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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 12 Recap

Although his identity has been revealed, Lei Chuxia, who is afraid of implicating his parents in danger, still refuses to recognize them. Lei’s father and Lei’s mother guessed that Lei Chuxia had difficulties, and finally did not force Lei Chuxia to recognize them, but asked Xu Xiaodong to take care of their daughter. Xu Xiaodong probably explained to them Lei Chuxia’s current situation. Lei’s father and Lei mother were distressed after hearing this, and also helped Lei Chuxia find a way.

Lei Chuxia likes to eat desserts the most, and his dream since childhood was to be a dessert chef. In the past, Lei’s father and mother used to take Lei Chuxia out to travel and taste desserts all over the world. They decided to go again and collected all the dessert recipes and gave them to Lei Chuxia, so that the taste buds would stimulate her memory.

Qin Yue was poured wine by several clients, and Wei Xuanhe went to help her out and drink for her. Qin Yue understood that Wei Xuanhe’s heart had been shaken. The relationship between the two went further, Wei Xuanhe also allowed Qin Yue to leave her clothes and supplies at his home. But he still has a secret that Qin Yue must not be able to snoop-something that happened ten years ago.

Lei Chuxia’s bracelet is repaired and he can continue to move freely. Xu Xiaodong didn’t worry about her acting alone, but Lei Chuxia didn’t want him to urge Xu Xiaodong to do what he had to do because she delayed his affairs. When Xu Xiaodong came to the company, at the age of one year he got the clothes of the workers who helped relocate the main engine room, and let Xu Xiaodong sneak in in troubled waters. The host room was not easy to enter, and Xu Xiaodong relied on his intelligence and composure to get in without danger. After Xu Xiaodong got the company’s source code, he triggered an alarm.

The company suspected that there was an internal ghost, and sent someone to check everyone’s computers, work hard drives, and mobile phones. Sui Sui guessed that the “inner ghost” matter was related to Xu Xiaodong, and was anxious. Xu Xiaodong handled things neatly and even cleaned up the monitoring. He didn’t worry that the company would find him on his head, so he handed over his mobile phone openly, and in turn teased Yi Sui to play with Yi Sui’s heart.

Lei Chuxia asked Turing to help analyze the various information she got about memories, and found that Wei Xuanhe was lying about the Peninsula Restaurant. Wei Xuanhe said that she always wanted to go to the Peninsula Restaurant, but she didn’t make it because she had no money. However, Turing found out that the Peninsula Restaurant opened after she disappeared.

After the bewildered Lei Chuxia went to Lixia Shiguang, Yuan Yuan was preparing for the 10th anniversary celebration. Lei Chuxia helped Yuan Yuan set up the celebration, and suddenly recalled some clips from the night of the disappearance. Wei Xuanhe said, “He wanted to celebrate with Lei Chuxia after get off work, but when he came back, he found that Lei Chuxia was gone.”

However, in the memory fragments that Lei Chuxia recalled, Wei Xuanhe actually met with Lei Chuxia at Lei’s house and was still there. Lei Chuxia’s room was rummaging for things. Realizing that Wei Xuanhe had also lied about her disappearance, Lei Chuxia quickly contacted Dr. Tian Yu and called Xu Xiaodong. However, Xu Xiaodong’s mobile phone was being handed over to Yaoyang Technology for inspection, so he did not pick it up in time. Phone, Lei Chuxia had to send text messages to him instead.

After Wang Yixin was driven away by Chen Mo, he couldn’t continue the experiment because of lack of money. Qin Yue happened to be also in Flash Internet, and when Wang Yixin said Lei Chuxia’s name, Wang Yixin attracted attention. Wang Yixin told Wei Xuanhe about Lei Chuxia and wanted to cooperate with Wei Xuanhe. He asked Wei Xuanhe to provide funds, and he helped Wei Xuanhe.

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