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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 43 End Recap

Sun Xun watched Shen Qingyao and his family go away, he was relieved and faced everything that followed alone. Early the next morning, the emperor announced Sun Xun’s crime, thinking of his four sons serving the country, pardoning his family, and giving Sun Xun a glass of bad wine to kill himself. Sun Xun picked it up and drank it and fell to the ground on the spot. Died.

When Sun Yulou heard the news of Sun Xun’s death, he was so sad that he had to take out his beloved shadow puppet and sit on the ground with a drink to soothe his sorrows. Lin Shaochun returned to Sun’s Mansion again and saw the chaos here. She came to the room she had lived in and saw Sun Yulou buying drunk alone. Sun Yulou repeatedly claimed that Sun’s Mansion would be sealed down tomorrow, and the family would be completely defeated. Lin Shaochun did not Knowing how to comfort him, but silently by his side, Sun Yulou wanted to hear Lin Shaochun sing “The Story of the Purple Hairpin” for the last time.

Lin Shaochun sang it from beginning to end. Sun Yulou couldn’t help but remember the first time he saw Lin Shaochun sing this play on stage, as well as the past of their love and affection. Next to him, Lin Shaochun lay in Sun Yulou’s arms. Early the next morning, Lin Shaochun woke up in a daze and found that Sun Yulou had disappeared, leaving only a letter. Sun Yulou admitted that he loved Lin Shaochun, but because of the grievances and hatreds of the previous generation, he could not face Lin Shaochun. , I beg Lin Shaochun not to look for him.

Today is Sun Xun’s death day. Liu Sanjue came to visit Sun Xun’s grave. Lin Shaochun came afterwards. She wanted to do her filial piety for Sun Yulou. Liu Sanjue persuaded Lin Shaochun to find Sun Yulou and not repeat her mistakes, otherwise she would regret it for life. Lin Shaochun returned the Dongyuzhu to Liu Sanjue, and resolutely went to find Sun Yulou.

Lin Shaochun packed his bags and prepared to set off with a portrait of Sun Yulou. Yao Dizhu came to see Lin Shaochun off and brought Sun Junhao’s letter. The letter recorded the family’s situation in detail. Yao Dizhu read it to Lin Shaochun face to face. Sun Shijie opened a private school. He lived happily with Wu Yuehong’s mother and son. Sun Jinge opened a repair shop. He and Xu Fengqiao had constant quarrels, but vanished in a blink of an eye. Shen Qingyao and Aunt Mei had a simple and peaceful life, and Lin Shaochun learned of them. It’s all very good, just let it go.

After Liang Jingguan overthrew Sun Xun, the official was restored to his post. He completely relaxed his vigilance and did whatever he wanted in the court. The emperor called him to be held accountable. Liang Jingguan screamed for injustice. Unexpectedly, Sun Xun suddenly appeared. He has thoroughly investigated Liang Jingguan’s corruption. About this matter, Liang Jingguan was dumbfounded. It turned out that Sun Xun explained the truth to Lin Shaochun that year. Liang Jingguan framed Lin Yuandao and blamed him. Because Liang Jingguan was in the middle of the Korean power, Sun Xun and Lin Shaochun joined forces to perform a scene in which the family of three of Chang’s mother was suspended. Therefore, Lin Shaochun broke with the Sun family and took the opportunity to pull out Liang Jingguan’s eyeliner in the palace.

The emperor made an order to arrest Liang Jingguan on the spot, and promised Sun Xun that everyone would be rewarded for his merits, so that Sun Xun would find Sun Yulou as soon as possible. Lin Shaochun had a meal and sleeplessly, and traveled all over the mountains and rivers to inquire about Sun Yulou, only to return without success. She was not discouraged and continued to look around.

Sun Yulou used a shadow play to tell the grievances between him and Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun sat down and listened and continued to tell the story. There was a sudden heavy rain in the sky, and the audience dispersed. Sun Yulou found that Lin Shaochun was missing. He hurried to find Lin Shaochun, but found nothing. Sun Yulou was anxious to beat his chest. Lin Shaochun appeared in front of him with an umbrella and explained to him the whole story. Sun Yulou learned that Sun Xun was not dead and that everything was safe in his family, and tears filled his eyes with excitement. Lin Shaochun wanted to take Sun Yulou home to reunite with his parents, Sun Yulou. Hugging Lin Shaochun tightly, the two of them cried in each other’s arms.


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