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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 46 Recap

Qi Yan and Qiu Yanzhi arranged everything carefully, but they didn’t expect that Cheng Ruoyu would use the real and fake Li Deyun to confuse Qiu Ziliang, so that his plan could be successfully completed. Qi Yan sent people to the Shencai Army in advance to instigate the soldiers to make trouble in Danfeng Tower. He rescued Gao Ping’s sister Xiaochai and persuaded Gao Ping to rescue him from the dark room.

Cheng Ruoyu complained that Qi Yan shouldn’t be hiding from her in advance. She is still full of doubts. She doesn’t understand why Qiu Yanzhi risked his death to save her, and why Qi Yan would join forces with Qiu Yanzhi. Qi Yan told her the whole story. In the past, the first emperor wanted to kill Qiu Ziliang through the change of Chaolu, but ended in failure. The first emperor asked Qi Yan to stay with Qiu Ziliang and try his best. He also sent Han Yue to hand over his will.

Wang Yang. Qiu Ziliang sent Qi Yan to copy the Wang Yang family, but he killed Wang Yang first. Qi Yan had to shoot Cheng Ruoyu by practicing countless times. Cheng Ruoyu was curious about the identity of Qiu Yanzhi, and Qi Yan just downplayed it. After admitting that she was a virtuous minister, Cheng Ruoyu didn’t think much.

Qi Chen followed Gao Ping to rescue Qiu Yanzhi and found that she had fainted due to a myocardial defect. Cheng Ruoyu learned that Qiu Yanzhi was in critical condition and hurriedly jumped out of the carriage and ran back to the palace. Qi Chen wanted to return to the dungeon of the chess camp to continue behind. The scene, let Cheng Ruoyu stay with Qiu Yanzhi.

Qiu Yanzhi has been in a coma, Cheng Ruoyu burst into tears, and again and again to apologize to her, regretting to hear Qiu Ziliang’s instigation, Qiu Yanzhi finally regained consciousness and persuaded Cheng Ruoyu to follow Yan Xiu to leave Heng’an, away from right and wrong here. No, Cheng Ruoyu didn’t understand why Qiu Yanzhi desperately protected her, and Qiu Yanzhi promised to explain the truth to her in the future. Qi Yan came in time to help Qiu Yanzhi, and promised to see the results tomorrow.

Qiu Ziliang was completely defeated. He was unwilling to admit defeat, but was unable to fight back. He was so angry that he sent a left chariot to kill Zhang Zhongru and others, and promised to let him be the new bannerman of the shogi camp after the matter was completed. That night, Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu were standing on the watchtower. Together they admired the dim lights of Heng’an City. When the dust settled tomorrow, Qi Yan was very excited and promised Cheng Ruoyu a peaceful and prosperous world. He couldn’t help but kiss Cheng Ruoyu. , The two embraced each other deeply.

Zuo Che made careful arrangements and sent pawns from the shogi camp to assassinate Zhang Zhongru and others. Zuo Che brought Zhang Zhongru’s head to see Qiu Ziliang early in the morning, and Qiu Ziliang appointed him as the new bannerman. Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu hugged until dawn, watching the sun rise little by little, Cheng Huaizhi came to urge Qi Yan to go up, Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu returned to the palace hand in hand.

Qiu Ziliang sent the left cart to gather the soldiers of the talented army, and went to make a big trouble in the early court. Cheng Ruoyu helped Qi Yan put on the dragon robe, and Qi Yan appeared in front of the civil and military officials on time. Cheng Ruoyu held a blue light sword to protect him. Qi Yan discovered that Zhang Zhongru and other officials were missing. Qiu Ziliang carried Zhang Zhongru’s head to the Golden Temple, threatened to bring other people’s heads together, and threatened the civil and military officials who came to the court. Qi Yan asked Cheng Ruoyu to bury Zhang Zhongru. Qiu Ziliang decided not to do it and forced Qi Yan himself. Come to take the head.

At this moment, Liu Misha brought Zhenwu Fanchen to the Golden Palace to present Qi Yan with birthday gifts. Qi Yan opened the box and saw that it was the order of the Golden Horse to dispatch Wu Jun to the town at will. Qiu Ziliang did not expect Liu Mi Sha was still alive, and he was dumbfounded. Liu Misha was chased down by Qiu Ziliang several times, and Zuo Cha still made her face completely different. Liu Misha wanted to ask them for an explanation today. She led Wu Jun from 80,000 town to outside Heng’an City.

Qiu Ziliang threatened to kill Qi Yan. Cheng Ruoyu asked him to see clearly that the head was not Zhang Zhongru’s. Qiu Ziliang gave the order to encircle the Golden Palace. The soldiers had already been subdued by Zhang Zhongru and Han Ding. Cheating against Qi Yan in public, and arguing that Qi Yan did not dare to attack him, Qiu Ziliang swaggered to the outside of the Golden Temple, yelled to close the palace gate, and wanted to fight Qi Yan against him.

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