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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 14 Recap

Lei’s father found a file of Xiaozhu Technology from the pile of old newspapers. Lei Chuxia found that it was a patent book of Xu Xiaodong’s father Xu Weiyi. She realized that this was what Wei Xuanhe was looking for. She guessed that Wei Xuanhe stole Xu Weiyi’s patent book to Xiaozhu Technology in exchange for what he wanted. While thinking, Lei Chuxia saw in the news that Xu Weiyi was framed for a heart attack and went to the hospital. In order to save Xu Weiyi, Lei Chuxia resolutely left the house and went to Linshan Hospital where Xu Weiyi was located. On the way, she ran into Xu Xiaodong who was rushing to Linshan Hospital to see Xu Weiyi, but she did not recognize him.

Lei Chuxia wanted to go to Linshan Hospital, but was forced to go to the back hill of Tongcheng University by Wei Xuanhe, who was following her, and fell off the cliff again. At the same time, Wang Yixin used the funds provided by Wei Xuanhe to study time travel ten years later. Under the circumstances, the fall of Lei Chuxia once again traveled through the cliff ten years later. The location was Wei Xuanhe’s home. Wei Xuanhe and Qin Yue were watching a movie, and they were shocked when they saw Lei Chuxia suddenly appear.

When Lei Chuxia and Wei Xuanhe confronted the truth ten years ago, they once again believed in Wei Xuanhe’s prepared lie and were deceived by him, thinking that she took the initiative to steal the patent for the love with Wei Xuanhe. Shu, committed suicide due to guilt after killing Xu’s father. When Wei Xuanhe and Lei Chuxia confronted each other, Qin Yue was asked to leave. Unwilling Qin Yue was hiding in secret and eavesdropping, believing Wei Xuanhe’s story. She went to Wang Yixin again, wondering what happened. When Wang Yixin learned of Lei Chuxia’s return, he realized that his experiment was successful, and was pleasantly surprised.

The story that Lei Chuxia made up for Wei Xuanhe was ashamed and felt shameless to face Xu Xiaodong. Wei Xuanhe was puzzled by why she couldn’t face Xu Xiaodong, Lei Chuxia told him that Xu Xiaodong was Xu Weiyi’s son. Wei Xuanhe was shocked by the news, began to be wary of Xu Xiaodong, and called Zhao Yaoyang. On the other side, Turing detected the reappearance of Lei Chuxia and notified Xu Xiaodong. Xu Xiaodong called Yuan Yuan and Jin Xiaorui hurried to the coordinate address.

Seeing Lei Chuxia again, Xu Xiaodong finally couldn’t help but confessed to Lei Chuxia. However, Lei Chuxia, who consciously killed Xu’s father, did not dare to respond, nor did he dare to tell Xu Xiaodong, Yuan Yuan and others about this. Xu Xiaodong knew that Lei Chuxia was hiding his thoughts and told her that he would face it with her no matter what happened.

Lei Chuxia desperately wanted to retrieve the memories of the year, figure out the ins and outs of the whole thing, and return Xu Weiyi’s innocence. She asked Dr. Tian Yu to hypnotize again. Dr. Tian Yu thinks that the interval between the two hypnosis is too short, and asks Lei Chuxia to find family members or friends to accompany him. Lei Chuxia hesitated and chose to contact Wei Xuanhe to accompany him. Xu Xiaodong also learned about Lei Chuxia’s visit to the counseling room, and went to find someone out of worry, but saw Lei Chuxia and Wei Xuanhe from the back.

At this time, the heavy rain was pouring, and Lei Chuxia under the umbrella saw Xu Xiaodong who was coming to her in the rain, and turned around and left Wei Xuanhe without saying anything. Xu Xiaodong stood in sorrow and was soaked in the rain, and was eventually sent to the hospital for IV drip because of fever. After a lot of hard work, Lei Chuxia stayed in the hospital to take care of Xu Xiaodong. Yuan Yuan is worried that Lei Chuxia will not be able to take care of him alone, but Jin Xiaorui thinks that they should be left alone to help them reconcile. This is his love trick. The triumphant Jin Xiaorui once again spoke with Yuan Yuan.

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