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Liu Yong Pursues the Case 刘墉追案 Episode 1 Recap

During the Qianlong period, a shocking case broke out in Shandong. Someone pretended to be the imperial decree of the imperial decree to search for the Dongchang government office and slandered the Dongchang prefect Cai Yongchang for corruption and perverting the law. Emperor Qianlong was furious and ordered Fu Guotai, the governor of Shandong, to thoroughly investigate the case and arrest the real culprit. But a month passed and the case went nowhere.

Qianlong was impatient. The nine-sect admiral and Shen recommended that Zuo Du Yushi and Liu Yong jointly investigate the case. At this time, Liu Yong also knew that something had happened to the court, and he was unwilling to take it. He simply took leave of illness early and hid in the Shidu River with Liu Xi’er, a servant who served him. During the fishing process, I met a few sturdy guys carrying a girl, falsely claiming that his sister was sick and wanted to be carried back to the mountain for treatment.

Liu Yong’s eyes were sharp, revealing the identity of their robbers, and then they were retaliated. Fortunately, Ouchi was rescued by the guard, He Zifeng, with a knife. He Zifeng said that he had come by the emperor’s order and called Liu Yong into the palace. Liu Yong knew that there was no way to avoid it, so he had to enter the palace. The emperor appointed Liu Yong as the imperial minister, and went to Shandong with Fu Guotai to investigate the case of false imperial decree. In addition to being the governor of Phu Guotai, he was also Liu Yong’s uncle.

Liu Yong was unwilling to take over this hot potato and shirk in every possible way. However, the holy intention had been decided, and Liu Yong could only accept the order. That night, Liu Yong did not return to his home. He knew that Jin Wan’er would definitely not agree to go to Shandong by herself. On the second day, Liu Yong brought a snack to visit Lao Zhangren Six Wang Ye, and asked him to help take Jin Wan’er away, so that he could go to Shandong as soon as possible.

He Zifeng took Jiang Qingwen, the woman rescued by Liu Yong, back to Liu Yong’s mansion. She had come to Beijing to do business with her parents. Unexpectedly, she encountered robbers on the way and the whole family was killed. She was the only one left. Seeing her pitifulness, Jin Wan’er gave her the name Qi Cai and left her by her side as a close-knit maid. Liu Yong made a carrot and pretended to be a ginseng fruit that Siam paid tribute to, trying to hide it from Jin Wan’er.

However, she never agreed that Liu Yong went to Shandong to investigate the case. Liu Yong first tried to persuade him, but he still didn’t let go when he saw his wife, he said in a serious manner that this was an order from the emperor, and no one should stop it. Upon hearing this, Jin Waner stopped talking about it, but changed the subject. He Zifeng walked in at the right time and said that the sixth prince was in ill health and asked Jin Wan’er to return to the sixth prince’s mansion.

The governor of Shandong, Fu Guotai, will also go there. There is a lot of trouble in his house. Many concubines think that Fu Guotai is going to Shandong for a long time, so they ask him to take him there. Fuguotai didn’t even look at them. He knew that this trip was not easy and he was not allowed to travel. Soon, Liu Yong set off for Shandong.

Jin Wan’er realized that she was deceived by Liu Yong and her father. She went to her father’s house to make a fuss and smashed many bottles and cans, but she couldn’t make her father change her mind. Until she stared at a bird of his father, it was his lifeblood. As long as her father does not agree to help her, she will release the bird. The six princes had to enter the palace, but only got a twenty-day answer.

Jin Wan’er refused to comply, so she would break in and ask the emperor for an explanation. Her father comforted her and promised to think of a way again, and Jin Wan’er stopped here. On the other side, as soon as Liu Yong and his party entered the boundary of Shandong, they were ambushed by a group of bandits. This group of gangsters had already prepared, and buried them with explosives on the road that the imperial commissioner was going to pass, waiting for the opportunity to detonate the explosives, causing the horse to panic.

Due to the sudden incident, the officers and soldiers were unprepared and many people were killed. Soon the gangsters had the upper hand. The headed Hu Jiang gangster pointed at Fuguotai with a sharp sword, and went to kill Fuguotai, killing him with a knife and swearing him as a dog official. Fuguotai also had kung fu, fighting with it, and the two were inseparable.

Several people in black shot arrows at these gangsters. After the situation turned around, they left immediately, and almost no one noticed the scene. Upon seeing this, Hu Jiang wanted to get away, but he was too late. He had to take Liu Yong as a hostage after being injured. Later, after Liu Yong’s persuasion, he put down the butcher knife, showing that he was here to defend his brother and his family. He and his brother Hu Hai were originally ring horses (bandits) in Shandong. Fuguotai convicted them of a gangster at most, but Fuguotai actually committed Hu Jiang and Hu Hai’an the crime of falsely spreading imperial decree to imprison the nine clans. Hu Jiang couldn’t think about it for a while, and he wanted to kill Fuguotai. Liu Yong promised that he would investigate the matter and find out.

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