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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 10 Recap

After getting permission from Lei Chuxia, Jin Xiaorui confessed everything to Yuan Yuan. Yuan Yuan was worried about Lei Chuxia’s health and invited Lei Chuxia to stay at her house at night. Because Lei Chuxia couldn’t do without Xu Xiaodong, she also called Xu Xiaodong, and Jin Xiaorui followed up with a face. Because of the rent, Yuan Yuan lives in a warehouse with cheap rent. Although the warehouse is small, it is furnished by Yuan Yuan and is very emotional.

At night, Yuan Yuan and Lei Chuxia talked about what happened during the day in the bedroom, and then talked about the relationship between Lei Chuxia and Xu Xiaodong. On the sofa in the living room, Jin Xiaorui also pulled Xu Xiaodong to talk about relationship problems. Xu Xiaodong felt that Lei Chuxia just had a physical problem, and it was not good to confess now. He decided to use companionship to interpret the longest love confession as stated on the Internet. After Xu Xiaodong urged Jin Xiaorui to go to bed, he saw Lei Chuxia not asleep and went to the balcony, and took a beer to look for her. Lei Chuxia told Xu Xiaodong that after she fainted today, some images appeared in her mind.

She saw someone chasing her, and she was running away, ran all the way to the edge of the cliff and fell down, then the person obviously grabbed her, and finally let go of her hand and watched her fall. Lei Chuxia couldn’t tell whether these were memories or hallucinations, but felt that things were not simple. When Lei Chuxia had insomnia, Xu Xiaodong learned the method that Xu’s father used to coax him to sleep when he was a child, and read the code to coax Lei Chuxia to sleep.

On the other hand, even though the night is getting dark, Wei Xuanhe is still in the company’s meeting, because the flash cloud Internet’s “family always in the application” problem continues, causing investors to be very dissatisfied and pressure Wei Xuanhe. Under pressure, Wei Xuanhe finally set his heart to cooperate with Zhao Yaoyang. At this time, Qin Yue came to him and confessed to him affectionately, no matter whether Wei Xuanhe was good or bad, she would accept it all. Her sincerity finally touched Wei Xuanhe.

Xu Xiaodong took Lei Chuxia to Dr. Tian Yu for psychological consultation. Dr. Tian Yu believes that what Lei Chuxia saw was not an illusion, but a real memory. Lei Chuxia was determined to investigate exactly what happened that year, and Xu Xiaodong promised her that he would help her. Lei Chuxia took Xu Xiaodong to buy sugar pancakes, and in order to control the distance, the two tied the dog leash Turing brought. The aunt nearby saw them and made fun of the “little couple”.

Dr. Tian Yu advised Lei Chuxia to contact familiar people, places and things, which would help restore memory, so Lei Chuxia and Xu Xiaodong returned to Lei’s house. Xu Xiaodong found an old video recorder in Lei’s house, but the video inside it went blank when halfway through it. Xu Xiaodong asked someone to repair it, and the master suggested to find a matching battery card slot to replace it, but this card slot has been discontinued and it is difficult to find.

Xu Xiaodong made an announcement in “War of the Saints”, asking players to help find suitable card slots. Lei Chuxia did not tell Winter about the need for a battery card slot, but Winter was able to help her solve the problem in time, which made Lei Chuxia and Yuan Yuan suspicious and suspected that Winter was the person next to them.

The content of the video was restored. It was shot of Lei Chuxia going to the amusement park with his parents when he was young. However, Lei Chuxia still didn’t think of anything after watching it. Lei Chuxia left a message to express his gratitude to Winter. Yuan Yuan was booing beside him, and Xu Xiaodong couldn’t help being jealous with his other identity. Xu Xiaodong used Jin Xiaorui’s cell phone to secretly check Lei Chuxia’s messages, and Yuan Yuan found out. Yuan Yuan thought Jin Xiaorui was Winter, and he also liked Lei Chuxia.

In order not to discover his identity, Xu Xiaodong wanted to make mistakes and did not give Jin Xiaorui a chance to explain. Yuan Yuan left disappointed, Jin Xiaorui was anxious, Xu Xiaodong had to go with him to find Yuan Yuan to confess. Xu Xiaodong asked Yuan Yuan not to tell Lei Chuxia for the time being, and Yuan Yuan agreed. Yuan Yuan asked Jin Xiaorui why he used Winter’s money to pretend to be rich and handsome. Jin Xiaorui honestly said that he thought that if he acted rich, Yuan Yuan would like him. Yuan Yuan was furious when she heard that, thinking that Jin Xiaorui regarded her as a person who admired vanity.

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