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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 2 Recap

Xia Qian imagined the scene of her reunion with He Zhijun countless times, and never expected it to unfold in this kind of bloody plot. She was still expecting a little, but when Ning Meng solemnly introduced her fiance’s identity, this scene was too much. Familiar and contradictory. In two years, Xia Qian didn’t fully let go, and He Zhijun was also at a loss, making him even more guilty. Those eyes once made Xia Qian obsessed with him and hurt her.

So when Ning Meng watched Xia Qian run away in despair, she was really puzzled, and she hadn’t noticed the strangeness of the man beside her. Fu Shuangshuang is Xia Qian’s good best friend, and she also witnessed the whole process of this escaped marriage. Although words of relief have been said countless times, now seeing Xia Qian’s face smiling, she knows the importance of saying it again, otherwise she will still Will deceive himself and others, protect He Zhijun everywhere, and make excuses for the other party’s previous behavior.

In fact, He Zhijun’s identity as a scumbag is beyond doubt. After all, he is now Ning Meng’s fiancé, completely excluding all the difficulties and involuntary involuntary escape from marriage. Fu Shuangshuang didn’t want Xia Qian to be wronged, so he specially collected a sum of money for her to return Ning Meng, and refused the order.

Xia Qian did not agree. She thinks that He Zhijun’s escape from marriage is one thing, and it is her and everyone’s dream to start a company by herself, and there is no need to give up ordering for the Sri Lankan people. So Xia Qian decided to take the order. Only by facing her ex-boyfriend calmly can she let her down completely.

Now that Lihe Capital has acquired 3% of Changsheng’s shares, Qin Hebo’s role is indispensable. Therefore, he and Mr. Xue have decided to cooperate, and the next step is to increase their efforts. Ning Meng tried to find Xia Qian without telling her brother Sheng Zhening, hoping to marry He Zhijun, but because of Sheng Zhening’s attitude, she took the initiative to find Qin Hebo and acted like coquettishes with him, hoping that he could help him deal with Sheng Zhening.

Having made up his mind, Xia Qian went to the Changsheng Hotel again. Unexpectedly, He Zhijun was waiting here for a long time and directly took out a bank card and asked her to cancel the order. Xia Qian refused decisively, and when she left, she hid beside her and wept bitterly. It happened that Sheng Zhening witnessed this scene.

Since Sheng Zhening appeared as a gardener, she handed over a handkerchief in the past. Xia Qian didn’t recognize him, but instead confided in her thoughts. Because of Xia Qian, Sheng Zhening believed that He Zhijun was not responsible. He could choose to escape marriage for love in the past, and would later abandon Ning Meng for love, so he planned to tell Ning Meng the truth. It just so happened that He Zhijun came uninvited.

As long as he thinks of He Zhijun’s ugly face, Sheng Zhening has no good expressions on him, so that the atmosphere is embarrassing. Ning Meng sent He Zhijun away, complaining that her brother had deliberately targeted He Zhijun, but in Sheng Zhening’s view, it was wrong for Ning Meng to conceal the wedding schedule. He actually wanted to cut it off first, making him hate iron for nothing, and accused Ning Meng of being dazzled by love.

Seeing that Sheng Zhening and Ning Meng were having an uproar, An An felt that the boss had overreacted, but she did not realize that Sheng Zhening turned her back in order to dispel her sister’s idea of ​​getting married and vetoed the wedding schedule of Wuyue. Xia Qian walked out of the hotel angrily and waited in the garden alone, trying to return the handkerchief to the gardener. Sheng Zhening was worried about Xia Qian’s heatstroke and immediately changed into a gardener’s dress. When he arrived, he found that Xia Qian had already left, leaving only the repaired handkerchief and note in the flowerpot.

Sheng Zhening looked at the handkerchief intently, and then informed An’an to contact Xia Qian, to cancel the wedding schedule as a condition to give her the Changsheng group purchase of cars. Originally, Xia Qian was angry and refused without hesitation, but after another thought, maybe he could use other methods to obtain a list of May schedules and screen out clients who have changed their wedding dates.

After detailed discussions, Mu Xiaoyan and Fu Shuangshuang went to Changsheng Hotel to apply for service personnel. Xia Qian, uncharacteristically, took the initiative to sign a contract with Sheng Zhening for bargaining for group purchases of cars. Mu Ziyan worked in the hotel for a whole day without gain. On the contrary, Fu Shuangshuang got important information from the sisters in the banquet hall, and learned that the May schedule materials were handed over to two people, Sheng Zhening and Qin Hebo.

That night, Xia Qian was notified by Sheng Zhening to be on a business trip, so she had to get up from bed and hurriedly packed her luggage and rushed to meet up. Sheng Zhening drove himself and explained on the way that he was going to the branch for trial operation, and by the way he booked a group car purchase project. Xia Qian was sleepy, and simply leaned on the co-pilot to fall asleep. Sheng Zhening deliberately slowed down when he saw this, until he came to the hotel, and then let An An be in charge of the accommodation. Before taking a break, Xia Qianlin couldn’t help asking An An about the location of Sheng Zhening’s room.

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