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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 41 Recap

The emperor sent someone to bring Doctor Li’s wife and children to force him to explain the truth. Doctor Li asserted that Sun Youzhen had killed the eldest prince. Lin Shaochun wanted to inquire about the news from Doctor Li’s son. He did not expect that he was a dumb. Lin Shaochun felt that something was wrong. Strangely, I begged the emperor to make a clear decision. Pan Cairen fanned the flames and accused Lin Shaochun, clamoring to hand over the case to the Ministry of Criminal Affairs. The emperor gave Lin Shaochun a three-day period to find out the truth. .

Lin Shaochun came to see Doctor Li in the dungeon and reminded him not to help him, and make things clear as soon as possible, otherwise those people would not let his wife and children be spared. In fact, he just wanted to know whether his wife and children were safe. Liang Jingguan guessed the thoughts of the doctor Li and asked Pan Cairen to deal with the matter.

Pan Cairen made an excuse to eat fresh fruit. She personally came to the back kitchen. Mrs. Li pretended to be a fruit deliverer and entered the palace. Pan Cairen secretly took her into the cell to see Doctor Li. Mrs. Li followed the eunuch who went to the street to buy her and left the palace in the morning. Lin Shaochun learned of this and hurriedly reported to Sun Youzhen. Sun Youzhen took the princess Showa to stop those people and checked them carefully among the eunuchs who went out of the palace. Sun Youzhen recognized Mrs. Li at a glance, and she pretended not to move and let them leave.

Lin Shaochun blocked Mrs. Li halfway. Just about to reveal her identity, a group of masked men in black suddenly appeared. They arrested Lin Shaochun and handed them to Jia Fengyuan. Jia Fengyuan wanted to kill Lin Shaochun. Liang Jingguan disagreed and insisted on keeping Lin Shaochun hostage. Jia Fengyuan had no choice but to give up, and Su Yingxue hid aside and saw clearly.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye, and there was no news from Lin Shaochun for a long time. Pan Cairen took the opportunity to say a lot of bad things about Lin Shaochun in front of the emperor. Sun Yulou had not waited until Lin Shaochun, so he had to come to the prince for help, and the prince was helpless. Once Sun Youzhen was accused of poisoning the prince, he would afflict the nine tribes. He did not want to be burdened by the Sun family, so he gave Sun Yulou 500 taels of silver and advised him as soon as possible. The county lord of Nan’an couldn’t help in escaping, but he just kept crying.

The three-day deadline has expired. The emperor ordered Sun Youzhen to die, and Princess Showa pretended to have abdominal pain. The emperor came to visit after hearing the news. The emperors were also helpless. Let her tell the emperor that you must not kill today, otherwise the future will be endless, and the emperor will not buy it at all, insisting on granting Sun Youzhen to death. Sun Youzhen picked up the poisoned wine and wanted to drink it, but the emperor stopped it in time.

Su Yingxue wanted to put the sweat medicine in the wine of Jia Fengyuan and Liang Jingguan, and took this opportunity to let Lin Shaochun go. Lin Shaochun didn’t want to hurt her, so she asked her to find the clothes of the two men. There was a sudden fire in the backyard of Jia’s house. Jia Fengyuan hurriedly moved Mrs. Li and her son to Lin Shaochun’s room. Lin Shaochun stunned the housekeeper at the door. She and Mrs. Li changed clothes for the upper and lower people and put their son in the toilet. Escape from Jia’s house using the toilet.

Su Yingxue committed suicide by taking poison, and Jia Fengyuan was heartbroken. Lin Shaochun brought Mrs. Li to see the emperor, and the emperor Li reported that Jia Fengyuan had planted and framed Sun Youzhen. The emperor immediately ordered Jia Fengyuan to be sent to the frontier and Pan Cairen into the cold palace. The emperor desperately tried to please Sun Youzhen. After this life and death disaster, she After a thorough epiphany, he decided to be accompanied by a blue lantern from now on, eat fast and recite the Buddha, and the emperor was so angry that he left.

Sun Yulou took Lin Shaochun home safely, and the whole family came out to greet them. Shen Qingyao regarded Lin Shaochun as the benefactor of the Sun family. Sun Xun sent people to prepare a banquet to celebrate. Sun Yulou promised to go to the countryside to pick up Sun Xiaoxian tomorrow. Sun Xiaoxian lingered in the beautiful mountains and rivers in the country. She felt more relaxed and comfortable than ever before. She also met a man who was in love. When Sun Yulou came to pick her up, she saw Sun Xiaoxian living happily. She was very pleased and promised to let her stay. countryside.

Liang Jingguan sent someone to kidnap Mother Chang and Xiaoya, and then sent someone to Lin Shaochun to send a letter to Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun came to see Liang Jingguan on time. He happened to see Jia Fengyuan being escorted to exile. He was already crazy and whispered. . Liang Jingguan sighed and revealed the truth to Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun’s father Lin Yuandao, Jia Fengyuan’s father and Liang Jingguan impeached Sun Xun to the emperor together. Sun Xun was cleverly resolved by Sun Xun. The three of them discussed pretending to take refuge in Sun Xun. It was discovered that the Lin family and the Jia family were both copied and cut down. Lin Shaochun was dubious.

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