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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 13 Recap

Wei Xuanhe called Lei Chuxia, and Lei Chuxia, who was still unsuspecting him, told him that she was going for psychological counseling because it would help restore memory. Wei Xuanhe, who was afraid of Lei Chuxia’s memory, went to find Lei Chuxia, regardless of Qin Yue’s retention. After Wei Xuanhe left mercilessly, Qin Yue went to find Wang Yixin alone. Wei Xuanhe found the psychological consultation room where Lei Chuxia had come.

Lei Chuxia directly asked Wei Xuanhe about the details of the night, but Wei Xuanhe answered vaguely. Doctor Tian Yu on the side noticed something was wrong and wanted to consult with Lei Chuxia alone, but Lei Chuxia chose to let Wei Xuanhe remember her. Lei Chuxia believes that whether her memory is true or not may be confirmed by Wei Xuanhe.

Lei Chuxia told Tian Yu that there was a sign in the memory she saw and a pattern on it. In order to reduce Lei Chuxia’s wariness, Wei Xuanhe took the initiative to tell Lei Chuxia that it was the school badge of Tongcheng University. Lei Chuxia guessed that the mountain that fell from the cliff in his memories was the back mountain of Tongcheng University, so he went there to look for memories with Wei Xuanhe. After the two set off, Xu Xiaodong took the phone back. Turing told him via mobile phone that Yaoyang Technology’s source code is highly similar to Xu’s father.

Xu Xiaodong confirmed that Zhao Yaoyang was the man behind Xu’s father. Turing also told Xu Xiaodong that after the source code was cracked, the alert was sent to two addresses, one is Yaoyang Technology Co., and the other is Shining Cloud Internet. When Xu Xiaodong was thinking about the connection between Wei Xuanhe and the events of the year, he saw Lei Chuxia’s text message. He couldn’t get through Lei Chuxia’s phone. He learned from Doctor Tian Yu that Lei Chuxia and Wei Xuanhe had gone to the back mountain of Tongcheng University, and they rushed to the back mountain to look for Lei Chuxia.

Lei Chuxia remembered in Houshan that the person who caused her to fall off the cliff was Wei Xuanhe beside her. She was stimulated to cross again under the influence of the full moon. Xu Xiaodong, who finally arrived, watched her disappear. Lei Chuxia traveled back to the night when she fell off the cliff ten years ago, and Wei Xuanhe came to the door when she was having dinner with her parents. Knowing that Wei Xuanhe was the one who harmed her, Lei Chuxia didn’t give him a good face.

Wei Xuanhe wanted to chat with her, took her back to her room, said something confusing Lei Chuxia, who was amnesia, and was still looking for documents in her room. Wei Xuanhe, who couldn’t find anything, answered the phone and left. After he left, in order to prevent the fall of the cliff from happening again, Lei Chuxia decided that no matter what happened tonight, he would never step out of the house.

On the other hand, Xu Xiaodong, ten years later, was almost mad after Lei Chuxia disappeared, and together with Yuan Yuan and Jin Xiaorui, they were looking for the traces of Lei Chuxia. Yuan Yuan frayed her feet, but still refused to stop looking for Lei Chuxia. Yuan Yuan worried that Lei Chuxia would lose her memory again, and she didn’t want to leave Lei Chuxia alone. Xu Xiaodong also became very haggard, but he was still looking for Lei Chuxia persistently.

Jin Xiaorui managed to persuade them to go home and rest. When Xu Xiaodong returned home to rest, he recalled what his father had said, “When you see someone you like, you will get a magical power that makes you stronger.” His anxious heart gradually calmed down and he calmly ordered Turing looked for Lei Chuxia according to his arrangement.

Wei Xuanhe, with a big stone in his heart, felt a lot more relaxed. Seeing Qin Yue who was waiting for him at the door of his home cooking food, his heart was a little touched. Qin Yue once again confessed his true feelings to Wei Xuanhe. Wei Xuanhe finally responded, thinking that Lei Chuxia had disappeared, and the two went home holding hands.

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