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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 45 Recap

Cheng Ruoyu guessed that Yu Niang was going to save Qi Chen, and hurried to chase after him. Cheng Ruoyu persuaded Yu Niang not to take risks, but she was determined, so Cheng Ruoyu had to take out the topographic map of the dungeon. She and Yu Niang Discuss a good way to save people, and then rush to the dungeon with the girls from the Ziyi Bureau.

Qiu Yanzhi bit his scalp and pours tea for Qiu Ziliang. Zuo Che said jokers on the side. Qiu Ziliang sent a pawn to call Qi Chen and let him and Qi Yan and the others witness the selection of the new banner holder. Qiu Ziliang threw a piece out. More than a dozen candidates scrambled to grab the handkerchief, and everyone was inextricably beaten. Qiu Ziliang clearly remembered that Qiu Yanzhi was also selected with a handkerchief at the beginning. Qiu Yanzhi and Yan Xiu formed a small formation of six people, and won the victory without any effort and obtained the position of banner holder.

Cheng Ruoyu and Yu Niang opened the dungeon and wanted to save Qi Chen and Yuan Du. Qi Chen insisted on staying to stabilize Qiu Ziliang. Yu Niang’s bitter pleading was of no avail. Qiu Ziliang sent a pawn to call Qi Chen and saw Cheng Ruo. Yu and the others came to rescue people and hurriedly turned around to report the letter. Cheng Ruoyu hurriedly chased them out, and Yuniang had to take the girls from the Ziyi Bureau out of the dungeon first. Cheng Ruoyu chased him all the way, chasing the pawn to the military field. The pawn tried his last breath to report to Qiu Ziliang that Cheng Ruoyu wanted to save Qi Chen. Qiu Yanzhi and Qi Yan both gave Cheng Ruoyu a pinch. sweat.

Yuniang brought the girls and Cheng Ruoyu to join them. They escaped from the secret road according to the map. Qiu Ziliang sent a left car to lead people to chase and intercept them, and finally drove Cheng Ruoyu and the others to the military field. They were surrounded in groups. Cheng Ruoyu and Yuniang led the girls to break through the siege. Because the number of enemies was huge, the girls were killed or wounded. Qiu Ziliang shot Yuniang seriously and forced Cheng Ruoyu to lay down the blue light sword and surrender.

Qiu Yanzhi hurriedly stood up to intercede for Cheng Ruoyu, voluntarily admitting that she had been using Cheng Ruoyu, and Qiu Ziliang took the opportunity to instigate the relationship between the two of them. Qiu Yanzhi had to admit that she wanted to use Cheng Ruoyu to find the edict and support Qi Chen as the emperor. , And then she becomes the queen. Qiu Ziliang ordered the left cart to lock Cheng Ruoyu and tried his best to torture her so that she could not live better than death. Qi Chen drew out a dagger and stabbed the left cart, then stabbed him in the chest and threatened him. Chou Ziliang had to let Cheng Ruoyu and Yu go. Mother and they left.

Qiu Ziliang was angrily put Qi Yan and Qiu Yanzhi under house arrest, removed all the lights in the room, and covered the windows with black cloth to make them completely collapse in the silent dark room. Qiu Ziliang used this method to deal with it. After passing Zuo Ma, Zuo Ma had a mental breakdown three days later, thanks to Qiu Yanzhi who prepared a candle to illuminate it in advance.

Cheng Ruoyu returned to the Ziyi Bureau with Yu Niang in his arms, recalling the scene where Qiu Yanzhi gave up her life to protect her, her heart was mixed, and Yu Niang regretted that she regretted that she rushed to save Qi Chen, but she fell short and let the Ziyi Bureau’s work. The girls died in vain, she thumped her chest in a hurry. Cheng Ruoyu persuaded her and told her about her plan. The most important thing at the moment is to protect Li Deyun. Cheng Ruoyu deliberately showed weakness to Qiu Ziliang in order to let him relax his vigilance. Qi Yan can use God. When the Caijun made trouble, she completely seized Qiu Ziliang’s military power, and Yuniang was relieved a little when she learned about Cheng Ruoyu’s plan.

Cheng Ruoyu came to Danfeng Tower and saw the soldiers of the Shencai Army besieging the trouble here. Li Deyun came and the soldiers blocked him and forced him to revoke the order to reduce the income of the Shencai Army. Cheng Ruoyu hurriedly Two smoke bombs were released to cover Li Deyun’s escape. When Qiu Ziliang learned that Cheng Ruoyu had rescued Li Deyun, he couldn’t help but was overjoyed. He had already sent a new Zuo Shi to lead someone to intercept Li Deyun, then blamed Cheng Ruoyu and forced Qi Yan to kill Cheng Ruoyu.

Xin Zuo Shi led people to ambush in the woods. They stopped Cheng Ruoyu. Unexpectedly, Cheng Ruoyu rescued Yu Niang. The two sides fought fiercely. Xin Zuo Shi gradually lost and led people to flee, Cheng Ruoyu and Yu Niang. Immediately rush back to Danfeng Tower for reinforcements. Li Deyun returned to Danfeng Tower again and sent someone to arrest the person who was leading the trouble. Qi Yan suddenly appeared in the tower and announced in public that he had never cut the military salary of the Shencai Army. He hoped that the soldiers would not be confused by Qiu Ziliang, and the soldiers would kneel down together. Apologize.

Qiu Ziliang came afterwards, and Qi Yan publicly dismissed his position as general of the talented army. Qiu Ziliang was not convinced. Cheng Ruoyu and Yuniang arrived in time with the girls from the Ziyi Bureau, and Qiu Ziliang had to leave in despair. Qi Yan saw that the situation was gone, he breathed a sigh of relief. The chest pain was so severe that Qi Yan almost fainted in pain. Cheng Ruoyu hurried up to the tower to hold him, and escorted Qi Yan back to the palace.

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