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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 15 Recap

Qin Yue, who also believed in Wei Xuanhe’s words, came to Lixia Shiguang to find Lei Chuxia’s trouble, and took off her bracelet, and told her to tell Xu Xiaodong who was behind Xu’s father. Lei Chuxia, whose bracelet was taken off, was stimulated by Qin Yue’s words and lost control of his emotions, affecting the power system in the store.

When the guests saw this scene, they thought that Lei Chuxia had some superpowers, and they gathered around to take pictures, making Lixia Shiguang had to close in advance. When Xu Xiaodong saw Lei Chuxia in trouble in the hospital, he rushed to Lixia Shiguang to take Lei Chuxia away, despite the fact that he was still taking a drip. Xu Xiaodong said to Lei Chuxia, no matter what happens in the future, don’t push him away. This sentence made Lei Chuxia determined and told Xu Xiaodong the so-called “truth”.

Yuan Yuan firmly expressed her disbelief after learning this “truth”. She thought that Lei Chuxia was not such a person. She felt that Xu Xiaodong should believe in Lei Chuxia 100% at this time, and asked Jin Xiaorui on the side to make a statement. As Xu Xiaodong’s brother, Jin Xiaorui felt that this matter was too important for Xu Xiaodong and needed time to think about it, and he was not qualified to believe anything for him.

Jin Xiaorui felt that Xu Xiaodong should be sad at this time, and bid farewell to Yuan Yuan and others to find Xu Xiaodong. Not to mention Xu Xiaodong, Lei Chuxia himself couldn’t believe him, only hoping to find his memory and make up for the damage he caused to Xu Xiaodong. In order to help Lei Chuxia recall, Yuan Yuan found out what they had when they were young, and Lei Chuxia found that some of their photos had been cut. She asked Yuan Yuan, but Yuan Yuan seemed unwilling to answer.

After Xu Xiaodong was told the “truth”, he didn’t know whether he should believe Lei Chuxia, and his heart was very confused. He recalled what his father had said to him, making him believe in his own heart and judge by his inner feelings.

When Xu Xiaodong was thinking about his father’s words, Jin Xiaorui came to him with a beer and played games with him to comfort him. Jin Xiaorui told Xu Xiaodong that Lei Chuxia looked sad, and asked him if he really believed Lei Chuxia was the murderer. Hearing what Jin Xiaorui said, Xu Xiaodong, who was still very confused, did not answer.

Qin Yue’s live broadcast was cancelled by Wei Xuanhe. She thought that Wei Xuanhe was covering up the crime for Lei Chuxia and being unfair for Wei Xuanhe. Wei Xuanhe lied that it was for the company’s consideration and did not want scandals to come out. At this time, Zhao Yaoyang, who had already checked Xu Xiaodong, came to Wei Xuanhe, and thought that Xu Xiaodong was just a idiot and was not worthy of vigilance.

Wei Xuanhe still feels uneasy and dare not use the plagiarized source code in the “Family Frequent Application”. Not only that, he also arranged for his assistant Li Geng to use illegal means to investigate the house where Xu Xiaodong lived, and he was bumped into by aunts living nearby. The aunts who thought Xu Xiaodong’s house had been thief stepped forward to stop him, and the secret of the studio was kept.

Although Zhao Yaoyang thought that Xu Xiaodong was not worthy of vigilance, he still expelled Xu Xiaodong. Yaoyang Science and Technology called Xu Xiaodong to the company at night to fire him. Xu Xiaodong was furious, thinking that Zhao Yaoyang was worried that his dirty methods would be discovered. Xu Xiaodong left Yaoyang Technology Company. After some struggle, he finally decided to believe that Lei Chuxia was innocent.

Lei Chuxia was eating in Lixia and was surrounded by crowds who wanted to watch the excitement. Xu Xiaodong rushed to rescue her in time. Lei Chuxia was very happy that Xu Xiaodong was willing to believe that she did not frame Xu Weiyi. Xu Xiaodong thought of a way to clarify that Lei Chuxia does not have superpowers, which is to broadcast live. During the live broadcast, Xu Xiaodong deliberately let Lei Chuxia cooperate with exaggerated special effects to pretend that he has superpowers, successfully dispelling the suspicion of netizens and making everyone think that “superpowers” are just a marketing method for Lixia.

After Xu Xiaodong discovered that someone had broken into a private house, he realized that it had something to do with Zhao Yaoyang, and decided to go directly to Yaoyang Technology Company to find Zhao Yaoyang and have an open talk.

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