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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 27 Recap

Qi Chenggang gave his salary to Qiao Simei. This month, he had a good business and made a lot of money. Wang Yining hadn’t been home for a long time, and when she got home, she pinched the Queen Mother’s shoulder and thighs, again because of money. The queen mother really had no money to give him, Wang Yining changed his attitude and began to yell at him, and left the queen directly. When Wang Yiding went home, he saw the Queen Mother fainted on the ground and rushed her to the hospital. Wang Yining knew that the Queen Mother had fainted and did not go. The Queen Mother refused to be checked and had to go home, and Wang Yiding and Qiao Sanli couldn’t hold her back either.

Qiao Zuwang ran to the job market for a round and helped catch a thief by the way. As soon as he got home, he yelled about back pain and asked Qiao Simei to buy plasters. Qiao Simei went out with her pregnant belly, but unexpectedly ran into a scene where Qi Chenggang was hugging a beautiful woman. Qiao Simei walked back sluggishly, and she started to cry as soon as she went back, and she did not respond to Qiao Zuwang’s words. Qi Chenggang came back, but Qiao Simei suddenly yelled that the child was not moving, and several people rushed her to the hospital.

Qiao Simei was about to give birth and kept crying in fear, after all, that’s how their mother died. Qiao Yicheng arranged for Xiang Nanfang’s good friend to deliver her baby to comfort Qiao Simei not to worry. Qiao Simei clenched Qi Chenggang’s collar and gritted his teeth. Now he is satisfied, and even if he wants to look for it again, he will have to wait for her to be cold! Qiao Simei was pushed into the delivery room. Qiao Sanli heard what he said just now, and Qi Chenggang ran to answer the phone again. Qiao Sanli felt that something was wrong and wanted to follow, but was stopped by Wang Yiding.

Wei Shufang and Lao Ma also came, but became anxious and fell ill. Wei Shufang’s illness became more and more serious. Xiaoyi and Xiaoya were quarreling outside the ward. Qi Weimin said that they should take turns to take care of Wei Shufang, but Xiaoyi and Xiaoya shied away from the responsibility and said that he should take care of the old horse alone. Qi Weimin was very angry. The old horse couldn’t listen, so he came out and apologized to them. He will take good care of Wei Shufang, and they don’t have to worry about their lives being disturbed. Xiaoyi and Xiaoya left without saying a word, Qi Weimin was deeply chilled.

Qiao Simei gave birth to a daughter, Qi Chenggang looked very happy, and his parents had also visited. Qiao Yicheng came to comfort Qi Weimin, this matter is not big or small, but it is actually quite good to be able to see the human nature. Qiao Sanli accidentally heard Qi Chenggang calling Xiaosan, her tone was very ambiguous, Qiao Sanli hurriedly told Qiao Yicheng. Qiao Yicheng beat Qi Chenggang as soon as he returned to the ward, but Qiao Simei stopped him from beating him, saying that Qi Chenggang would definitely change this time.

Qiao Yicheng was angry, but turned her head to see that the newborn child who was still crying could only help Qiao Simei up. Qi Chenggang was inherently restless, and she had to take a long look. Qiao Simei ate the weight of the mound and fell hard on Qi Chenggang. This is the only thing to do. Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Sanli can’t do much.

When leaving the hospital, Qiao Yicheng met Xiang Nanfang. She had a fever, and Qiao Yicheng quickly helped her get the medicine. Qi Chenggang’s phone kept ringing, and Qiao Simei couldn’t help but broke a lot of things. Qi Chenggang confessed his mistake again with tears, begging Qiao Simei to forgive him and promise to change it in the future. Qiao Yicheng sent Xiang Nanfang back to the apartment assigned to her by her work. Seeing the photos of her when she was a child, Qiao Yicheng felt very familiar, and they seemed to have actually met each other.

Xiang Nanfang had nothing at all, and Qiao Yicheng went out to buy groceries and planned to make something for her. After Qiao Simei was discharged from the hospital, Qiao Sanli was busy taking care of her confinement, turning a blind eye to Qi Chenggang. Qiao Simei complained that Qiao Sanli shouldn’t tell Qiao Yicheng about this. Qiao Sanli was so angry that she was troubled. Qiao Sanli returned home and asked Qiao Zuwang to take more care of Qiao Simei, but Qiao Zuwang still said that no woman would have children.

The queen mother fell ill and lived in her new home. She knew that she was seriously ill, and that she was about to die. Qiao Sanli is a good person, because she used to treat them badly, and she is sorry for them. The Queen Mother confessed that Wang Yiding’s life experience was not his own. Because he had no children after marriage, she brought Wang Yiding, who was less than three years old at the time. In the beginning, the Queen Mother was sincere and sincere to Wang Yiding, but after she was pregnant with her own child, Wang Yining, her heart was wrong.

The Queen Mother confessed in tears, but Qiao Sanli became more and more aggrieved for Wang Yiding. She knew that Wang Yiding was an honest child in her heart but treated him badly. He went out to earn money for this family when she was less than 20 years old. Retribution! The queen mother knew that she had done something wrong. Now she is seriously ill, and her own son doesn’t even look at her. She only asks Qiao Sanli and Wang Yiding to take Xuan Xuan well. Qiao Sanli naturally wouldn’t leave Wang Yiding, and she would send the Queen Mother the words she said to her.

Qiao Simei’s nanny was not good enough, so she had to call Qiao Sanli for help. Qiao Sanli was also angry because of Qi Chenggang’s affairs, and she was reluctant to help, but she still contacted her reliable concubine. Qiao Yicheng took the concubine back to the old house, Qiao Simei chased him out and begged him not to be angry with Qi Chenggang, he was already changing it! Qiao Yicheng is still not angry, after all, it is Qiao Simei who lives with Qi Chenggang.

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