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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 3 Recap

In order to avoid misunderstandings, Xia Qian added a sentence to prove that he was convenient for communication, and asked Sheng Zhening’s room number. At the same time, Mu Xiaoyan only knows Qin Hebo’s approximate age and single information through various inquiries, but nothing else. Just as Fu Shuangshuang was distressed about how to continue his work, he suddenly ran into Qin Hebo who was feeding a cat on the rooftop. The first time he saw him, he felt good, and even mistaken him for the driver.

Since Fu Shuangshuang’s progress was not going well, Xia Qian decided to take the initiative under her suggestion. In order to get the list of May schedules, Xia Qian tried every means to get close to Sheng Zhening, including setting up a fruit plate during a break and sending it in person, but was stopped by An An at the door. Faced with Xia Qian’s sudden courtesy, An An was a little puzzled. After learning the other party’s intentions, she explained that Sheng Zhening had gone to the meeting and asked her to leave fruit.

I thought that the plan would be put on hold, but I didn’t expect An An to suddenly develop a high fever, and Sheng Zhening could not take care of himself, so Xia Qian naturally took care of Sheng Zhening’s daily life. Although Sheng Zhening was dissatisfied, he had no choice but to agree to Xia Qian, whose work was impeccable. On the contrary, Xia Qian seemed embarrassed on the surface, but he was delighted in his heart.

For a period of time afterwards, Xia Qian tried his best to clean the room for Sheng Zhening during the day, prepare three meals, and occasionally care about An An’s physical condition. Fu Shuangshuang often goes to the rooftop to chase cats up and meets with Qin Hebo more and more times. Qin Hebo found that Fu Shuangshuang always inquired about his own affairs, and was a little suspicious in his heart. How could he expect Fu Shuangshuang to make up a lie, claiming that Qin Hebo owed her a debt of love, and the two had a romantic relationship.

When Qin Hebo heard these words, he couldn’t laugh or cry, but he did not expose Fu Shuangshuang on the spot. Instead, after returning to the office, he ordered his assistant to go to the housekeeping department to investigate a cleaner named Fu Shuangshuang. Sure enough, the assistant got Fu Shuangshuang’s personal resume and found out that she had worked in a company that was “talking and talking”. The person in charge of the company was Xia Qian, and Qin Hebo knew the purpose of this person in the hotel. In fact, It was for Ning Meng’s wedding.

Seeing that Fu Shuangshuang hadn’t had any clues for a long time, Xia Qian had to focus on Sheng Zhening’s computer, and even deliberately asked An’an for some personal information about Sheng Zhening in order to be able to crack the computer password. However, Xia Qian asked all the questions, but never found the correct answer.

Fu Shuangshuang suggested inputting Sheng Zhening’s first kiss date into the computer, and Xia Qian followed it with excitement. The result was disappointing and inevitably a little frustrated. Sheng Zhening went to visit An An, and unexpectedly learned that Xia Qian liked him. At first he thought it was An An’s random thoughts, but when he saw Xia Qian’s personal information book, he had to believe it.

But now Sheng Zhening doesn’t consider personal relationship issues, so let An An find the opportunity to speak clearly to Xia Qian, and don’t confide in yourself too much. During the next negotiation process, Sheng Zhening was very dissatisfied that Xia Qian’s state was too loose, and told her to take her work seriously, and then in her daily life, she mentioned in disguise about finding a babysitter again. Xia Qian was puzzled.

Since Qin Hebo learned of Fu Shuangshuang’s true identity, he was also very interested in her, and even willing to cooperate with the other party in acting, saying that he drove Qin Hebo to vent her anger. Seeing Qin Hebo’s righteousness, Fu Shuangshuang inevitably felt a little guilty, worried that she would cause the other party to lose his job, so after repeated consideration, he whispered that he was actually a spy.

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