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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 6 Recap

The corpse in the mountain temple is actually Shirley Yang’s long-missing father, but she never thought that she would meet again in this way. Upon seeing this, Fatty Wang pulled Hu Bayi aside, marveling at the fact that Mr. Yang was a strange man who drove through the Worm Valley single-handedly, and he was also thinking about how to comfort Shirley Yang.

Before Fatty Wang could finish speaking, Shirley Yang called them away, and saw that there was a unique stone beside the body of Old Man Yang with several snake-shaped patterns carved on it. After Hu Bayi touched it with his hand, Automatically turn on the eight toad statues. The appearance of toads out of thin air in the mountain temple is really puzzling, but Fatty Wang admires Shirley Yang’s strength even more.

Hu Bayi was worried that Fatty Wang was talking nonsense, so he asked him to go out to find something. He didn’t know that the white mist in the valley had dispersed, and the people of the Zhalongzhai tribe entered the Worm Valley one after another, and even found them along the way. Fatty Wang exposed his whereabouts and attracted the attention of the people of the tribe.

In the mountain temple, Hu Bayi and Shirley Yang carefully observed the statues of toads, and found that these toads had open and closed mouths, and even the toad heads were different. If the toad is the organ that enters the ancient Dian kingdom, it is distributed according to the pattern of the nine palaces and eight trigrams, and corresponds to the number of the nine loops, which means that it must be carried out according to a specific sequence. If the correct position is incorrect for three consecutive times, the machine Enclosed will be completely stuck.

Shirley Yang assisted Hu Bayi by twisting the stone statue of Shengmen at first, but the result was unexpected, and there was no sign of activation at all. Therefore, the two felt that King Xian’s behavior was weird and could not be speculated by ordinary people’s thinking. He set up a mechanism here, and it must be that he did not want anyone to go in alive. If you want to crack the mechanism, you might be able to try the other way around, so Hu Bayi tried to twist the deadlock again, but there was still no response.

At this time, Fatty Wang ran hurriedly and heard the footsteps of the clansmen behind him. The three of them had no way to go back, only hiding behind the idol. Seeing that the people of the tribe were getting closer and closer to the idol, and almost when they were about to be exposed, Hu Ba stunned everyone by imitating strange voices.

At first, the old patriarch believed that it was true, and led everyone to kneel down to worship, and planned to leave according to Hu Bayi’s instructions. Unexpectedly, Fatty Wang wanted to imitate Hu Bayi’s ventriloquism, which caused them to be completely exposed. The tribe surrounded the three of them. Hu Bayi explained to Enkuan the reason for coming here to find medicine, and at the same time asked Fatty Wang to show the erythema on his back.

Unexpectedly, when the people saw it, they showed the red spots on their bodies, even the old patriarch Enkuan. Although they look alike on the surface, their situation is completely different. It belongs to the eczema caused by not taking a bath all year round. Fatty Wang unabashedly unmasked it, causing laughter from some of the people, and making Zewa angry into anger, and rushed to grab Fatty Wang by the collar.

When Fatty Wang was in a stalemate with him, Hu Bayi and Shirley Yang took the opportunity to rush out. Fatty Wang followed closely, and the three blocked the stone gate of the mountain temple to block the entry of the tribe. At this moment of crisis, Hu Bayi remembered what the old patriarch said, and was inspired by him. If it is true that Zhalong Mountain has a history of thousands of years as the other party said, then they are likely to be the branch of ancient Yunnan immigrants. Fatty Wang didn’t understand Hu Bayi’s words. Before Hu Bayi could finish his words, he suddenly heard a loud noise from Shimen. Following the prestige, the tribesmen slammed the stone gate with wooden stakes.

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