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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 26 Recap

Xiang Nanfang ran to see the fireflies, and Qiao Yicheng left Song Qingyuan to follow. Xiang Nanfang is a person from a high-ranking family who has received military education since childhood, but her free and easy character is a little beyond Qiao Yicheng’s imagination. Xiang Nanfang sneezed, and Qiao Yicheng hurriedly put his coat on her.

It is winter now, and it is estimated that the fireflies will not be seen until dawn. Xiang Nanfang is a little apologetic. Qiao Yi has fulfilled her wish, cut a silhouette and placed it in front of the camera. By adjusting the focus, he can see the firefly. Xiang Nanfang smiled and named it Heartworm. Song Qingyuan woke up some wine on the side of the road, only to find that he was already alone.

Qiao Sanli has been decorating the house in her new home. Wang Yiding rushed to apologize to her, saying that the Queen Mother was crying today. Obviously he was softened, but Qiao Sanli was always sober. If she kept using this reason, what should they do in their future lives? Woolen cloth. Qi Chenggang woke up in the morning and dressed brightly, but Qiao Simei became more uncomfortable in her heart.

Qiao Sanli thought about it, and decided to come back every day to cook for the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother was still curiously yin and yang. But with their insistence, Wang Yiding and Qiao Sanli moved out. Qiao Erqiang and Ma Suqin’s life was ordinary and plain, and they often went to pick Zhiyong home together. Wang Yiding and Qiao Sanli decorated their little home, and they were also very happy.

Qi Chenggang had an unclear relationship with a female passenger, so he made an appointment with Qiao Simei and asked her to go for a birth check alone. Qiao Simei went to Qiao Sanli’s house, and two of the three sentences were wrong, and Qiao Sanli didn’t take it to heart. Wang Yiding felt that Qiao Sanli’s cooking for the Queen Mother every day was struggling with her, so he might as well take her over. Wang Yiding resigned, and Qiao Sanli was also very supportive, and also took out the red wine Qiao Simei brought today to celebrate. Wang Yiding was a little impatient, but Qiao Sanli persuaded him to open a shop and become the owner. He lost his temper, and finally ran back to the old house to live for a few days.

Qi Chenggang wasn’t quite right recently, Qiao Simei was upset, and found a woman’s hair on him in the middle of the night. However, Qi Chenggang was very calm, using his professional status as a cover, and Qiao Simei couldn’t say anything. When Wang Yiding returned home late at night, the Queen Mother was even more unhappy, accusing Qiao Sanli of seduce him and his family, but Qiao Sanli was busy taking care of Xuan Xuan who was crying. While Qi Chenggang was in the shower, Qiao Sanli secretly wrote down his latest number, and ran to the car to stick his hair with tape. Although nothing was gained, Qiao Simei was still not at ease.

Qiao Erqiang put down the wonton, and Zhiyong ate it secretly after he returned to the room. Qiao Erqiang was relieved when he saw it on the door. Qiao Simei made a lace waist pad for Qi Chenggang to let the passengers know that he has a wife. Qiao Simei felt that she was ashamed of Qi Chenggang. She also suspected that he had derailed. Qiao Sanli was not surprised. If she had been Qiao Simei, she would have doubted it. Qiao Yicheng and Song Qingyuan went to interview an after-school tutoring institution together, but they aroused the anger of the parents, and Qiao Yicheng suffered a work-related injury.

In the ward, Song Qingyuan was gossiping about Qiao Yicheng and Xiang Nanfang, and Xiang Nanfang was here. Song Qingyuan left with insight, and Qiao Yicheng was frustrated. Qiao Sanli accompanied Qiao Simei for the check-up and ran into Song Qingyuan downstairs. I heard that Qiao Yicheng suffered a work injury and the two hurried to take a look, but they didn’t go in when they heard that he and Xiang Nanfang were talking outside the door. They were very happy.

The Queen Mother screamed at Wang Yiding to get the money out. When she heard that Wang Yiding had resigned, she thought it was Qiao Sanli’s idea and yelled anxiously. Qiao Sanli is also here, and several people are arguing that Qiao Zuwang is also holding Xuan Xuan. Wang Yiding calmly told the queen mother that he would not pay her compensation, but would use that money to stand on his own and start from scratch.

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