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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 7 Recap

When I came here, I saw many cow skulls in the woods at the entrance of the village. These are the totem marks of the ancient Dian Kingdom, because all traditions are in the same line. Because ancient ancestors all worshiped the stars naturally, Hu Bayi believed that the toad organs were related to the oxen in the twenty-eight stars. If the location is identified according to the celestial feng shui technique, the first one needs to trigger the toad in the northeast.

As Hu Bayi expected, several stone statues were arranged according to their directions, and as the toad settled down, the gourd outside the temple split into two halves. Behind his statue, a narrow tunnel finally appeared in front of his eyes. The clansmen were still outside the door. Shimen couldn’t stand the violent impact and was about to shatter. They didn’t think much about touching the iron triangle. They hurried to the tunnel, but when they first entered, the main hall door slowly closed.

In the blink of an eye, the tribesmen slammed open the stone gate, but there were no traces of Hu Bayi and others in the mountain temple. Instead, they found a secret door behind the statue. As the door was difficult to break, the patriarch Ensai ordered everyone to make explosives on the spot and try to blast the door open. Zewa’s hard work has been seen by everyone, and even Thain was very pleased. He told Zewa to understand the meaning of this trip. The reason why he rushed into the valley was to find the treasure. Establish prestige in the clan.

As the Shirley Yang Chao tunnel was thrown away, a huge burial ditch was revealed, with countless huge bones and ivory all over the cave, and sparkling water waves appeared at the end of the tunnel. The three of them expected this to be the underground water system of the Snake River. If the river goes deep, you can avoid the mist and miasma and reach the tomb of Xianwang.

So the three of them took a rest at the entrance of the cave, approaching dusk, descended into the tunnel, and passed through artificially constructed tunnels and large-scale burial pits. When Hu Bayi and the others came to the end of the tunnel, there was no way to go. If they wanted to move forward, they had to dive into the water. So they put on waterproof clothes and walked forward.

Fatty Wang heard strange voices vaguely, but apart from him, Shirley Yang and Hu Bayi had no feelings. It was this strange atmosphere that evoked Fatty Wang’s memories, and he couldn’t help but think of the water ghost he had encountered with Hu Bayi. At that time, Hu Bayi and Fatty Wang were not very old, and there were a group of courageous friends around them, and they even urged them to go to the reservoir.

Hu Bayi was worried about the danger, but didn’t follow along. The other friends jumped down to take a shower one after another. At this time, an old lady came, claiming that her grandson was swimming here every day, and greeted Hu Ba to go. When the old lady finished speaking, she disappeared without a trace in an instant, and then appeared next to the tree again, which seemed extremely strange.

Later, the friends planned to go ashore, but the boy named Ma Guoqing did not want to leave. Until a few days later, Ma Guoqing’s body was salvaged, with aquatic plants wrapped around his feet, and there was another bone in the aquatic plants, which firmly grasped the boy’s ankle. From then on, Fatty Wang and Hu Bayi speculated that the white bones might be the old man they had seen before, incarnate as a water ghost and kill their lives.

Recalling the past, the three of them continued to wade through the water, and then came to a wider cave. They vaguely felt that the shape here was very similar to the gourd seen in the mountain temple. The so-called Gourd Cave, Mian Niu Di, and Tai Chi Yun are all Feng Shui Shenxian acupoints, so the three of them understood clearly and walked to a flat stone platform, and suddenly saw white things appearing on the water in the distance, from far to near. The three of them looked carefully and thought it was a woman’s body.

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