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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 40 Recap

Sun Xun and Liu Sanjue met again many years later. Both of them were full of emotion. Sun Xun wanted to help her, but Liu Sanjue politely declined. Sun Xun thought she could not let go of the past feelings, otherwise she would not let her love The mackerel pearl was presented to Lin Shaochun, and Sun Xun kept putting the Eastern mackerel pearl on him. Liu Sanjue persuaded him to bury his feelings in his heart and live his life well. Sun Xun begged Liu Sanjue not to leave the capital. They could meet at any time like good friends. , Liu Sanjue promised to persuade Sun Xun to lead his wife and children to live a normal life and not to be trapped by official intrigues. Sun Xun felt miserable in his heart.

Pirates in the Lingnan area are rampant, not only endangering the country, but also often harassing the borders of Java. Jia Fengyuan put down the bandits. The Lord of Java sent envoy Tuhu Deng to return to Beijing with Jia Fengyuan to offer gifts. The emperor was very happy and named Jia Fengyuan as a student at the Imperial Academy. Sun Xun felt very uncomfortable.

Sun Xun was worried that Jia Fengyuan’s comeback would endanger him and his family, so Shen Qingyao reminded Sun Youzhen to be careful. Sun Youzhen firmly believed that he could deal with it. Shen Qingyao also persuaded Sun Youzhen and Princess Showa to have a good relationship to avoid causing trouble to Sun Xun. Jia Fengyuan came to visit Liang Jingguan who was dismissed from office for the first time. Liang Jingguan wanted to continue to work with him to bring down Sun Xun. Jia Fengyuan decided to bring down Sun Youzhen first, and made a fuss about the loss of his son by Pan Cairen.

Pan Cairen paid homage to the dead prince in the garden. The emperor passed by, and she took the emperor to the hall to pray for blessings. The deceased tablet of the eldest prince suddenly fell, and Pan Cairen insisted that the prince was wronged when he died. The colored clothes that Sun Youzhen gave to the eldest prince caused him to die early. Pan Cairen begged the emperor to seek justice for the prince. The emperor remembered that Sun Youzhen had dreamed that the boy in colored clothes was about to push her off the cliff, and immediately ordered a thorough investigation of the matter, and no one was allowed to mention it to Sun Youzhen.

Su Yingxue suffered from dystocia and hemorrhage, and her wife was helpless. Jia Fengyuan was not at home. Su Yingxue sent someone to Lin Shaochun for help. Yao Dizhu just came to Lin Shaochun to chat, and she offered to help Su Yingxue deliver the baby. Yao Dizhu helped Su Yingxue give birth to a son smoothly with his superb medical skills. Su Yingxue hated Jia Fengyuan for doing many evil things. He didn’t want his son to be damaged by Jia Fengyuan, so he sent his son out to raise him. Su Yingxue persuaded Jia Fengyuan to rein in the precipice, otherwise he would not let him see his son in his life. Jia Fengyuan was furious and vowed not to look back.

Sun Youzhen called Lin Shaochun and Princess Showa together to persuade them to reconcile. Lin Shaochun took the initiative to show her okay to Princess Showa, and the two of them settled their suspicions. The emperor took the tablet of the eldest prince to ask Master Sun Youzheng to inquire about the crime. He also brought Taiyi Li and Pan Cairen to confirm. Let him put on the eldest prince, causing him to contract the plague and die. Sun Youzhen screamed for her injustice. She never asked Doctor Li to harm the eldest prince. The emperor didn’t believe it at all. He gave Sun Youzhen a severe lesson, and immediately ordered Sun Youzhen to be detained awaiting trial.

Lin Shaochun stood up to fight the injustice for Sun Youzhen. She suspected that Doctor Li was threatened. She suggested that all the wife and children of Doctor Li should be summoned into the palace. As expected by Lin Shaochun, Jia Fengyuan detained all of Li’s wife, children, and children. He came to Liang Jingguan for help, and Liang Jingguan gave him an idea.

The emperor sent guards to encircle Sun’s mansion. Sun Xun asked Sun Yulou to find out the news, and also told Sun Xiaoxian and Wu Yuehong to escape from the secret road. Wu Yuehong insisted on sharing the trouble with everyone, so Sun Yulou had to take Sun Xiaoxian to leave first. Sun Xun gave a big banquet to invite his family to eat together. He blamed himself and let his family suffer along with him. He also asked everyone to speak freely and to speak out their hearts. Everyone looked at each other.

Sun Xun took the initiative to confess her mistake to Shen Qingyao, admitting that she was still worried about another woman these years, and promised to make up for her in the next life. Shen Qingyao also confessed that her father did not force the marriage back then. Sun Xun did not pursue it, but just laughed off. Aunt Mei knelt down and confessed to Shen Qingyao. She admitted that she was staying in his room while Sun Xun was drunk. Shen Qingyao knew about it a long time ago and she didn’t mind.

Sun Shijie and Wu Yuehong complained to each other. Sun Jinge asked Xu Fengqiao to talk about his affairs. Xu Fengqiao admitted that he took the family’s money and put a stamp on him, complaining that Sun Jinge had nothing to do before and was greedy for pleasure. Sun Jinge admitted that he was absurd, and the whole family laughed. . Sun Yulou quietly sent Sun Xiaoxian to the Lin Mansion and asked Mother Chang to take care of him. He went out to inquire about the news in the palace.

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