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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 25 Recap

Wang Yiding was discharged from the hospital, and his family came to the hospital to take him home. After being discharged from the hospital, Wang Yiding felt a little bored. He felt that Qiao Sanli always wanted to magnify small matters, and even tantrums her. After taking pictures of the table, he returned to the room. Wang Yiding was so troubled every day, and the Queen Mother was also annoyed, and asked Qiao Sanli to find a house to move out.

After Wang Yiding’s incident, Qiao Simei suddenly felt a little emotional, and sighed and sat next to Qiao Erqiang. Qiao Erqiang didn’t understand at all, what to eat, what to drink. Qiao Simei said bitterly that he didn’t know which one would come first tomorrow or the accident. He should seize the opportunity and tell her whoever he likes. The feeling of liking someone can’t be stopped or stopped. As soon as Qiao Simei finished speaking, it started to rain heavily outside the house. Qiao Erqiang was worried about Ma Suqin and that Qiao Simei was alone at home. At this time, Qiao Zuwang and Qi Chenggang came back under the rain, and Qiao Simei handed the clothes to Qiao Erqiang. If you are worried, go take a look.

Qiao Erqiang immediately put on his raincoat and rushed to Ma Suqin’s tofu shop, because there was a lot of water in the heavy rain shop, Qiao Erqiang’s arrival helped Ma Suqin and her mother a lot. Zhiyong went to bed first, Qiao Erqiang handed a cup of hot water to Ma Suqin, sat next to her and spoke vaguely: I love you, I want to marry you.

After so many years, Qiao Erqiang didn’t want to lie to herself anymore, Ma Suqin was silent. Qiao Sanli turned on the light cautiously. Wang Yiding had calmed down. It was he who was wrong and shouldn’t lose his temper inexplicably. Wang Yiding was injured this time, and what he lost was his fertility. He felt that he was a drag on Qiao Sanli, after all, she was still young. But Qiao Sanli did not agree. The matter of men and women is not a newlywed Yaner. It doesn’t matter if she has two older brothers, it’s not uncommon for Wang Yiding to be a brother.

Qiao Simei prepared red bean and barley water for Qi Chenggang, and turned his head to feel the romance of love. As long as you love it with your heart and soul, it is beautiful, just like Qiao Erqiang. Qiao Simei also began to care about Qiao Sanli, worried that Wang Yiding would have a strange temper. Qiao Sanli said that they would move out immediately and everything would be fine. Qiao Simei suddenly wanted to say that Wang Yiding could stand on his own.

Now the big environment is very suitable for this. At dinner in the evening, Qiao Zuwang got into trouble again because of Qiao Erqiang and Ma Suqin, threatening to hang himself if they dared to get the certificate. Qiao Erqiang left home dejectedly and went to Ma Suqin. The two have decided to get married and want to see the house together. Zhiyong didn’t say anything, but was very awkward. Ma Suqin was worried that Qiao Erqiang would regret it in the future, and persuaded him to live like this without receiving a certificate. But Qiao Erqiang stubbornly said no, and even took out the wedding ring. Even if everyone didn’t support it, Qiao Erqiang would still be with her, Ma Suqin was very moved.

Wang Yiding and Qiao Sanli bought their house and were busy decorating them all day. Qiao Erqiang also packed his luggage and moved to Ma Suqin’s house. Qiao Zuwang said something strangely, obviously reluctant to bear his share of the rent. Qiao Erqiang had just walked out of the alley with big bags and small bags, and saw Ma Suqin leading Zhiyong to pick him up. Qiao Simei craned her neck every night to wait for Qi Chenggang at home. Qiao Zuwang asked her to take care of Qi Chenggang’s transfer fee. Qiao Simei quickly vaguely said that Qi Chenggang had given him to his parents.

Qiao Zuwang complained a lot of sorrow, and Qiao Simei had to agree to an increase of 200 yuan in living expenses, fearing that Qiao Yicheng would know. Wang Yiding and Qiao Sanli planned to leave secretly, but they were discovered by the Queen Mother. Qiao Sanli confessed that they bought a new house and were busy decorating during this time. The queen mother became angry and said that she had raised a son for others, and she wanted to follow them. Qiao Sanli couldn’t listen to her and go. Wang Yiding came out to persuade, but Qiao Sanli did not want to be controlled by the Queen Mother.

Qiao Yicheng and Song Qingyuan left together after the interview. Xiang Nanfang and Qi Weimin were colleagues, and they also met Chang Xingyu. Xiang Nanfang proposed that everyone have a meal and drink together. Chang Xingyu and Qi Weimin made an appointment to watch a movie, and the remaining three were going to have a drink together.

Song Qingyuan wanted to escape, but he didn’t succeed, so he could only ask Qiao Yicheng to seize the time to catch up later. The queen mother pretended to be sick and cried and said that her husband was gone, and Wang Yining stepped in again, what can she expect. Wang Yiding persuaded her to be a family member instead of living at home. He would surely give her a good old age. Qiao Yicheng and Song Qingyuan and Xiang Nanfang came out after drinking. Song Qingyuan drank in front of him. Xiang Nanfang and Qiao Yicheng talked about their childhood and teased Song Qingyuan together.

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