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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 9 Recap

In order to collect the energy of Lei Chuxia, Wang Yixin took advantage of the late night, when Lei Chuxia was alone in Lixia eating and resting, pretending to be a ghost to scare people. Although Lei Chuxia was frightened, she did not give up resisting. When someone came through the window, she beat him with a wooden stick. However, the person who turned the window was not Wang Yixin who was ill-intentioned, but Xu Xiaodong who was worried about Lei Chuxia.

Lei Chuxia thought that the person at the door just now was Xu Xiaodong, and did not think much about helping Xu Xiaodong who was injured by mistake to cook a bowl of noodles. The taste of noodles reminded Xu Xiaodong of Xu’s father, and he and Lei Chuxia were touched to tell the story of the past.

After Xu’s mother passed away, Xu’s father often cooked such noodles for Xu Xiaodong. At that time, Xu Xiaodong was very disgusted and rebellious because Xu’s father didn’t care enough about him, but then Xu’s father’s company had a problem, and he was stolen from R&D products, and in turn framed him for plagiarism. Xu’s father had a heart attack and passed away. There are no more chances to dislike it. It was the darkest time in Xu Xiaodong’s life. He even thought about giving up.

Fortunately, a strange passerby sister who looked like Lei Chuxia appeared, convinced that Xu’s father was framed and warmed Xu Xiaodong like sunshine. Xu Xiaodong vowed that the person who stole the things would be punished and his father would be innocent. At the end of the story, Xu Xiaodong made the excuse that it was raining outside and couldn’t go home, so he slept with Lei Chuxia on the couch in the store. There was thunder and lightning outside, and Lei Chuxia was a little frightened. Xu Xiaodong reached out and shook her hand to give her strength.

Qin Yue was worried that Wei Xuanhe was too tired at work, so he cooked chicken soup and brought it to the company. Qin Yue received a call on the road saying that Wei Xuanhe’s ten-year-old wedding room was about to be moved in. She was shocked and asked Wei Xuanhe, but Wei Xuanhe replied, “My business has nothing to do with you.” “. Qin Yue felt serious that he was like a joke, put down the chicken soup and turned to leave. Sad Qin Yue wandered aimlessly on the street and was harassed by unreasonable male fans.

At this time, Wei Xuanhe arrived in time and drove people away. Passers-by photographed this incident and posted it on the Internet, which made the face-conscious Weifu very upset. He disliked Wei Xuanhe’s entanglement with women all the time, sorry for Wei’s reputation, and let Wei Xuanhe stand in Wei’s yard for one night. Wei Xuanhe left in despair, recalling at the door of Wei’s house that Lei Chuxia encouraged him to firm up his ideas, not to cater to others, and to be the person he wanted to be.

In order to investigate the truth, Xu Xiaodong entered the core project team instead of the first year, and found that the core project team’s work was to pick up other people’s source code. Xu Xiaodong asked Turing to synchronize his work and retain evidence of plagiarism from Yaoyang Technology. Now, Xu Xiaodong increasingly suspects that Zhao Yaoyang is the one who plagiarized Xu’s father back then. After Xu Xiaodong got off work, he went to Lixia to eat. He saw Lei Chuxia busy in the store, and quietly drew a small sun with crayons outside the door, enclosing Lei Chuxia inside.

After Lixia Shiguang closed, Yuan Yuan talked about the application that Xu Xiaodong had made for Lixia Shiguang and said that the netizens in the comment area were very enthusiastic. Netizens are quite gossiping about Lei Chuxia’s emotional life, and they have made a choice about the love of the early summer store manager.

There are three options. A is the Winter God who has not seen the end of the dragon, and B is the affectionate former president who has been waiting for ten years. C It’s Mr. Dong, an information technology man who has nothing but to accompany him. Lei Chuxia said that he would not choose, but when he was alone, he said to himself that Xu Xiaodong was not ordinary, and it was good to have only company.

When making small biscuits, Lei Chuxia subconsciously drew many Cs with chocolate sauce on the biscuits. In the evening, Jin Xiaorui took Yuan Yuan to the movies, while Xu Xiaodong and Lei Chuxia were about to go home. When Xu Xiaodong walked to the door, he couldn’t help but want to confess to Lei Chuxia, but was interrupted by the surrounding voices several times, Xu Xiaodong’s accumulated courage was exhausted, and finally he said nothing.

The next day, Wang Yixin came to Lixia Shiguang and secretly made hands and feet in the store, causing Lei Chuxia to become unconscious due to the loss of energy. Xu Xiaodong quickly picked up the person and took her to find Professor Chen Mo. Chen Mo found that Lei Chuxia’s bracelet had been modified, from the original control of the magnetic field to the automatic emission of energy. Chen Mo found out that Wang Yixin was the one who was doing the tricks. He gave Wang Yixin one last chance to stop what he was doing, and went to apologize to Lei Chuxia and Xu Xiaodong. Wang Yixin did not repent and refused to apologize. Professor Chen Mo was completely disappointed in him and asked him to leave the Fourteenth and Fifth Lab.

Lei Chuxia and Xu Xiaodong returned to Lixia Shiguang, Yuan Yuan was forcing Jin Xiaorui if he knew the ins and outs of Lei Chuxia’s coma. Yuan Yuan asked Jin Xiaorui all afternoon, but because of the importance of the matter, Jin Xiaorui remained tight-lipped until Lei Chuxia agreed.

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