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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 42 Recap

Sun Yulou didn’t see Lin Shaochun all day. He learned from Huanlang that she was going home to see Madam Chang. It was about to rain. Sun Yulou hurriedly asked Huanlang to bring an umbrella to pick up Lin Shaochun.

When Sun Yulou went out to see Lin Shaochun, Lin Shaochun looked in a daze, and went home alone without saying a few words. Sun Yulou was confused. Lin Shaochun heard that Sun Xun trusts the housekeeper Ding Rongshou very much, so she asked Mother Ding Rongshou that Ding Rongshou would not go home from time to time, and reminded Ding Rongshou to beware of other women outside Ding Rongshou. Mother Ding followed the method Lin Shaochun taught her and found Ding Rongshou quietly. A big Zhuangzi, Mother Ding went in and made a big noise, Ding Rongshou explained to her the whole story, and sent her away in a few words.

Lin Shaochun bought a few people and searched the big village, but found no abnormalities. Lin Shaochun used Liu San’s unique skills to pretend to be Sun Xun and threatened Ding Rongshou. Ding Rongshou didn’t buy it at all, and Lin Shaochun had no choice but to give up. Sun Xun learned that Ding Rongshou was missing, so he sent someone to call Mother Ding, and Mother Ding reported on Lin Shaochun’s stalking.

Sun Xun guessed that Liang Jingguan was saying bad things about him, so he brought Lin Shaochun to the reservoir construction site. The craftsmen were grateful to Sun Xun and gave him the specialties of the family. They thanked him for repairing the reservoir to solve the local people’s draft problem. Lin Shaochun wanted to know his father. Sun Xun’s death had nothing to do with Sun Xun, Sun Xun denied it, and even worked with the craftsmen by himself.

Lin Shaochun went to see Liang Jingguan, she thought Sun Xun was a good official. At this moment, Liang Jingguan received the news that Zhuangzi was on fire. He rushed over and found a large number of gold bricks from the ruined walls. Sun Xun then rushed. The two accused each other of corruption. Seeing the emperor to comment, Sun Xun insisted that Liang Jingguan had embezzled the army’s salary and deliberately framed him. Sun Xun took out Liang Jingguan’s last month to buy the land deed of the Zhuangzi. Liang Jingguan was immediately dumbfounded. He cried out injustice. The emperor didn’t believe him and made Sun Xunche. Investigate the corruption case of Liang Jingguan.

Sun Xun was worried that there would be branches out of the season, and sent someone to arrest Mother Chang and Xiaoya and his wife. Lin Shaochun explained the truth to Sun Yulou and asked for his help. Sun Yulou gave Sun Xun a Mongolian sweat medicine, and let Lin Shaochun hide behind the carriage. Lin Shaochun forced Sun Xun to let go of the three of Madam Chang’s family. Sun Xun was forced to do so. Lin Shaochun escorted Mother Chang’s family of three away by boat, vowing to help Liang Jingguan find Sun Xun’s crimes and avenge her dead father.

Sun Xun gave Sun Yulou a severe lesson and warned him not to mix with Lin Shaochun again. Lin Shaochun and Mother Chang’s family of three ate together. The three of them suddenly vomited blood and died of poisoning. Lin Shaochun realized that the food was poisonous, and she guessed that it was the work of Sun Xun’s people. Lin Shaochun pretended to be a court lady and came to the Princess of Showa for help, begging her to put a copy of Sun Xun’s false evidence in the emperor’s memorial. Hu Gonggong overheard this incident and wanted to put Liang Jingguan’s true crimes in, and wanted to help Sun Xun. Overthrow Liang Jingguan.

Hu Gonggong put the guilt into the memorial when he was not prepared, and found that it was empty. The emperor came with Lin Shaochun and Princess Showa and then Hu Gongbusinstructed Sun Xun on his behalf. Sun Xun asked her family to pack up overnight, and Shen Qingyao took her family to join Sun Junhao. Shen Qingyao and Sun Xun shed tears of goodbye. She vomited a lot of blood because of her anger. Aunt Mei was not allowed to make a noise. Shen Qingyao never looked back on the ground. The carriage left.

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