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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 47 Recap

Li Deyun came to the outside of the Golden Palace and witnessed Qiu Ziliang summoning a new banner man to left the car, and ordered him to take the pawns of the Shogi Camp to wash the Golden Palace with blood, and kill Qi Yan and others in one go. Yan Xiu pushed Qiu Yanzhi to appear in time, Qiu Yanzhi took out the chess order, the pawns only recognized the tokens but not the people, and obeyed her words, the pawns threw away the tokens from them, and Qiu Ziliang wanted to use his father and daughter’s Qing persuades Qiu Yanzhi, and Qiu Yanzhi does not buy it at all.

Qi Yan came out surrounded by hundreds of civil and military officials. Qi Yan sat on the step and gave orders to the world, admitting that he had placed these pawns in the shogi camp, and Qiu Ziliang was completely dumbfounded.

Qi Chen also appeared on the rooftop of the opposite hall, looking down at everything that happened outside the Golden Temple, and Yu Niang guarded Qi Yan with the girls from the Ziyi Bureau. Zuo Cha was unwilling to admit defeat, he gave an order, and the guards around him rushed to kill Yan Zhi, Yan Xiu raised his sword and killed all the guards, and pierced Zuo Cha with a sword. Qi Yan and Qiu Yanzhi suddenly became lonely. He yelled at Qi Yan and Qiu Yanzhi.

He also yelled at the civil and military officials and Qi Chen. Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t listen to it. He turned back to Qiu Ziliang. Cheng Ruoyu drew out the green light sword, Ziyi Ju The girls rushed up to fight with Qiu Ziliang.

Qiu Ziliang was furious and frustrated, and he smashed his way. He rushed to kill Qiu Yanzhi. Yan Xiufen ignored his body to protect Qiu Yanzhi, and was knocked to the ground by Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Ziliang pressed on Qiu Yanzhi step by step, Cheng Ruoyu promptly shot and started a fight with Qiu Ziliang, Qiu Ziliang made a fatal move against Cheng Ruoyu, Cheng Ruoyu gradually lost and was knocked to the ground, Qiu Ziliang drew his sword and stabbed Cheng Ruoyu, Qiu Yanzhi pushed the wheelchair to protect Cheng Ruoyu and was pierced by a sword.

Qi Yan tried his best to bend his bow and shoot at Qiu Ziliang with an arrow. Due to the recurrence of his old injury, he vomited blood. The girls in the Ziyi Bureau took the opportunity to surround Qiu Ziliang and wrapped him with purple ribbons.

Cheng Ruoyu hugged Qiu Yanzhi, shouted “Sister” and fainted. Qi Yan forcibly endured the pain of her body and stayed beside Cheng Ruoyu. She remained unconscious. Qi Yan struggled to feed her with medicine, praying that she would wake up soon and recognize sister Qiu Yanzhi. Qiu Yanzhi’s injury was too serious, coupled with the previous myocardial defect, Tian Shan was also unable to return to heaven, let Qi Chen and Qiu Yanzhi bid their final farewell.

Cheng Ruoyu heard Qi Yan’s call in a daze, and learned that her sister Qiu Yanzhi was waiting for her. Cheng Ruoyu remembered the scenes of her life and death with Qiu Yanzhi. She gave birth to hope of living. Desperately to wake herself up, Cheng Ruoyu finally woke up, she couldn’t wait to see Qiu Yanzhi. Qi Yan fell to the ground due to lack of physical strength. He vowed that he would never fall, and that he would hold on to the end.

Qiu Yanzhi was dying, and Qi Chen was silently by her side. Qiu Yanzhi decided to let Qi Yan go, begging Qi Chen not to kill Qi Yan, and not wanting Cheng Ruoyu to be sad, Qi Chen agreed to her request. Cheng Ruoyu hurried over to meet Qiu Yanzhi. She has remembered all the past. Qiu Yanzhi is very pleased. She has no regrets. She just can’t worry about leaving Cheng Ruoyu. She persuades Cheng Ruoyu not to indulge in the past. Looking ahead, cherish the new life that countless people have exchanged with their lives.

Yan Xiu brought the painting hanging in Qiu Yanzhi’s room. Qiu Yanzhi hid the emperor’s edict in it. Cheng Ruoyu remembered that grandfather Wang Yang hid the edict in her purse when he was alive. Qiu Yanzhi asked Yan Xiu to go to the door to let the air out. She told Cheng Ruoyu a thousand times that if one day Qi Yan failed Cheng Ruoyu, Cheng Ruoyu could hand over her will as a talisman to Qi Chen.

Qiu Yanzhi knew that she was dying, and told Cheng Ruoyu to live well, and ask Yan Xiu to treat Cheng Ruoyu as her own sister and protect her. Yan Xiu wrote down one by one, and then Qiu Yanzhi was relieved. She felt that she was owed in this life. Yan Xiu had too many, and promised to repay it together in the next life. After saying these words, Qiu Yanzhi passed away, and Cheng Ruoyu and Yan Xiu were both sad and unhappy.

Qi Yan finally fulfilled his promise to the first emperor and eradicated Qiu Ziliang, greatly weakening the power of the eunuch. Qi Yan worried that Qi Chen would come to snatch the throne. He didn’t know where to go, and he didn’t want anyone to die for it. Yuan Du arranged everything and waited for Qi Chen to issue orders at any time. Cheng Ruoyu and Yan Xiu sent Qiu Yanzhi’s coffin to Wang Yang’s old house. Cheng Ruoyu revisited the old place. They couldn’t help but think of the scene of their sisters playing and playing together when they were young. They had mixed feelings.

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