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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 23 Recap

It was only when Qiao Erqiang was skating that he inadvertently found out who was the man who sued Ma Suqin’s man back then, but in front of Ma Suqin, Qiao Erqiang did not have an attack. Ma Suqin is more than eight years older than Qiao Er, but Qiao Erqiang does not think she is old, but he respects and loves her. Outside the skating rink, Sun Xiaomo slapped the glass and roared, and Qiao Erqiang and Ma Suqin became juggling in public in her mouth.

The shameless affair in private, how ugly and ugly, Qiao Erqiang tried to comfort her. Emotions still maintained Ma Suqin, but Sun Xiaomo went further and wanted to divorce him. Qiao Erqiang tremblingly agreed, Ma Suqin turned around and slapped him, Sun Xiaomo pointed at the two of them and cursed disgusting, and this scene also left a scar on the young Zhiyong.

Qiao Yicheng received a call from Qiao Simei early in the morning. She and Qi Chenggang returned, and several brothers and sisters had an appointment for dinner. The factory where Qiao Zuwang used to work was gone. As soon as he returned home, he arrogantly asked a few children to come back for dinner. Qiao Yicheng refused. Turning his head, Qiao Yicheng received the second call from Song Qingyuan. Qiao Zuwang, who did not get the attention of his children, was aggrieved, holding a rope to hang himself, and let Aunt Wu see it specially.

For lunch, Qiao Yicheng did not call Qiao Erqiang and Qiao Sanli, only Qiao Simei and Qi Chenggang. As soon as Qiao Yicheng spoke, Qi Chenggang seemed to be very responsible for defending Qiao Simei, but Qiao Yicheng was splashed with water on his face. Qiao Yicheng exposed the reason why Qi Chenggang came back. He was expelled because of his style of work! Qiao Simei was taken aback for a moment, but she still pretended to be strong, she knew. After Qiao Yicheng left, Qiao Simei also took the bag, and Qi Chenggang took a firm slap in the face.

Qiao Zuwang made a noise to hang himself, and the children were called back by Aunt Wu. Qiao Zuwang didn’t say a few words. Qiao Yicheng knew that he was doing it for money, but he didn’t expect that he would be two thousand a month when he opened his mouth. Qiao Yicheng only gave nine hundred, and Qiao Zuwang looked at Qi Chenggang again, and his rent was also two hundred. Qiao Yicheng made the conditions in advance, but Qiao Zuwang still asked Qiao Qiqi for money, and no one paid any attention to him this time.

Qi Chenggang came, and Qiao Simei went back to the room as soon as he saw him. Qiao Simei did not intend to look back, nor did she want to ask Qi Chenggang what happened, she was willing to believe in Qi Chenggang. Qiao Yicheng helpless, Qiao Simei raised her head with tears and asked if he would bless her, but Qiao Yicheng did not answer. Qiao Erqiang was determined to divorce Sun Xiaomo. His grandmother had skipped her feet. Qiao Erqiang left the watch behind and took the clothes Sun Xiaomosai gave him and left the home that didn’t belong to him.

Qiao Zuwang beat and scolded Qiao Erqiang, saying that he would not let the woman Ma Suqin in. Qiao Erqiang didn’t feel ashamed, he just wanted to live for himself. Qiao Yicheng intends to let him live in his own home for a period of time, but Qiao Erqiang has to live at home. Like Qiao Simei, he can pay the rent and water and electricity every month. The family was arguing, Qi Weimin and Chang Xingyu came, and brought a lot of wedding gifts for Qiao Simei.

Soon after, the daughters of Qiao Qiqi and Yang Lingzi were born. Qi Weimin and Chang Xingyu came to visit, but Yang Lingzi didn’t have a good face and made a fuss about drinking water. Qiao Yicheng is also here, and Qiao Sanli’s child is about to be born, and she lives on this floor. Qiao Yicheng pulled Qi Weimin out to speak. In fact, he saved money for both Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei, and didn’t do a dowry for Qiao Simei not because of being stingy, but because she was too reckless. Qi Weimin gave Qiao Simei the dowry, so he has to pay back the money.

Qi Weimin was very angry. It has been so long since he paid for it and who would not respond. Qi Weimin has not been sorry for Qiao Yicheng in so many years. Chang Xingyu also felt that this matter was Qiao Yicheng’s fault. They were sincere to Qiao Simei and Qiao Qiqi. After comforting Qiao Yicheng, Chang Xingyu went to solve Qi Weimin, and then went to see Qiao Sanli together. Qiao Zuwang then knew that Yang Lingzi had given birth.

Qiao Sanli gave birth to a boy, and Qiao Yicheng’s tense heart was relieved. Wang Yiding and Qiao Sanli had discussed, and wanted Qiao Yicheng to help name the child. Qiao Yicheng almost immediately decided, called Wang Ruoxuan.

At the same time, Sun Xiaomo’s belly gradually grew bigger. Qiao Erqiang found a job as a restaurant chef again, Qi Chenggang’s job was also settled, and Qiao Simei’s wish was fulfilled. She put on her wedding dress and took a set of wedding photos. At least at this time, Qiao Simei took a set of wedding photos every day. very happy. The return of Hong Kong in 1997 inspired the hearts of every ordinary person, and the children of the Qiao family also moved forward with all their hearts and worked hard to grow.

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