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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 11 Recap

In order to help Jin Xiaorui coax the angry Yuan Yuan back, Xu Xiaodong suggested that four people go to the amusement park together. Yuan Yuan originally refused to let go, until Jin Xiaorui promised that as long as she went to him, he would accept any punishment. After Yuan Yuan bullied Jin Xiaorui to relieve her anger, she played with him in the amusement park.

Jin Xiaorui confessed his heart to Yuan Yuan sincerely. He told Yuan Yuan that he knew that he was not good enough and wanted to change for her and be a better version of himself. Yuan Yuan was moved. She felt that Jin Xiaorui was the best now, and after they were together, they would get better together. At this time, fireworks bloomed in the night sky, making this scene gorgeous and romantic.

Under the same sky, Xu Xiaodong and Lei Chuxia are also sitting side by side watching the fireworks bloom. Xu Xiaodong chose this amusement park because he saw on the video recorder that Lei Chuxia had been here with his parents when he was a child. He wanted to help Lei Chuxia, who had always had nightmares about falling off the cliff, relive his happy memories. Lei Chuxia looked at the fireworks in the sky and felt very happy. After ten years of disappearance, there are still parents love, close friends waiting, friends help, and Xu Xiaodong with her by her side.

After visiting the amusement park, Lei Chuxia and Xu Xiaodong went to see Dr. Tian Yu again. The trip to the amusement park was not very rewarding, and Dr. Tian Yu suggested that she contact more familiar people. Lei Chuxia thought of looking for Wei Xuanhe. After Wei Xuanhe learned that Lei Chuxia was trying to retrieve his memory, his heart was heavy. He wanted to tie Lei Chuxia to his side so that he could observe her in time.

First-year-old asked Xu Xiaodong to discuss, and wanted Xu Xiaodong to help him complete a project, so that he is expected to be promoted to director. Xu Xiaodong took this to ask the first birthday to help him enter the company’s main computer room, otherwise the discussion will be skipped. After Xu Xiaodong had talked with Zhou Sui, and returned to work seriously, Lei Chuxia unknowingly painted the appearance of his work, and secretly took photos of Xu Xiaodong with his mobile phone.

At this time, Wei Xuanhe called suddenly, and Yue Lei met in early summer. After meeting, Wei Xuanhe took out the ring from that year and proposed to Lei Chuxia, but Lei Chuxia gradually had another figure in his heart. Lei Chuxia did not agree to Wei Xuanhe, and returned him the key to the wedding room.

Seeing that Lei Chuxia could not be tied up by marriage, Wei Xuanhe thought of starting with Lei Chuxia’s parents. He and Lei Chuxia’s parents said that they were going to marry Lei Chuxia. They were confused and returned from the nursing home in advance. After they left the nursing home, the doctor in the nursing home sent a text message to inform Xu Xiaodong of the matter. After Xu Xiaodong received the text message, he used Wendt’s identity to tell Lei Chuxia about this. Lei Chuxia was unhappy when he knew it. Her bracelet hasn’t been repaired yet, and she is afraid that the villain who made her fall from the cliff will hurt her parents, so she dare not see them.

Seeing that Lei Chuxia was unhappy, Xu Xiaodong asked Professor Chen Mo to help get a set of magnetic field stabilization suits. However, this suit was not very convenient, and Xu Xiaodong was a little worried. At this moment, he saw the huge doll bear that had been drawn in the coffee shop lottery. He emptied the doll bear, stuffed his clothes inside, let Lei Chuxia put it on, and then put on the doll bear’s headgear. Lei Chuxia picks up her parents with such a face, she doesn’t have to worry about the influence of the unstable magnetic field, nor is she afraid that the wicked will recognize her and implicate her parents.

Lei Chuxia pretended to be a doll bear and was happily getting along with his parents. Wei Xuanhe came to the door and deliberately exposed Lei Chuxia’s identity. Lei Chuxia left in a panic, Xu Xiaodong was so angry that he punched Wei Xuanhe.

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