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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 20 Recap

Sun Xiaomo has recently worked overtime to go home more and more late. Qiao Erqiang came to pick her up specially, but Sun Xiaomo was very nervous, and she rebuked Qiao Erqiang as if she had been working hard. Qiao Erqiang knew that she had been working hard and was not angry lately, and he had never been angry with her. After losing his temper, he was said to be a cheap bone. This week, Sun Xiaomo was going on a business trip with Director Chen, and asked Qiao Erqiang to think about herself. He couldn’t carry a lifetime book.

Qiao Simei lay on the bed to comfort Ye Xiaolang, their parents were not very good. Qiao Simei gave her mother-in-law Qiao Yicheng a nickname called Aunt Qiao, and asked Ye Xiaolang how often Qiao Yicheng went to the United States. Ye Xiaolang had a hunch that Qiao Yicheng would not go with her. She was already worried about what she would do to maintain her relationship. Qiao Simei also thought of Qi Chenggang, Ye Xiaolang was already asleep before the bitter water was poured out. Early the next morning, Qiao Simei and Ye Xiaolang went to work hand in hand, and waved goodbye to Qiao Yicheng.

Qiao Erqiang sent Sun Xiaomo on a business trip early in the morning. When Qiao Simei called Qi Chenggang, Wei Shufang suddenly fell. The Queen Mother directed Qiao Sanli to mop the floor, but the two fell one after another, and Wang Yiding rushed them to the hospital. Only when I went to the hospital did I know that Qiao Sanli was pregnant, and Qiao Yicheng hurried over to help Qiao Sanli. Just after prescribing the medicine for Qiao Sanli, Qiao Yicheng met Qiao Simei again.

She sent Wei Shufang to say that she might have a benign tumor. When I heard that Qiao Sanli was pregnant, Qiao Simei was very happy. Wang Yiding was afraid of breaking down today. He learned a lot about pregnancy in the hospital, and he even oiled Qiao Sanli at night for fear of her stretch marks. The wedding trip is not possible, Wang Yiding plans to work hard, and then take the children to play together.

Song Qingyuan took Ye Xiaolang’s parents to the hospital to have them checked, and there was nothing wrong with their health. Chang Xingyu will also go to the U.S. government for exchanges, and Qiao Yicheng and Qi Weimin will see them off together next week. Qiao Yicheng persuaded Ye Xiaolang to send off his parents together, at least they could feel relieved. Director Chen sent Sun Xiaomo back to her neighborhood, and Sun Xiaomo got into the car with resentment and tears.

Qiao Qiqi went to school early in the morning to talk to Yang Lingzi, but Yang Lingzi was busy flirting with other boys. Qiao Yicheng and Qi Weimin took Wei Shufang out of the hospital. Qiao Qiqi did not go to school. Chang Xingyu was leaving soon. Qi Weimin was not in Nanjing. He said that Qiao Qiqi could ask Qiao Yicheng for anything. Qi Weimin turned around and talked a lot with Qiao Yicheng. Although Qiao Qiqi was his own brother, he hadn’t seen it a few times.

Qiao Sanli was pregnant and had to do housework. The queen mother spent all her thoughts on another daughter-in-law, and asked Wang Yiding to take out all the money for Wang Yining’s marriage. On the day that Ye Xiaolang was going abroad, Song Qingyuan drove the car early in the morning to pick them up and send them off. Qiao Yicheng’s mother-in-law told a lot of things, and Ye Xiaolang also persuaded him to think about himself.

This is not a selfish thing. Ye Xiaolang didn’t like to see her off when she got out of the car and left with her luggage. Qiao Yicheng could only watch her leave blankly. On the way home, Qiao Yicheng found that Ye Xiaolang hadn’t taken the passbook with him. Song Qingyuan had a rare occasion to praise Ye Xiaolang that she had her own sentiment. However, on the plane, Ye Xiaolang found the letter of guarantee she had written that year, and on the back it said that Ye’s father had received the money. Qiao Sanli received a letter from Sparrow Eye. He said he was going to do business and hoped Qiao Sanli could be happy.

Qiao Erqiang bumped into a person on the skating rink and raised his head to find Ma Suqin and her son. The joy in his eyes was visible to the naked eye. Qiao Yicheng and Ye Xiaolang communicated via email, and the money was quickly returned to Xiaomeng. Xiaomeng asked Qiao Yicheng to dine with Song Qingyuan to renew the past. Song Qingyuan refused to go. If she didn’t compose a few words, Ye Xiaolang would not be her. Qiao Yicheng didn’t understand, whether the relationship between the two of them was good or not. Woolen cloth.

Since meeting Ma Suqin, Qiao Erqiang ran to her tofu shop all day long. Ma Suqin said he should spend more time with his family, but in Qiao Erqiang’s heart, she is her own master and it is right to help. Director Chen invited Sun Xiaomo to dinner again, and after Qiao Erqiang finished the meal, she called. Sun’s mother persuaded Qiao Erqiang to change. If she were Sun Xiaomo, she would not be able to make it through this day.

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