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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 21 Recap

Director Chen took Sun Xiaomo to the restaurant they frequented for dinner and gave her a gift. After opening it, Sun Xiaomo found that the receipt was from a year ago, and it was obviously for his wife. Sun Xiaomo calmly told Director Chen that she was pregnant. Director Chen immediately put aside the relationship and said that he was happy for Qiao Erqiang. Sun Xiaomo was not surprised, but angrily poured him a glass of cold water.

Qiao Yicheng and Song Qingyuan went to sing a song together, and then sat on a bench on the side of the road to drink, Qiao Yicheng also gradually relaxed. On the way back, Qiao Yicheng met Wang Yiding at a street stall selling things. Wang Yiding was taken aback and hoped that Qiao Yicheng would not talk to Qiao Sanli. Qiao Yicheng didn’t say anything. He knew that Wang Yiding wanted to save money and wanted to take him and Qiao Sanli out to live. There would be more places to spend money after the child was born.

Sun Xiaomo took the watch sent by Director Chen to the store, and wanted to change to a simple men’s watch without asking for a price difference. Yang Lingzi was in a bad mood recently and was almost bullied. Qiao Qiqi couldn’t stand it and protected Yang Lingzi. Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Erqiang and Qiao Sanli went home for dinner. Qiao Simei complained about Qiao Sanli’s mother-in-law, but Qiao Sanli was fortunate that she was not bad-hearted. Qiao Zu looked out for a visit, and he could still eat one meal a day. What was strange to Qiao Simei, they didn’t bring the object back.

Ye Xiaolang has been very busy recently and has not responded to e-mails. Wang Yiding is also very busy. Qiao Erqiang was asked about Sun Xiaomo’s physical condition and quickly said that he was stable. Qiao Zu looked back home, and pointed to them that he had no ability to bring people back, and asked them to be cautious of being cuckold. The three of them didn’t take it to heart, but Qiao Simei returned to the room with worry.

Qiao Erqiang thought that Qiao Simei was going to lose weight, so she stuffed her with a piece of roasted sweet potato. Qiao Simei’s concern is Qi Chenggang, he hasn’t replied for a long time, and he is cold on the phone. But Qiao Simei was not worried that he would have someone he likes better. On the contrary, he felt that he was too busy and tired to go on assignments, and decided to ask for leave to find him. Qiao Qiqi chased Yang Lingzi and said that he had bought her plum black rice. Qiao Qiqi sat stiffly next to Yang Lingzi. Yang Lingzi was as generous and enthusiastic as before, and kissed him when she hugged him.

Within a few days, Yang Lingzi’s mother brought her relatives to the door and slapped Qiao Qiqi. Lao Ma and Wei Shufang looked puzzled, but Yang Lingzi was pregnant. Yang Lingzi’s family was clamoring to give an explanation. Wei Shufang and Lao Ma couldn’t bear such a big responsibility, so they could only go to Qiao Yicheng.

Qiao Qiqi was injured and confused, and still mumbled to ask elder brother to save him. Qiao Yicheng carried him to the hospital. The next day, Qiao Yicheng went to discuss with Yang Lingzi’s family. This matter was confused at first, and they could only be asked to get married. As they were not yet the minimum age for late marriage, the street could not prove it, so they had to go to the street to discuss the matter clearly.

Qiao Qiqi can take care of marriage and schoolwork, so that he can shoulder the responsibilities of the family. Yang Lingzi’s mother knew that there was no other way, so she agreed. Mother Yang also went to the hospital to see Qiao Qiqi. She didn’t like Qiao Qiqi very much. After all, no mother would accept such a thing, but after all, she was about to become a family. Mother Yang only hoped that Qiao Qiqi would treat Yang Lingzi well. .

On the day of the wedding, Qiao Qiqi still looked a little dull stupidly, and was coaxed to drink with Yang Lingzi. Qiao Simei seemed happier than them, and teased Qiao Yicheng to smear cake on his face, but Qiao Erqiang slapped the cake on his face. Qiao Zuwang, Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Simei all drank a lot, but Qiao Erqiang wanted to go back to take care of them, but was disgusted. Qiao Zuwang was humming a song in the front, Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Simei walked behind with erratic footsteps, and they were also chattering endlessly.

Qiao Simei was still thinking about when he could marry Qi Chenggang the night before. Qi Chenggang showed up the next morning and said that he would not go back again. Qiao Yicheng stared at him for several times, but Qiao Simei didn’t care how long he had served in the service, and was immersed in the joy of seeing the one he loved. Qiao Simei took out the money and asked Qi Chenggang to take a bath in the bathhouse. She cooked the noodles at home and waited for him to return. Chang Xingyu and Qi Weimin didn’t know about it until Qiao Qiqi got married. Qi Weimin was concerned and lost his temper at Chang Xingyu. Although Chang Xingyu knew they were in love in advance, they were good enough for Qiao Qiqi. When Qi Weimin lost his temper, Chang Xingyu was also very wronged.

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