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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 1 Recap

At the same bus station, two people met unexpectedly. Just because of the heavy rain that day, the man who originally posted the hotel billboard now stands in front of him alive, and even has no impression of Xia Qian, almost treating her as a female flower. Foolish. In fact, at the engagement banquet two years ago, Sheng Zhening made the same mistake, mistakenly thinking that Xia Qian sounded the alarm, causing chaos in the Changsheng Hotel.

After two years, Sheng Zhening has long forgotten, but Xia Qian was impressed. After all, it was her first engagement and the first time she was escaped. Since then, she has left an indelible shadow in her heart, even if she bargains. The company is so successful that it will always recall memories inadvertently, such as this situation, which is both heartache and indignation.

Therefore, Sheng Zhening’s existence for Xia Qian is comparable to that of her fiance He Zhijun, making her want to escape. But it was Sheng Zhening who was nosy, and swiftly pulled her back, and successfully avoided the splash of the car passing by, thus losing her first kiss. The scene of the two “kissing” in front of the bus stop happened to be seen by assistant An An, who teased their boss on the way back, so that the joke was too big and the bonus was lost.

The bargaining company is not large, equivalent to the area of ​​a two-bedroom, more like a studio, so the only sign that can show off is Xia Qian’s reputation in the industry. He has always won ten cuts and ten wins, offering customers the best price. Buy something you like. On weekdays, the affairs of the company are handed over to Fu Shuangshuang and Mu Xiaoyan, who are both assistants and friends, as well as printing small advertising machines, responsible for soliciting some customer resources.

The client, Ning Meng, was about to hold a wedding. Since the Changsheng Hotel’s schedule had expired, he had to contact the bargaining company and chose Xia Qian, who had excellent results. Even though Xia Qian had a bad impression of Changsheng, Ning Meng made a big deal and faced the landlord’s demand for rent, and finally took the order quickly, provided that Ning Meng first paid the deposit tonight.

Because of the holiday before, Xia Qian came to talk about business this time, mainly focusing on seeking peace, and even willing to lower his posture and squat in the lobby. As everyone knows, Xia Qian didn’t recognize Sheng Zhening, who was dressed as a gardener, when he passed the hotel garden, and was still giving him some pointers next to him. Sheng Zhening thought that Xia Qian was a stalker, so he decided not to go to the lobby and went directly from the basement. Unexpectedly, the day was approaching late at night, and Xia Qian had not yet left. Sheng Zhening observed this scene through cameras and ordered Manager Wang to find a reason to send the other party away, making her return without success.

As the domestic financial giant Lihe Capital is about to enter the hotel industry, major hotels in Jinhai City will face an economic storm. As the largest high-end hotel platform in Jinhai City, Changsheng will naturally fall into the center of this storm and become Lihe Capital The target you want to acquire.

Qin Hebo returned from a business trip. Sheng Zhening held a board meeting to discuss the acquisition and announced on the spot that Qin Hebo would serve as the deputy general manager of the hotel. After the meeting, Qin Hebo contacted the shareholders privately, first to find someone to hold the shares on his behalf, and then release the shares when the time was right.

In the early morning of the next day, Xia Qian came to the Changsheng Hotel with perseverance and happened to meet An An. Only then did he learn of the misunderstanding between herself and Sheng Zhening, and at the same time explained to An An what happened two years ago. Originally, Xia Qian prepared the information to see Sheng Zhening under the arrangement of his assistant, but was blocked by security, and was not completely released until the misunderstanding was resolved.

During the conversation at the same table, Xia Qian made it clear that she was willing to provide free bargaining services even though it was known that the No. 8 banquet hall needed renovation to ensure that the hotel could purchase the equipment as soon as possible. The price comparison plan made by the needs of Sheng Hotel.

After Xia Qian left, Sheng Zhening showed the plan to Qin Hebo for review and received his praise. He even suggested that Xia Qian should be dug into the company’s purchasing department. After all, the advantages of this plan are obvious to all, and the next step is to witness whether Xia Qian is on paper, so Sheng Zhening promised to give the other party a chance.

Mama Xia knew that her daughter was in short supply, so she prepared a bank card to help her tide over the difficulties for the time being. Xia Qian refused to accept the money. After all, it was not easy for her mother to run a food stall, so she took the opportunity to stuff the bank card under the lunch box. In the next few days, Xia Qian showed Sheng Zhening his bargaining ability and successfully completed the hardware equipment for the hotel. As long as he negotiated the other two orders, he could get the eighth banquet hall promised by Sheng Zhening.

Through this time of contact, Sheng Zhening admired Xia Qian with admiration, especially when she saw her sleepless work, knowing that she had not misunderstood the wrong person. Xia Qian won the eighth banquet hall and notified Ning Meng in time. As a result, during the conversation with her, he unexpectedly met his fiancé He Zhijun, who is now Ning Meng’s marriage partner.

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