter and got to know some evil people. He threatened Qi Chenggang to live with Qiao Simei in the future. When he was restless, he asked someone to interrupt his dog legs, and Qi Chenggang stammered in response.

The queen mother is gone. Wang Yiding meant to buy a cemetery and move his father’s to let them be buried together. Wang Yining and Xiao Min felt sorry for the money and felt unnecessary, and asked them if the Queen Mother had left any belongings. Qiao Sanli had packed up before taking out the Queen Mother. There was a tape recorder in it, which recorded the Queen’s will. The queen mother left 20,000 yuan in savings and real estate to Wang Yiding and Qiao Sanli. Wang Yining and Xiao Min immediately lost their tempers, unreasonably accusing them of taking care of the queen mother for a purpose, and kept going to lawsuits. Of course Qiao Sanli was not afraid. They didn’t know this tape beforehand, let alone theirs, no one wanted to invade it.

Qiao Yicheng made a table of dishes for Xiang Nanfang. Nanfang praised his soup for the good taste. Qiao asked as soon as possible, would you like to drink for the rest of your life? Xiang Nanfang lowered his head. Before Qiao Yicheng had time to panic, he listened to her promise: Yes. Xiang Nanfang asked Qiao Yicheng to go home with him to meet his parents. Qiao Yicheng tidied up and put on a suit and went to Xiang Nanfang’s house with a gift in a panic. When he walked to the door of Xiaoyanglou, Qiao Yicheng’s childhood memories came to his mind.

That time Qi Ziqiang brought his children home, he met Xiang Nanfang. The gift Qiao Yicheng prepared was a painting, and Xiangfu and Xiangmu were very satisfied. When leaving, Xiang Nanfang saw that Qiao Yicheng was a little nervous, and naturally took his arm. Song Qingyuan, the matchmaker, was very happy to hear that Qiao Yicheng had gone to meet Xiang Nanfang’s family, but Qiao Yicheng was worried about their family conditions. Before, he only knew that Xiang’s family was a family of cadres, but he didn’t know that it was such a big cadre. .

Qiao Erqiang wanted to open a store, and Ma Suqin was very supportive. Qiao Simei felt that Qi Chenggang’s rental was not safe, so he decided to open a bookstore with Qi Chenggang and went to see the store the next day. Qiao Qiqi also looked after the storefront of the Internet cafe with Qi Weimin’s company. The new year has just arrived. Qiao Erqiang’s restaurants, Qiao Qiqi’s Internet cafes, and Qiao Simei’s and Qi Chenggang’s bookstores have opened one after another, and life is moving better and better.

Today is the first time Xiang Nanfang has come to eat at home. Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei told Qiao Zuwang not to talk nonsense. They are civil servants and senior officials at home, so they can’t lose face to Qiao Yicheng. Qiao Zuwang didn’t care at all, Xiang Nanfang put on airs as soon as he arrived. During the meal, Qiao Zuwang asked himself about Xiang Nanfang’s family situation. As soon as she heard that she was working at the municipal party committee, her family was still on the rich and precious Jiangsu Road. Their eyes were round. Qiao Sanli and Qiao Yicheng couldn’t help but fight.

Off. Xiang Nanfang asked what Qiao Zuwang usually likes to do, Qiao Zuwang immediately put on the air of a cultural man and said that he loved to play chess, and made a joke. Qiao Zuwang eagerly sent Xiang Nanfang away, and Qiao Erqiang gave her the sausages he made. Xiang Nanfang thinks that Qiao Yicheng’s family is very cute, and Qiao Zuwang is also a very cute person, and their brothers and sisters are also very close. They have never seen a family who will often get together after adulthood. In short, Xiang Nanfang thinks of Joe. Yicheng’s family is very good.

A 21-year-old girl came to apply for the job in the bookstore. Qi Chenggang fell in love with her at first sight. Qiao Yicheng and Xiang Nanfang began to prepare for their marriage, and the other brothers and sisters had a lively life, and they were unavoidably busy. In-laws are a big cadre, and Qiao Zuwang also dressed up to drink a wedding wine. Qiao Erqiang came with Ma Suqin and Zhiyong, and Qiao Zuwang was not good at it.

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